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The gallery reportedly grossed $6 million a year. Forrest Burke Fenn est né le 22 août 1930 à Temple au Texas. [16] Two people targeted in the case committed suicide, and Fenn blamed the FBI for their deaths. L'identité du chercheur, la photographie et l'emplacement du trésor n'ont pas été révélés. Il a également envisagé d'utiliser l'emplacement comme lieu de repos final. Forrest Fenn is a United States Air Force retired pilot who flew 328 combat missions during the Vietnam war in 365 days. ALSO READ: Jack McMahan Funeral The Family, friends, and loved ones in total Shock at Forrest Fenn Death causing so much heartbreak to the beloved family. This inspired him to hide a treasure chest in an outdoor location with the purpose of creating a public search for it. [13] Fenn claimed to make no money on the sale of the self-published books out of concern for being labeled a fraud by critics. Le 16 juin, Fenn a publié des photos supplémentaires sur le site de blog Thrill of the Chase, y compris lui-même examinant le contenu du coffre et l'un d'eux assis implicitement dans un état altéré sur ou à proximité du site où il a été trouvé. American art dealer and author, known for the "Fenn Treasure," a chest of valuables (gold nuggets, rare coins, jewelry and gemstones) reportedly worth over a million dollars supposedly hidden by him in the Rocky Mountains. [14], Before the treasure hunt, Fenn came into conflict with authorities over federal antiquities law.

Forrest Fenn was a pilot in the United States Air Force, obtaining the rank of Major and awarded the Silver Star for his service in the Vietnam Warwhere he flew 328 combat missions in 365 days. Miller broke into Fenn's property and was hauling away a Spanish-style chest he thought was the treasure and was caught in the act and held at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived. Cela l'a inspiré à cacher un coffre au trésor dans un endroit extérieur dans le but de créer une recherche publique pour le trouver. Forrest Fenn était pilote dans l' armée de l'air des États-Unis , obtenant le grade de major et décerné le Silver Star pour son service dans la guerre du Vietnam où il a effectué 328 missions de combat en 365 jours.

Forrest Fenn was a pilot in the United States Air Force, obtaining the rank of Major and awarded the Silver Star for his service in the Vietnam War where he flew 328 combat missions in 365 days. Deux personnes ciblées dans cette affaire se sont suicidées et Fenn a blâmé le FBI pour leur mort. La mise en forme du texte ne suit pas les recommandations de Wikipédia : il faut le « wikifier ».

», « Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà trouvé les neuf indices et ce qu'ils représentent ?

Il a été retrouvé environ une décennie plus tard en 2020, dans le Wyoming . Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre, Trésor moderne aux États-Unis, découvert en 2020, licence Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, Randy Bilyeu a disparu en janvier 2016 et a été retrouvé mort en juillet. [4] He retired from the Air Force and ran the Arrowsmith-Fenn Gallery with his partner Rex Arrowsmith, which became the Fenn Galleries which he operated with his wife, Peggy. La chasse au trésor de Fenn a été présentée dans des émissions de télévision, des articles de magazines et des livres. [38] The chest features scenes and reliefs with knights scaling walls on ladders and maidens above throwing flowers down upon them.

The chest features a bronze construction with a wood liner and locking front clasp. Il s'est remis de la maladie et en 2010, il a publié lui-même The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir, un recueil d'histoires courtes de sa vie. "[19], There have been a number of notable controversies surrounding the treasure hunt.

[48] On July 22 Fenn stated on the Thrill of the Chase blog site that the treasure's finder had authorized him to disclose, in the interests of closure for many of its searchers, that it had been hidden in Wyoming.[49]. - Frequently Asked Questions About Forrest Fenn", "There's a fortune hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, and this millionaire is the only one who knows where it is", "Book containing treasure-hunt clues sells out", "When Forrest Fenn treasure hunters hit a dead end", "Authorities Charge 25 With Looting Artifacts", "Dealer: Blame FBI for seller suicides in Four Corners looting case", "Art dealer whose treasure sent hunters scouring US West dies", "Police implore author who says he hid treasure to end hunt", "Missing treasure hunter's remains found in New Mexico", "Death of a Colorado treasure hunter remains a mystery after case closed", "Tragic end to months-long search for treasure hunter Randy Bilyeu", "Batavia man who died in Yellowstone in 2017 was looking for treasure", "Body Found May Be Paris Wallace, Latest Coloradan Seeking Forrest Fenn Treasure", "Pastor dies in search for famous hidden treasure", "Body found in Arkansas River in Colorado confirmed as treasure hunter Eric Ashby", "Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt May Have Claimed Its Third Victim", "Colorado man dies during hunt for Forrest Fenn's treasure in Dinosaur National Monument", "Hunter of Forrest Fenn's treasure is arrested in Santa Fe", "Man faces charges after digging for Forrest Fenn's treasure under descanso", "Yellowstone treasure hunters run into problems looking for buried loot", "Treasure seeker digs himself into hole in N.M.", "Treasure seeker rescued from Yellowstone canyon", "Treasure hunter banned from Yellowstone", "Forrest Fenn's Bronze Chest - Comparing Similar Bronze Chests To Forrest Fenn's Bronze Treasure Chest", "Bronze Treasure Chest Artwork - Comparing Similar Bronze Chests To Forrest Fenn's Bronze Treasure Chest", "Comparing Similar Bronze Chests To Forrest Fenn's Bronze Treasure Chest", "BREAKING: The Forrest Fenn Treasure has been found", "A treasure chest hidden in the Rocky Mountains for a decade has finally been found", "Treasure chest hidden in Rocky Mountains finally found", "$1m treasure in Rocky Mountains has been found, says Forrest Fenn", "THE CHEST HAS BEEN FOUND!!!

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