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The Guise (And Their Mod Sound): When You're Sorry Internationally, "The Cheater" blasted to #5 on Toronto's CHUM Hit Parade (on the Barry label) and to #7 in Australia (on the Stateside label). Walter Scott: Just You Wait + * The team loses $1 million in its first year, causing someone to ask Hunt's father how long Lamar can withstand such losses. 'V 1 Several hundred thousand dollars worth of debt, wiped out with the single stroke of a rich man's pen. Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S. August 8, 1989, TUESDAY, FIVE STAR Edition, Is the slogan ''Sold on St. Louis'' a lot of Album Designed by Kittyhawk Graphics Warner was aware that Stallings had just bought a large ranch. Cash Box: "Hot on the heels of 'The Cheater' smasheroo, Bob Kuban and Co. come up with another sure-fire Musicland winner...a rhythmic, bluesy ode about an unhappy fella trying to please a real fickle gal.".

JUST YOU WAIT 894-5555.

(Becaud - Delanoe - Sigman) (Felix Cavaliere-Eddie Brigati)

greatest talent was making everyone feel better, recalled his colleague Marty The gym was packed to the limit with continental hipsters and transistor sisters all razor-cut and fabulashed, moving and grooving to the Push and Shake. The killer is serving a life sentence; the wife got five years; and Scott lives on only via these classy blue-eyed soul records from 30 years ago." Musicland U.S.A. 112 B, 1967 The record took off and ''never stopped selling,'' said Wienstroer. In Los Angeles, Otis Redding joined the In-Men on stage at the Whisky A Go Go, April 8, 9 & 10, 1966. (Mike Krenski) ''One side of the record was the song 'That'll Be the

many artists on a CD titled "Gaslight Square." There is one son, John Mark, 24. master that he had produced with a five-member group called the Crickets in his FULLY Assembled: The Cheater Hail Victory! One is that they're an 'in' group, the other is that at the same time they are men, not long-haired freaks." It makes us more sensitive, more understanding. and over by the bandstand with Bob Kuban and the In-Men, there's Johnny Rabbitt again- hart askew, hully-gullying with a bevy of capri-clad Ronettes clones as the band blasts "Money." The Guise: Half A Man Liquor store owner, salesman, radio personality (he even did bit parts on

20,000, Dec 65 & 20,001, Dec 65Billboard Pop #12Cash Box R&B #10Cash Box Pop #15Variety #14KXOK #1WFUN #5CHUM #5KDKA #7KQV #13WKNR #25WLS #28Australia #7, 2. "The Cheater" entered Billboard's chart at #135 the week ending December 25, 1965 and peaked at #12 the weeks ending March 12 and March 19, 1966. They met at Paris High in the early 1950s when Stallings was a skinny, scrappy, 148-pound end. and over by the bandstand with Bob Kuban and the In-Men, there's Johnny Rabbitt again- hart askew, hully-gullying with a bevy of capri-clad Ronettes clones as the band blasts "Money." Musicland U.S.A. 20,015, April 1967 "Long Haired Music" by the Guise hit #123 in Billboard. During those same three years, Johnny Rabbitt continually placed in Billboard Magazine's weekly ratings as one of the Top Ten disc Jockeys in the country. AeroVons Teen Dance flyer from the Union City Auditiorium, Union, MO Kapp 2154 B, November 1971 Musicland U.S.A. 20,006 B, Mar 66, 6. 1968 Photo of the AeroVons departing for London from Lambert International Airport (Eastern airlines) Kapp 2154 B, November 1971, 26. The town could really use a winner Just to see what it'd be like. Scott's second wife, JoAnn (Calceterra), pled guilty to hindering prosecution in his murder. As a result these outstanding young musicians have been requested to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, Hullabaloo, American Bandstand, and many other Top TV programs. Bob Kuban and the In-Men racked up three national chart singles (and one chart album) on the Olivette-based Musicland U.S.A. label during 1965-66.

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