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His first major undertaking as SCR’s newly-minted president is an upcoming event titled “Make Stanford Great Again.” The event’s Facebook page describes its political message unambiguously: “Trump is great. . After several years together, they tied the knot on September 12, 1992, at the St. Albans School chapel in D.C. Don’t Miss: Chasten Glezman Wiki, Facts About Pete Buttigieg’s Husband. “If you want to be a leader, if you want to lead people with a vision, and you don’t have enemies, then you’re not a real leader.”. Later, she became the first African American woman to represent the U.S. at the UN and also the second youngest person. “We spent hours over the summer, on weekends and especially after my internship, just talking about them, and it was great,” Rice-Cameron tells us. Rice-Cameron says this ancestry inspires him to meet adversity head-on. Taxation is theft. Rice asked her son to read, by J.D. Rice-Cameron calls this account bogus. Through speaking with members of SCR, we found that the divide in campus Republicans is the same kind of rift that’s appeared in the Republican Party since the 2016 election: a division between an older-style politics of manners and responsibility and that of Trumpian Tweet-storms, blustering provocations, and boisterous ad hominems.

In this board member’s dramatic retelling of events, the two freshmen claimed they contacted a private attorney and were considering bringing a lawsuit; they purportedly handed Hsuan a paper they claimed was a legal document. “So when I see conservatives using irresponsible rhetoric when it comes to community-police relations or whatever, I think it’s really unfortunate, because we’re missing an opportunity there to unite the country when it comes to Black Lives Matter.”. In particular, a childhood trip to South Sudan led him to believe identity politics can only end in disaster.

However, on campus, he’s been at the center of a series of controversies that resemble the threatening rhetoric and dangerous actions of the Right’s more unsavory elements. Deport criminal illegal immigrants. “There is no difference between that and the Alt-Right,” Rice-Cameron declares. Rice-Cameron believes that some of the people he stood next to during the independence ceremony are now likely dead due to their tribal affiliation. Despite this, Rice-Cameron says he does not have as strong of a personal relationship with Kirk as people think he does, though he tells us they’ve been communicating about the upcoming TPUSA event at Stanford. “I’m not saying that to sound arrogant or anything; it’s just sort of been apparent to me.”.

Rice-Cameron noted in a comment on the post, “These are some of the greatest conservative books of our era, providing the intellectual fire power for the conservative movement.” The photo includes books written by Glenn Beck, Mike Lee, and Ann Coulter. “There’s two types of people who enter politics,” Rice-Cameron says, a few minutes into the interview: “the people who only care about power — they only care about themselves, their brand, and they like the feel of manipulating people and whatnot — and then you have people who care about principles and care about ideals and care about making the country a better place or making it align better with those principles and ideals. While Rice-Cameron tells us that he’s not interested in calculating what will cause the most outrage to the Left on campus, he says he does believe that being vocal and bold is necessary to help encourage conservatives to feel safe sharing their views on campus. Hsuan says that when he took over, he pursued a similar strategy: The self-described Paul Ryan-style Republican says he wanted to focus on policy, rather than fighting the culture war. Hsuan offers his impression of these members, beginning with what he saw as a lack of interest in the actual work of politics: They think, he says, “Oh, the Hoover [Institution] guys can talk all day about policy A versus policy B, but that’s not what we’re interested in. Rice-Cameron defended this measure to Stanford Politics, insisting that everyone was welcome to attend the event but that he wanted “to make sure that people who are deliberately trying to sell out the event aren’t able to do so.”. Build the wall. Rice-Cameron’s mission — though some will call it petty antagonism — is bold. Cameron would eventually be named an executive producer at ABC News in the Washington, D.C. metro area in 2008. In 2008, he was named as the executive producer of ‘This Week’ at ABC News in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

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