laserbeak and buzzsaw

This article is a featured article, and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. If Swoop later returned with Autobot reinforcements, Laserbeak got shot right in the beak by the new arrivals, and was forced into a retreat. He blew up real good. (He sure has guts considering his courage rating is a mere 2.) Featured in collections.

Ghosts of Cybertron Part 1 Along with Soundwave, Ravage, and Buzzsaw, Laserbeak was one of the few Decepticons who escaped annihilation thanks to the electrostatic ghost Kremzeek, who promptly absorbed them into his essence. Aphelion When Cosmos came aboard and later found himself surrounded by armed Decepticons, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw wasted no time in poking fun at his situation. Laser cannons. Laserbeak and Buzzsaw (Souvenir set, 2006) A redeco of the Energon Terrorcon Divebomb, Laserbeak transforms from a humanoid robot to a robotic bird of prey. It mostly involves plastic spiders, fake vampire fangs, rubber mice, and other gag toys of the like. Annihilation Later, during a battle with the American military in the Nevada desert, Laserbeak was struck down by deconstructionite rounds and had to be carried to safety by the Omega Sentinel. The footage fell into the hands of Sector Seven, who classified this robot "N.B.E. If Bumblebee heeded Laserbeak’s commands, the cruel Decepticon retrieved the antidote before beginning his torture of the little Autobot, in order to make him talk. Panicking, the Decepticons attempted to retaliate by firing in all directions. Bumblebee silently snuck by him, while Laserbeak snored like a chainsaw. G.I. Cassette Lighting turned out a bit weird, but these are not discolored KOs, bought them myself from Walmart. Joe's might. As Shockwave again submitted to Megatron's leadership, Laserbeak exchanged perching positions, signifying the transfer of command. This lead to a battle which culminated with the Decepticons' defeat.

If Wreck-Gar and Sparkplug made a run for it, Laserbeak gave chase. The Smelting Pool! Joe and the Autobots assaulted the island to recover the power station, Laserbeak was among the Decepticons ordered into battle by Shockwave, though true to form, he seemed to chicken out, as he wasn't anywhere to be seen during the fight.

If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. When the Autobots lay siege to the Decepticons' stronghold, Laserbeak headed out to do battle.

So too would have been the fate of Laserbeak if not for the intervention of the Predacon Divebomb.

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He and Buzzsaw made fun of Brawl the whole way through. Buzzsaw's name derives from his micro-serrated beak, which can slice through most materials. He learned that the Autobots had long ago lost a particularly large shipment of Energon cubes at the Ark's original crash site. Transformers by BBWlover1997. He works in tandem with his partner Soundwave, and fellow cassettes Laserbeak, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, and Ratbat.

Buzzsaw and Garboil are similar in appearance to Laserbeak, but have slightly different colors. The Autobots managed to get away in the end, however, despite whatever efforts Laserbeak attempted. ...All Fall Down! Laserbeak and Buzzsaw were the first to burst through the Ark's hull, but Laserbeak's glory was shortlived.

The Axalon was saved from destruction by the timely arrival of the Chromia 10, which engaged Buzzsaw and Laserbeak's ship in combat.

Unfortunately, the Ark was now defended by the newly-built Omega Supreme. Pleased with their progress, Megatron ordered Laserbeak to empty another hundred tanks by midnight. RED Series. However, they are much fewer in number than the Jetrons in the area, and really only dangerous when their targets are occupied avoiding Burcane Balls. Hunters, When Ratbat came to Earth, Laserbeak helped in taking control of an oil tanker. He has also been known to serve as an interrogator, using his lasers to carve up helpless prisoners to extract anything and everything they know. Recordicons #16, Laserbeak was one of the absurd amount of minions Soundwave ejected out of his chest, all in a row, in preparation for a fight. Stop Operation Brainwash Humanity! Laserbeak shoots you with his ruby lasers.

Angry Birds Transformers #1, Laserbeak was perching on Soundwave's shoulder when he began a conversation with Megatron, Starscream and Shockwave, then transformed and settled in the tape-shaped cavity under Soundwave's hood. Discovering that an Autobot installation had been built inside the mountain beneath the mas, Laserbeak alerted the other Decepticons, who immediately attacked. No Fair Fights, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw were seen on Sanctuary Station when Soundwave called looking for Cosmos. Whether or not the Decepticons won that day depended on what choices the Autobots made. Webworld, Laserbeak has some involvement during the search of the investigation team. He's in the Allspark now, trying to perch on Primus' shoulder. In one possible scenario, Galvatron had to recall his troops from the concert at the last minute when Ultra Magnus and his troops began a timely assault on the Decepticons’ headquarters. Buzzsaw and Garboil are similar in appearance to Laserbeak, but have slightly different colors. Spotlight: Soundwave, Over the following twenty years, Laserbeak and Ravage were reprogrammed by Skywatch to seek out other Transformers. See More by Air-Hammer. But Optimus, having anticipated a trick on the Decepticons’ part, arrived at the battlefield with a new supply of fuel for his troops.

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