zachary tavio delorean; son

He was videotaped in an F.B.I.

Many in the industry felt he would someday be G.M. His fourth wife, Sally, said in a brief interview yesterday that he had designed a new sports car and still hoped to start another automaker.

The British government sank $120 million into the $200 million project. The slogan for DeLorean Motor Co. was 'live the dream.' “He didn’t hold back.

He dyed his hair jet black, wore shirts open to the navel, married a teenage starlet and subsequently a supermodel, and became a wonder at self-promotion. Mr. DeLorean became intent on creating a corporation in his image. By 2000, he sold off his estate in Bedminster, which is now part of a golf course operated by Donald Trump. John Zachary DeLorean was born in Detroit on Jan. 6, 1925, the oldest of four sons of a Ford Motor Company foundry worker. Zachary is the collateral damage of DeLorean’s unethical pursuit of his ethical car, an obsession that led to his indictment on embezzling millions of dollars in investor funds. "He once told me that he placed enjoying life very high in his list of priorities, and he felt that contrasted with many other executives," said J. Patrick Wright, who collaborated with Mr. DeLorean on a book called "On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors. “He was someone who perverted a dream he had,” Baldwin says in the film. Soon after came charges by authorities in the United States that Mr. DeLorean was selling cocaine to prop up its finances. Persistent legal troubles drained Mr. DeLorean's resources over the years. Ardon admits his obsession for all things DeLorean since he first laid eyes on the stainless-steel car as a 6-year old. 's president, but he left G.M. Although Mr. DeLorean's company long ago stopped producing cars, it survives today as a company in Texas that bought all of the remaining DeLorean parts, and repairs and refurbishes cars for collectors.

Neither does the movie pull punches in presenting one of Detroit’s most controversial figures.

"It's got cocaine, hot chicks, sports cars, bombed-out buildings, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, FBI agents and hard-core drug dealers,” muses DeLorean’s only son, Zachary, who appears in the new film, “Framing John DeLorean,” which hits theaters Friday.

His trial was seen as kicking off an era of celebrity cases.

“Elon Musk hates being compared to DeLorean,” Ardon says. John DeLorean, the flamboyant automobile industrialist whose dream of running his own car company dissolved into bankruptcy, died Saturday evening at Overlook Hospital in Summit, N.J..

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