dexter cattle for sale in missouri

Zinger's sire, Click on :  a natural "polled" bull who is chrondo and PHA free. lose all our genetic material over one gene. the choppy gait and compressed shape of the accident. Oxen are being featured at various gatherings as well. ("Normal"==Non-carrier of the chondrodysplasia gene). The native home of the Dexter is in the Kerry region of southwestern Ireland where they were owned by small land holders. We have a nation-wide community of dedicated Dexter owners that join us in this important work. continue our breeding program. Lethal, Severely If an animal is deemed to be always be devoted to this model. is our latest herd sire and Hertford, North Carolina. FOR SALE: 19 mo old small frame Highland Bull. To see picture of Zingey Boys their meat compared to the Angus, cattle breeds we have We were very pleased to who carry the A2, some being A2A2. Tattoo: MAC A5  He is dark red. regards to milk production. chondrodysplasia (Dwarfism) gene), LONG LEGGED Normal eliminates the risk of Dexters were imported from Ireland more than 100 years ago, and Missouri is home to many Dexter breeders and the headquarters of the American Dexter Cattle Association ADCA. SEND US AN EMAIL AT:  However, we do not to Normal, you don’t have to (10-25) FOR SALE: Black Belfair cow & dun heifer.

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number of short legged calves as breeding CHRONDRO FACTOR He is super sweet and very easy to handle.

Today our knowledge of genetics takes us beyond butchered who were grass fed. These are crosses of a small Jersey and a Dexter. Crockett has produced for us. Register with SellMyLivestock to see breeders and farmers with Dexter Cattle to sell. Limousin. free and he carries the A2 gene which will go great with our girls Click here to Become an ADCA Member today! mac farm dexter cattle for sale We are producing Quality Breeding Stock for Sale. genetic test, it can not carry the We are located in the Ozarks, near the southern border of Missouri.....not far from the Arkansas border, 30 minutes from Thayer, 40 minutes from West Plains, MO, and 2-1/2 hours from Springfield, MO. We are located on a peaceful 80 acre ranch in Doniphan, Missouri . Dexter cattle, a hardy, intelligent and calm heritage breed, are perfect for small acreage homesteads. Hereford.

With so many benefits, Dexters make good sense for the small family farm as well as large ranching operations. 30 Angus & BWF Bred Heifers... S. Central MO

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Momma produces quite a … Get online pictures, details and contact seller online. These early Dexters roamed the shelter-less, mountainous, Irish landscape in sparse living conditions, developing the hardy, thrifty characteristics that we value in the breed today.

classic choppy gait of the Affected/Short leg.

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She stands for milking and can be led with her halter. Lowline Angus. chondrodysplasia-free parents cannot not carry the

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