top fuel dragster transmission

To reduce power and the acceleration of the driveshaft and tires, the ignition advance is retarded from 56 degrees to 27—a strategy to keep the tires gripping the track surface instead of spinning. "The clutch is the lifeline of the car," Oberhofer says, because it regulates wheelspin by gradually engaging and slipping as the car moves down the track. Why is it taking Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia so long to count votes?

The models which are more serious about winning in a Top Fuel race use the third method, which pumps concentrated masses of air into the engine for more powerful combustion. The bright yellow flame that we see coming out of the exhaust is the result of the burnt nitromethane inside of the engine. The fastest class in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) drag-racing series, these cars can rocket to 300 mph in less than 4 seconds.

Kasey - Powerglides are strong but not that strong lol. The mechanical abuse finally ends as the dragster clears nearly 500 feet per second. The engineers are responsible for finding this fine line, and they do it by installing tough rear wings that can push the end of the vehicle downwards. Usually, they are GM Powerglide 2-speed but with upgraded parts to handle the HUGE amount of horsepower and torque those engines put out. But nitro is an oxygen-rich compound that requires less air to burn, so the engine can consume more of it, thereby producing greater power. َA Top Fuel dragster, however, doesn’t need all that fanciness. Since the engine on these cars is the main reason they can perform the way they do, they have to be taken care of between two runs or a maximum of 2 hours.

The motor screams at its 8300 rpm redline, and the tires buckle under the load of getting the 2300-pound dragster moving. It's all controlled by centrifugal levers (adjustable by adding or removing weights) and air pressure (regulated by mechanical timers). Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Where Are Abby Lee's Dancers From Dance Moms Today? These machines are so fast—topping 330 mph—that the quarter-mile track (1320 feet) was shortened to 1000 feet after Scott Kalitta was killed in 2008 when his car exploded at the finish and crashed into the catch fence. Among the fastest-accelerating machines in the world, 7,000-horsepower Top Fuel dragsters are often referred to as the “kings of the sport,” and with good reason.

With all the figures and statistics that we’ve talked about so far, there should be no doubt that there is no way that a normal sports car can be compared to any Top Fuel dragster. The world’s top engineers co-operate with each other so that they can design the next functioning land rocket, hoping that they can reach the records and break them.

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