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Area 51 webcast (new) Money Matters. ), 9. Listen to the world - List of English language transmissions. Station History. Saturday, July 3, 2004 [all times UT -4] Lots of schedule changes this week. 0000-0100 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 075 deg to SoEu Spanish 0100-0200 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 165 deg to SoAm Portuguese 0200-0300 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 087 deg to NEAf Arabic 0300-0400 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 035 deg to SoAs Hindi 0400-0500 on 9330 BCQ 500 kW / 060 deg to N/ME Arabic 0500-0600 … Facebook Fri- 2100 UTC on 7780 kHz. Solar Xrays and Geomagnetic Field from WBCQ strongly supports the United States of America’s constitutional right to free speech.

RADIO NEW ZEALAND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME SCHEDULE, 6. I am working on getting our online program guide and schedule at http://schedule.wbcq.com/index.php up to date. WBCQ: schedule changes and the return of "Area 51", 14. kHz frequency for HLR World of Radio, AIR New Delhi (Vividh Bharati/FM Rainbow), World Christian Broadcast (The Light of Life), World Christian Broadcasting (Africa Pathways Radio), World Christian Broadcasting (La Voz Alegre), World Christian Broadcasting (Radio Feda), Zambia NBC Radio 2 (Voice of America Africa), Broadcast times for PBS Xi'an News Service, Shortwave schedule for WHRI Moment By Moment. Questo sito utilizza cookie anche di terze parti, per migliorare l'esperienza utente, motivi statistici e pubblicità. com All content on Shortwave Central is copyright © 2006-2020 by Teak Publishing, who is solely responsible for the content.

WBCQ The Planet274 Britton RoadMonticello, Maine 04760USA. Follow me at my Twitter feed @QSLRptMT for the latest shortwave broadcast information, frequencies and schedules. Effective: 29 March - 25 October 2009 broadcast daily unless otherwise indicated target area to the Americas All times UTC 0000-0100 5110am 7415am 9330am 0100-0200 5110am 7415am 9330am 0200-0300 5110am 7415am 9330am 0300-0400 5110am 7415am 9330am 0400-0500 5110am 7415am 9330am 0500-0600 5110am 7415am 9330am …  <                US Mail: P.O. Breaking News: Radio Nepal back on shortwave, Russia Proposes to Use DRM on 65.9-74.0 FM, Dxers Unlimited mid-week edition, September 11. New WBCQ Program Schedule. LawCall. by Michael Brya » Tue, 06 Jul 2004 01:07:13 . & whoever else 11:00PM/0300 - The Jeff Davis Show 12:00AM/0400 - Tom & Darly  3:00AM/0700 - The Jeff Davis Show, --  < ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^>  <                         "Big Steve" Coletti                         >  <       A Different Kind Of Oldies Show on WBCQ, 7415kHz Shortwave    >  <                Saturday Evenings at 8PM ET, 0000 UTC                > The Voice of America Relay Stations in the Philipp... From the Isle of Music & Uncle Bill's Melting Pot ... New schedule of Radio Nikkei on shortwave, Wantok Radio Light promotes return to shortwave, Dxers Unlimited program, Sunday edition 16 September. Programming Schedule . I had been tuning in WBCQ on 7415 kHz just about every night around 11 PM local (0500 UT) to see how the reception for "Amos & Andy" & "Herald … Has There Been a Thaw in the Inter-Korean Radio War? LATEST NEWS . The First Wireless Message from England to Austral... Mystery Broadcast of AWR DX Program “Wavescan”. WBCQ began operation on September 8, 1998 with just the WBCQ-1 transmitter on 7.415 MHz. When we’ve worked out the full revised schedule, I’ll be updating the online version at http://www.wbcq.com/schedule, Cap’n Ric and Crew are still working on sending out eQSLs from last weekend’s programs …, WBCQ schedule and frequency changes 5.130 and 6.160 MHz. Wolfgang Bueschel: Log Nov 5th, 01.30 UT, Four Texas Radio Shortwave tests this weekend, Channel 292 testing new antenna on 9670 kHz, Peter demonstrates SDR# Co-Channel Canceller with FM DX, Grace Digital Internet Radios made between 2007 and 2017 “will stop working”, BELKA-DX: A Pocket-Sized Radio for Pocket Change, A review of the lab599 Discovery TX-500 QRP transceiver, The Reciva Internet radio station aggregator is closing down, Steve builds a simple SWL antenna tuner that pairs brilliantly with the Belka-DX, The new Belka-DX: Georges’ short review and tests. Box 396, New York, NY 10002            >   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, 1. Subject: [Swprograms] WBCQ Surprising Schedule Change? Twitter

Archives. New WBCQ Program Schedule. WorldRadioHistory.com (ex-American Radio History), Teak Publishing Company Blog - Btown Monitoring Post, Empire Radio slated for weekend broadcast. Ham Radio operators review new sites every day since 1998, for potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them.

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