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(May 2016), Work with the community to combat crime. Norma J Torres is a 3 term Representative for California's 35th District. You definitely deserve their endorsement! (Sep 2014), $48M for funding hybrid and zero-emission vehicles. We are pretty sure the Pope would disagree with her answer. In January 2016, Norma was invited by Vice President Biden to represent Congress and join him at the swearing in of the new President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales. On this Committee, she has advocated and secured improvements for our communities for housing, transportation, national security, protecting fair elections, and job creation. Norma J Torres. (Jun 2014), No separate contribution limits for party activities. (Apr 2018), Automatic voter registration for all citizens.

(Feb 2015), Allow non-English languages in public schools. (Sep 2013), Allow bilingual education in public schools. Listen to her words. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. Norma has been an honored guest in Guatemala, where she toured the country, met with Heads-of-State, and received the country’s highest honor—the Order of the Great Congress of Guatemala, in the rank of Knight. Norma also helped pass the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights to protect consumers from foreclosure and worked to make it easier for returning veterans to purchase homes. (Jun 2016), Sponsored recognition of National Foster Care Month. (Feb 2015), Pilot program for all-mail-in ballots. (Sep 2014), Voted YES on driver's license for undocumented immigrants. While working at the 911 dispatch center, Norma was an active member of AFSCME which challenged its members to become more involved and run for local office. Home Islam Current Page: Safety Jobs About Watch Your Back . (Jan 2019), Expand Medi-Cal eligibility for ObamaCare. (Apr 2015). (Jan 2020), $25B more loans from Export-Import Bank. Norma J Torres. Norma is a member of the powerful Rules Committee, where she has been able to include provisions in legislation important to our communities, such as improvements to the Ontario Airport, national security improvements, road and bridge repair, support for transit, and improved housing options. (May 2017), Trump models disrespectful rhetoric & policies toward women. (Jun 2013), GOP can't beat ObamaCare, so they pretend it's a "disaster".

She often worked the graveyard shift, sitting four floors below ground, taking calls every day from people from all walks of life, often in their most vulnerable moments. (Sep 2019), Elected to City Council, State Assembly, and State Senator. (May 2015), $2 billion in federal funds: Keep Your Home California. Norma immigrated to the United States from Guatemala and is a longtime resident of Pomona where she resides with her husband Louis, their three sons, and grandson. As a City Councilmember, Norma led many initiatives to improve the quality of life in Pomona and combat crime, including the Neighbors for Pomona Committee, which was dedicated to reducing crime and graffiti in the community.

Since coming to Congress, Norma has continued to work toward growing the local economy, protecting public safety, and preserving our natural resources. (Aug 2014), Replace school achievement testing with progress testing. (Click for details), Powered by Instant Web Page We can either continue on this downward spiral or we can try someone new. Home Islam Current Page: Safety Jobs About Open Menu Close Menu.

In response to the crisis, she successfully led an effort to secure $2 billion in federal funds for the “Keep Your Home California” program. First, she characterizes Republicans as “sex starved males” for fighting against abortion. Norma Torres on Abortion : Click here for 5 full quotes on Abortion OR background on Abortion. This site has been created by Cargile For Congress to provide voters with insight into her character and voting record so they c (Aug 2013), Ban anti-abortion limitations on abortion services. Allow nurses to perform non-surgical abortions. (May 2017), Raising estate tax to 1990s level means $448B in new revenue. In 2008, she was selected to serve as the Treasurer of the National Conference of Democratic Mayors. Expand Medi-Cal eligibility for ObamaCare: Replace school achievement testing with progress testing: Voted YES on wider definition of assault rifles: Rated Raising estate tax to 1990s level means $448B in new revenue. Then, she doesn’t understand the House rules when the Speaker asks if she wants “unanimous consent”. Norma, like most liberals, refuses to recognize the underpinnings of our Republic as those which are “endowed by our Creator”.

(Sep 2013), Voted to legalize DREAMer immigrants via military service. However, we did find this…. (Apr 2017), Increase both high-skill and family-based visa caps. (Sep 2014) arget="_blank"">, Norma Torres is a Libertarian-Leaning Progressive (May 2016), Question Trump on Emoluments clause.

Great job, Norma! Page last updated: Jun 07, 2020, other books and debates by or about Norma_Torres, Legally require hiring women & minorities, Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. (Mar 2017), Access safe, legal abortion without restrictions. Home Current Page: Islam Safety Jobs About Will your family be safe with a Representative who praises Islam as a religion of “peace” and would be content with Sharia law instead of our Constitution? Prior to the swearing-in, Norma founded the bipartisan Congressional Central America Caucus which focuses on the root causes of instability in Central America and in particular, the Northern Triangle countries, supporting a strategy of governance, security, and prosperity in the region. It's an incredible honor to receive this year's Planned Parenthood "Invencibles Champion for Reproductive Health Award".... We looked for any video where Norma celebrated a Christian holiday or event (something like Easter) or even something where she celebrated traditional family values.

After a comprehensive job creation listening tour of her district, Norma introduced the Regional Infrastructure Accelerator Act to expand funding for public infrastructure projects and the JOBS Act, a bill to expand job-training opportunities for displaced workers.

(Sep 2013), Voted YES on banning offshore oil drilling in Gulf of Mexico. (Aug 2012), Don't elevate gender identity as a protected class. (Aug 2014), Voted YES to amend Constitution to overturn Citizens United.

Norma was born in Guatemala, but moved to the United States because of instability in the country.

(Sep 2013), No-strings-attached block grant will kill transparency.

(Aug 2013) Supports abortion rights, according to Faith2Action. (Jul 2016), Don't ban single-use plastic bags. Here, grandstanding as a California Assemblywoman, she blasts her male colleagues for allegedly being ignorant of women’s bodies. Norma is a member of the Powerful House Committee on Rules, one of the most powerful Committees in Congress, where her top priority is to fight for legislation important to the Inland Empire. (Jul 2015), Slow down fracking until scientific study is completed. After winning a hard fought special election for the California State Senate, Norma represented California’s 32nd District where she fought to create jobs in the Inland Empire at a time when families were still recovering from the recession.

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