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Transmission received**Martian digging pod No.9168* Next Wednesday will be the day I finally retire to my home, Callisto. [4] The introduction of a number of optional puzzles, solvable via the use of bombs, is also new to Super Motherload.

you can only sell ore and buy items at the surface. Super Motherload is a video game for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC created by XGen Studios and released on November 15, 2013. Also, every few challenges you get better equipment to make goal reachable. Better Hulls grant more health before dying. If you save, load again, then receive another message, this might happen again, and there is no way to fix this without beating the boss and loading a new level. So there are in total 99 levels. Bronzium). The altimeter depth limit is not actually -5812 ft.

and -7,300ft. To "win" the game, you must kill Satan, known to you as Mr. Natas (Satan spelled backwards) at the depth of approximately -7300 ft. Once you enter, the depth will change to -66666, as a reference to Satan's evil number.

The game can be beaten more than once, but your inventory resets between beating the game. Minerals may be sold at the surface in order to upgrade your drilling vehicle, allowing you to go deeper and collect more rare and valuable ores. If you run out of fuel, your digger explodes and you die (game over).

[14],, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from October 2017, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Articles using Video game reviews template in single platform mode, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 September 2019, at 07:54. Better Engines allow faster movement and ability to fly upwards with more weight (minerals). There are more valuable (and heavier) ores as you go deeper into the mine.

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Fall damage occurs when your machine falls from a high height, causing your pod to fall fast. [6] However, IGN was less impressed, citing "simple and repetitious" gameplay. Imagine all the things I'm going to … A rare glitch can be seen sometimes where a block of soil appears to be irregular, and once you get near or at it, it is revealed to be a mineral, or normal soil. Better Cargo Bays allow you to store more minerals before you have to either dump them or return to surface to sell them.

The Hyper-Drive gives you infinite free teleports to the surface (press M).

The maximum height where you don't get fall damage is 24 ft.(just under two levels). Once all max upgrades have been obtained, you can gather more money in order to buy a lot of bombs, repair nanobots, and reserve fuel tanks in order to kill Satan. You can play Motherload 98 more times after you defeated the Devil aka Mr. Natas in levels. To prepare for this, dig down until you cannot dig any further, then reach the right-most side of the map using whatever equipment necessary. When this happens, you have to re-start the battle all over again. Return to the surface and purchase around 50 or so of Repair Nanobots and Plastic Explosives each, as well as several fuel tanks to sustain yourself for the fig… The pod will be invisible, but smoke trails might be seen.

The upgrade will be saved with your game until you defeat Mr. Natas and start a new level, however the MultiDrill is permanent, as long as you didn't quit the game between getting the multi-drill and beating the boss. ^Can buy more than 1 of each type of equipment at any time and does not weigh your pod down.

(This is quite harder than it seems.).

[12], The PS4 version of Super Motherload has generally received mixed to positive reception. You have to dig ores and sell them to raise cash, which you use to buy fuel, digger upgrades, explosives, and other supplies. ^^^^Dynamite, Plastic Explosives, Quantum Teleporter and Matter Transmitter can only be used if you are touching the floor of a level. A maximum of 26 may be mined in one vein, though the actual number varies considerably and can give as little as just 1. This was later fixed and you can leave the boss area and go back to normal mode. Sometimes, it is just empty space. It is -5812.5 ft, and since the game uses a round down basis(as mentioned above), it is possible to see '-5813 ft' in the altimeter when you hover.

XGen Studios Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Miner: The main character.

You also get a Devil's head for each time you kill him. The Emendation Station will repair damage, including fall damage, at the rate of $35 per HP. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Materials "teleported" still have weight. Each time you start a new game or load a previous save, 1 random Ancient Scroll will appear.

(In just a matter of minutes, this user achieved an altitude of greater than +100000 ft in the sky and there was no altimeter malfunction throughout the flight; and note that this value is beyond the absolute value of the -66666 at which Satan is found.).

Radiators decrease damage done by drilling into Lava and Gas pockets.

If you enter the fighting arena, but do not beat the boss, the game might think it is still in fight mode, and the health bar will remain there, and the ground will shake with an evil laugh from Mr. Natas. Motherload is a delightful game similar to the arcade classic "Dig Dug". : The background colors cycle through various shades and brightnesses of blue (from white to black, then back again), but no irregular or special events happen.

There is an extremely rare glitch where, you beat the boss and the screen turns gold, but it wouldn't freeze and give you money for selling bits of the devil's parts. ^^Cannot repair/refuel up to more than the maximum statistic that you are restoring of your current upgrade, ^^^Minerals and Rare Items in the area of the blast will be destroyed. (This is quite harder than it seems.), Repairs 30 damage (Restores 30hp to Hull)^^, Teleports and launches you up or down near the surface (damage to hull almost definate), Teleports you safely next to the Fuel Station. Super Motherload is a video game for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC created by XGen Studios and released on November 15, 2013. Rubies, Diamonds, and Amazonite may spawn at surface level at extremely rare occasions. Challenges are, as name suggests, are levels where you have a target to achieve. Motherload is a delightful game similar to the arcade classic "Dig Dug". The game is set on Mars, where the player controls a futuristic drilling machine.

The player controls him/her through the game. There are six levels of fall damage, with the least being 3 HP(25~36 ft) and the maximum being 8 HP(above 580 ft).

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