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You kinda feel sorry for people whose popularity make it difficult to go out in public. Caravans of black Cadillac Escalades. They don’t mind if you visit, they only mind when you stay. In 2018, he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon stemming from a fatal shooting at a Huntersville Walmart, though that charge was dismissed. DaBaby’s estate stands out on the residential street, where most of the one-and two-story homes are modest and valued at between $250,000 and $500,000, according to county tax records. If it was somebody white and rich no one would have said a thing. Trumps sign are common in Troutman, that’s nothing new. Trout man is not an urban area. This article is just like the rest of mainstream media – FALSE. DaBaby’s compound — 35 miles north of Charlotte, near where the Catawba River enters Lake Norman — is on a quiet, two-lane street dotted with Trump yard signs. I got pulled over twice in one day for no reason i think cause i was opps dont say it but anyway i expect this out of troutman they worried about a rap star instead of the drunks thier creating with thier new liquor store sounds like a trump thing. STOP! Yall hating because he black if it was a white person yall wouldnt say shit fuck yall and trump voters you races ass motha fuckers, He did the best thing he could have being in the county he’s in! He’s apparently not going around telling his neighbors what to do with/in their homes so they should do likewise. Let’s be nice to our neighbors and all get along. Police cited her for damage to property. The most recent complaint came last week, when an anonymous caller alerted the town that “extremely bright stadium-style lighting” had been installed on the property, Ganus said. But since international rap star DaBaby moved in less than a year ago, he has created a stir that residents say is unlike anything the town has ever seen. This article looks like a clickbait article… move on folks. We spoke with someone outside the mansion gates who said he was part of the “big staff” that works at the estate, and said he’d pass along a reporter’s business card to somebody who handles publicity. The rapper -- who usually would just check his bank balance on the screen -- decided to this time print out a receipt, instead. You are not concerned about a code. $45.00. Become a millionaire and let everybody know how famous you are and you’ll see what he going through, Blackman cant have shit smh.now see yall need to step yall ish ☝.salute Da Baby. If I was very rich I would build something just like that to protect myself and my family, and I’m not rich or famous. It ain’t nunya. By Rebecca Schiller I don’t see what the problem is considering it’s HIS!!! I didn’t even know he lived there until this article came out. Returning to the car, he took a look at it and was thrilled when he saw what was on there.

Cut it out …some people just can’t stand change this shit is crazy. Last December, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police handcuffed and detained him for marijuana possession after his concert at Bojangles Coliseum but then later dropped the charges.

But i hate to go near that place the law is over excited about everything i avoid troutman every chance i get even if i have to go out my way.

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