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For folks who want a darker look for their LEGO collection, the black label tape looks great! can i just say AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. All those little details, the games, it just looks like it turned out perfectly for the kiddos We may be revisiting these posts for a birthday party in the future! Also, on the updates I see parts like 4214 which have moved to retired in version 35, but I cant find them in the retired folder. Infill: 20% Google Drive does that for some people and I haven’t figured out why. Spring LEGO Calendar | That Brick Life. They won’t look quite as good, but may meet your needs.

I love the idea of having your son help create the favors. We are planning a LEGO party for our daughter and I LOVE your creative ideas!

Your instinct (and mileage) may vary. This is the coolest birthday party! If you have wishes for other brick sizes or special brick shapes, please let me know. Further down in this page, you will find a list of compatible printers, and detailed instructions to help you print these labels. I use regular printer for labels. Thank you for sharing your party! Thank you. Wow! Time limit is exhausted. I searched on Amazon and couldn’t find them. of things, therefore I am going to tell her. As I was assembling mine, I noticed some flaws, so I went back to the drawing board and came up with a MUCH better box. Each label includes a picture, simplified part name, and the part number to help you find parts quickly! Find the best storage solution to use with your LEGO Brick Labels in The LEGO Storage Guide. This makes it easier to quickly find the labels you need! My son is going to be so excited!

These files are automatically updated daily. What a blessing! If you re-download the collection, you should get version 35.1 (which you can confirm by opening VERSION_35.txt). These are some of the most common Lego Bricks. Or how can I change lbx to pdf? Thanks again!!!! Hi, Are they also available as pdf as before? Manually copy/paste the second half of each strip of labels into a new file. This is just an entire 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of Lego bumps. What an amazing job you did – I’m currently planning a Lego party for my son and will be using the favour boxes. my son will have an even better party now!!! - I just downloaded your lego gift box pdf…and it reminded me of something….thought I'd share…..if you buy cream cheese in the block, it comes in a box almost exactly this size…..I sell scrapbooking stuff, and I keep a lot of my 'trash'- I call it going green…hee hee…. Do you have the full list somewhere in non-label form? Again…lots of possibilities. That’s why the number of labels in the collection doubled in November 2015! No offense taken! Party Tip: At staples or kinkos you can print big 2×3 feet black and white posters [called engineering prints] for $3-4 and they are ready in just seconds!Your party is so cute!! Thank you for helping me make my son's Lego party even cooler and a lot easier on me! Recognizing the importance of this topic to the LEGO community, I’ve written The LEGO Storage Guide, a free 8-chapter e-book which guides you through the process of understanding your LEGO collection, organizational strategies, and storage recommendations based on your needs. Hi Tom, thanks for the labels.

Once done, building new sets is so much faster, allowing us to find the pieces quickly and easily. Filament: PLA I also added the Lego bumps right in the template so you don’t have to cut and paste them on. Thank you so much for the LEGO box template!!!! Download and install the ‘P-touch Editor’. I’ve already started working on v3.5 and added these items to my todo list. When printed on ½″ (12 mm) laminated tape, each label is less than 2″ (5 cm) wide. LEGO Brick Labels were designed to be printed on ½″ laminated label tape using a compatible Brother Label printer (such as the PT-D600.) Out of all the links you showed me… I loved your end product much better!!!! Note: For best results, I recommend the following settings when printing with the PT-P710BT (Cube Plus): 1) Quality = Standard, 2) Graphics = Error Diffusion.

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