pathfinder 2e magic items

Before attempting the first challenge, the PCs purchase the initial materials by spending 25% of the item’s market price. An item is only worth two times what the caster of the lowest possible level can make it for. In order to create the item, you need to harness a particular raw emotion. See the individual descriptions for details.

For melee classes, Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier is pretty great (even better if you took the Fate's Favored trait). Some of the most important components of your item are extremely fragile. Item switches to a random item of the same type or slot, but of lesser value. In any case, after years of being limited to one measly attack, it may be hard to remember the new opportunities in 2e combat. (That is, that spell slot is expended from the caster’s currently prepared spells, just as if it had been cast.).

Time Required Crafting magic armor requires one day for each 1,000 gp value of the base price. Consult a Dictionary Linguistics DC 15 + item’s caster level, Make Up Your Own Big Words Use Magic Device DC 20 + item’s caster level. The GM can create her own challenges, and should consider the DCs of the challenge’s tasks when deciding adjustments. Either choose an appropriate type or roll one randomly on the ranger’s favored enemy list. Critical Success Seller’s market. While item creation costs are handled in detail below, note that normally the two primary factors are the caster level of the creator and the level of the spell or spells put into the item.

The price of horseshoes of speed is 3,000 gp, increased by 50% for the multiple different abilities rule to 4,500 gp. Critical Failure Disaster. Magic supplies for items are always half of the base price in gp. However, game balance for the default campaign experience expects you and all other PCs to be close to the listed wealth values, so the GM shouldn’t just let you craft double the normal amount of gear. Molting: Scaled skin covers this item, and the item occasionally sheds the skin and grows a new one. She also needs a supply of materials, the most obvious being the item itself or the pieces of the item to be assembled. This damage isn’t multiplied on a critical hit.

You put the finishing touches on the item. This decision does not affect the price or the creation time, but once the item is finished, the decision is binding. Skill(s) Required: Spellcraft, Craft (jewelry), Craft (sculptures), or Profession (woodcutter). Creating some weapons may entail other prerequisites beyond or other than spellcasting. But if the result says to decrease the time by 3 days, the PC is instead able to attempt the final challenge immediately. I need help updating the site!If you can help, please send me a message. The Gamemaster should roll on the table below to determine which challenges the player characters face while making the item. This doesn’t seem to square with the CLs listed for specific magic items; for instance, a belt of giant strength +2 has CL 8th, but the only spell required in its creation, bull’s strength, has a minimum caster level of 3.

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