remington versa max oversize bolt release

Jonathan has been in the firearms industry for 12 years.

Just to be clear it only applies to the synthetic not the sportsman or the tactical models. The Remington Versa Max is marketed as one of the most versatile shotguns in the industry.

Usually, I go down to my ATV trail and make my way back up. I needed a new tactical shotgun that was fast and reliable. No matter the use, this gun does what I ask. The Versa Max with a 22″ barrel is only 2″ shorter, which doesn’t limit the capabilities of this gun (which I proved this season). It flat out runs. Just takes some pliers or a vice and a hacksaw to open the flex cuts to allow it to bend out of the way easier when loaded.

Installs with common hand tools.

The small factory charging handle that comes with the Remington VERSA MAX shotgun is difficult to grasp during the high anxiety associated with a gunfight. Jonathan graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. but this is all trial and error to get it how you like it.

Or can someone supply a newb one?? Speed is only one part of the equation. That puts the Synthetic in line with the Sportsman and will save me from messing with the front sight, plus I get the chokes and the adjustable comb. No matter the target or the day, I can always walk my shots downrange, no matter where it bounces, and never miss a shot or sacrifice speed. No two shotguns are the same, which is why there are so many loads and choke tubes out there for the same purpose. In addition to the standard model, it comes in four custom colors. I haven’t used one of these springs, so I can’t tell you first-hand how well it works. However, my guns are not safe queens, either. Versa Max Tactical Bolt Release Versa Max Tactical Bolt Release. There are plenty of things in the woods that are black, so the color doesn’t stand out. After a few hundred rounds, you see a light dusting of carbon on the forearm where the gases are vented near the front of the receiver. If you took my Versa Max out of the safe, you’d see it is well used. If you remove the shell stop. However, that doesn’t have to limit its capabilities. If you want to load fast there are a coupe things that I ave found are needed. Clear editor. This gun was designed for competition, home defense, and tactical uses in mind. The load port will need to be opened up. This shotgun doesn’t walk up or bounce around while shooting. One challenge with this particular Versa Max is the long spring that comes with it can’t hold more than 3, 3½” shells without causing failure to the long magazine tube spring. Learn how your comment data is processed. My trophy weighed 22″ and had a 10″ plus an 8″ beard along with 1″ spurs. By this time, I heard a group of hens join the toms, and the competition heated up. Upload or insert images from URL. The Versa Max is self-regulating, doing it all internally. The piston is scraped every time it cycles so that the carbon build-up is minimal. Heavy knurling reduces the chance of your fingers or hand slipping off the charging handle while charging the weapon during a stress fire situation or when wearing gloves. With the ability to change the chokes, this gun can go from shooting a match to the turkey woods with ease. The self-cleaning aspect means it doesn’t allow build-up. Since I can’t hunt this field, I made my way down to the end, I heard the gobbles and moved back to my side of the property. I slipped around to a spot, down the hill from my neighbor’s land, where the birds were hanging out. Most people look at it and think of just another “evil black gun.” It inspires visions of clearing your house, hearing a bump in the night or breaching a door with the rest of SWAT. It comes with a ton of extras and features you would have to add aftermarket to similar class shotguns, making it a great buy. When it comes to turkey hunting, this isn’t an issue since no one normally carries more than three shells in the gun to turkey hunt (some states even require this). The back side of the button is dimpled in the center and centers the drill bit perfectly. Even more of an accomplishment to me, I used my “Tactical” Remington Versa Max successfully to hunt a big game animal. I’ve been told there are aftermarket springs that match the length and are heavier duty to handle a full six rounds in the tube. Best of all, it is as versatile as it claims. Sometimes Bigger Is Better!!! With this load, I can get 10 to 15 pellets in the turkey kill zone out to 80 yards. I'd like to run an Arredondo button so I can contour/stiple easily.   Pasted as rich text. I'm looking at setting up a Versamax Sportsman for 3-gun. I'd like to run an Arredondo button so I can contour/stiple easily. The gun is made for versatility by adding an oversized bolt release, bolt release button, and trigger guard to be used with gloves. If the bolt lock back durring a stage your not paying attintion to your shooting and loading. I bought a Carlson turkey choke and decided to add a cheap Sightmark red dot to help me pattern and aim in low light. The receiver comes drilled and tapped for the Picatinny rail, which makes it easy to add an optic. Catch up on all the latest articles in our Blog. It is a one size fits all versatile tool that protects and feeds my family.

The heart of the gun is Remington’s Versa Port system. CMC Triggers Releases their Enhanced BCG for 6mm ARC, Rainier Arms Walkers Ear & Eye Protection, Recognize Kindness: News from the Tango Yankee Project, Prepping, Not Just for the Fringes Anymore – Part Three, Prepping, Not Just for the Fringes Anymore – Part Two, Prepping, Not Just for the Fringes Anymore – Part One, Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) – An Addiction is Born. You add an adjustable gas block to turn the gas pressure down in order to bring the cyclic rate back to the normal speed.

The turkey I shot was over 60 yards away, and the first shot was mortal. Powered by Invision Community, remington has a 100 dollar rebate right now. I love to hunt. It uses the ProBore Choke system and includes a length of pull kit, three different interchangeable sights, a Picatinny rail receiver mount, and two choke tubes.

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