excel dynamic named range with blank cells

COUNTA does not count empty cells. To have it done, perform these steps: In the following screenshot, we define a dynamic named range items that accommodates all cells with data in column A, except for the header row: The generic formula to make a dynamic named range in Excel is as follows: At the core of this formula, you use the COUNTA function to get the number of non-blank cells in the column of interest. But post that it acts as an array formula. Then press F5 key to run the code, and there will be generated some dynamic named ranges which are named with the first row values and it also creates a dynamic range called MyData which covers the whole data. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Apples_|____5__|___20__|__1__|___04___|_3__|___12_. http://wmfexcel.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/dynamic-dropdown-least-hours-assigned-always-on-the-top/ Select a cell next to the original list and type this formula =IF(B2="","",MAX(A$1:A1)+1) into it, and then drag the autofill handle down to the range you need. Column data is: I have a simple table: 7 columns, 4 rows. 1. locate the ranges/tables vertically one under another (with a couple of blank rows in between), or more usually Having an issue with a book I'm working on at the moment. That will create a usable source list for the drop downs, instead of trying to create a dynamic list with blank cells. Hi Col and Phil, I agree with you on simplicity. Your email address will not be published. I learned about Data Validation long before. This page shows an example of a dynamic named range created with the INDEX function together with the COUNTA function. Ryan: If you just clear/delete the contents from the cell in the original input list and leave it blank, you need do no more! No warranties are implied or given with this application. Simple way to remove blank cells dynamic dropdown list Excel. I just love dynamic named ranges. 3. Tnks. This is an efficient way to create a dynamic named range. To create a two-dimensional dynamic range where the number of columns is also dynamic, you can use the same approach, expanded like this: As before, COUNTA is used to figure out the "lastrow", and we use COUNTA again to get the "lastcolumn". Our goal is to help you work faster in Excel. This will number the cells that are not blank. On the left, we have the starting reference for the range, hard coded as: On the right is the ending reference for the range, created with INDEX like this: Here, we feed INDEX all of column A for the array, then use the COUNTA function to figure out the "last row" in the range. Then I just add new values to each table above the fence as and when required without having to anything more. Let’s say, you have a range of following data which need to become dynamic named range.

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