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6) Choose the correct statement regarding elevator use during a non fire emergency: 7) Select the incorrect statement regarding chemical biological and radiological substances: 8) Select the correct statement regarding natural gas leaks: 9) which of the following city agency is not a primary agency during a citywide public health emergency. primaryD. The fee is $15.00. It’s also acceptable to apply for the FSD training course with a combination of fire-prevention and building-service-equipment jobs.

* The following practice tests are designed to help you pass the FDNY FLSD test with ease. 11) Portable Fire Extinguishers are required to be inspected? 13) If a buildings auxiliary radio communication system is out of service, a tag identifying the system as out if service must be placed at?

* Each test is made up of 50 questions randomly selected from a question … This article has been viewed 26,544 times. local fire house, 13.Fire drills and emergency action plan drills_______. a)They will operate normally until manually recalled by the Fire Safety Director.b) They will return to the main lobby without stopping.c) They will return to the main lobby floor stopping at each floor on the way down.d) The Emergency Stop button in the elevator car will remain functional. 19) After hot work operations have concluded, a fire watch must continue for how long? 1) In the event of a non fire emergency in or affecting the building The FLSD should report to: 2) The area of the building that may be in close proximity to the threat /incident and experience the immediate impact of the threat/ incident is known as________. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. That way you'll have a record of your answers and know what areas need study. To become an FSD, you’ll need to complete three major requirements: (1) take the FSD training course, (2) take the written exam itself (which is only offered at Fire Headquarters), and (3) pass a building-specific on-site examination. Use this as your primary study tool.

b) Only in English no other languages are permitted. * The questions are accurate, up-to-date and cover all topics found in the FLSD course outline. 10) Which of the following is not an action to be taken during a fire or non fire emergency?

Always report the fire command stationb. *  Each test is made up of 50 questions randomly selected from a question bank containing           over 350 relevant questions. If you fail the FSD Written Exam twice, you may have to go back and re-take the training course. These courses last 4-5 sessions and typically cost between 200-250 dollars. *   Upon payment you will be prompted to Close the PayPal payment Popup window and go            back to the test page to begin the test by clicking the CONTINUE button again. The FSD written examination is a rigorous exam, and test-takers have 500 minutes (8 hours, 20 minutes) to complete the 100-question exam. 1) The minimum distance a portable fire extinguisher must be kept off the floor is: 3) Newly issued portable Fire Extinguisher Tags (starting 11/15/18) will have all of the following features except?

If you fail the FSD Written Exam, you will have one more opportunity to pass the Exam. 1 World Trade Center, NY. tertiary, 12.Who is authorized to conduct the initial training for FLS Staff?A. Fireguards have been used to help prevent escaping sparks from crackling wood and other open fire hazards. 5) A technician enters your building to work on your buildings multi zone standpipe system, as FLSD you should ensure the technician possesses what certification? The total testing and examination procedure usually takes 5–6 months to complete. Prof. Dr Muhammad Asim Mahmood took up the charge of Dean, faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Government College University Faisalabad on 13-03-2019. 25) If a building is planning a total building evacuation drill all of the following agencies must be notified except? FLS DirectorC. As a FLSD you would know the technician must possess what certification? 9.If the fire alarm is taken off-line, the following entries should be made except; 10.The FLS logbook should include the record of any inspection and test of dedicated and/or non-dedicated smoke control systems. After 90 days, the renewal fee is raised to $25. Normal power because these system are only test under normal power.D.

14) Select the incorrect statement regarding fumigation: 15) You are the Fire and Life Safety Director at a new hotel. Research source Try to schedule the test within 3 weeks of FSD training completion.

FLSD Practice Test. 12) Which of the following would be required to be flame resistant? Your Certificate will need to be renewed annually, through the FDNY district headquarters.

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