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RELATED: 10 Old Wrestling Video Games Actually Worse Than WWE 2K20. Please use this thread to post and discuss what you have been doing with WWE 2K20's Universe Mode. Match limits for all shows have also been increased from seven to nine, giving players more options in casting cards and making each show filled with excitement.

Initially, the reception for the rivalries felt as if nothing had been changed from the previous edition. Like how we found out last year that backlash was on the first Sunday of the universe mode. However, following some updates, players can now have an in-depth experience when engaged in a rivalry. Users can also assign their favorite superstars as champions, or strip their least favorite star of their title, resulting in an overall more immersive experience. Archived. In particular I've been loving the ability to book shows and title runs via Universe Mode.

". Titles Matches have now been boosted to seven rather than the previous six, however, these must take place at a major show. Some fans may want to bring back the hardcore championship belt to add a new twist to their shows. Players can also have certain matches exclusively for that pay-per-view event, i.e. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

The unofficial hub for discussion of the WWE2K series and any other pro wrestling game out there! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

This also gives players the liberty of assigning certain championships to specific brands i.e. Every WWE fan at one point has fantasized over creating their own personalized card filled with their favorite superstars, and card building allow players to do just that. I have recently began my 2K20 Universe Mode and I had my first successful PPV Weekend. However, I noticed that the Universe Mode calendar just seems to end after Wrestlemania. In previous editions, players had limited options when selecting a promo, leaving them bored and uninterested. NEXT: WWE 2K: 10 Legends Who Haven’t Been In A Game, Yet. Belts may also be replaced with the former version if players prefer. Players also have access to the massive 2K community library that has countless rosters for players to download. Web based wrestling match & wrestling federation simulator with show, ppv and tv show creator, draft and tools for free

". Try to tell us about the …

However, in Universe Mode, players can now have access to the entire library of WWE brands. The ability to move superstars up and down for title contention allows for players to have a greater variety of main events. 6. The rankings can flow as they normally would.

This problem was addressed in recent game updates, adding 3,040 new promo lines. The rivalries can vary in intensity depending on how you want your character to interact with other superstars on the roster, while tag team partners can have a fallout over a series of weeks. On one video I managed to find the calendar till September. Others might want to incorporate former championship belts into current shows to help add to rivalries. Fernando graduated from Sonoma State University in the spring of 2019 with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications and Media Studies.

Players can now have control over what the superstar can wear along with their general interactions.

NXT Takeover and SummerSlam were both really fun, but now that I am on the RAW after the PPV, but I feel like I don’t know how to craft actual stories. Unfortunately, the latest installment was riddled with glitches, clunky gameplay, bad animation, and felt as if the game was just a patch of the previous version. For the most part, the game mode has been one of the more neglected areas in recent memory, but this year it was given some much-needed improvements. Feel free to steal and give me ideas what to add (btw the calendar says 2017, that was a mistake lol) Close. In April 2020 WWE announced that it planned to cancel the latest edition of WWE 2K. Posted by 11 months ago. Building off what players can do within their respective rivalries, they can also build relationships with other superstars in the form of tag teams or factions. The unofficial hub for discussion of the WWE2K series and any other pro wrestling game out there! The first week of June has a NXT Takeover, then in August it’s Summerslam I think 3 weeks in (might be wrong with date) and then HIAC in September. Same here. Royal Rumble match happening only at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

WWE video games and show branding have been a common theme dating back to the early days of Smackdown vs Raw. Well in Universe Mode, fans can make their dreams come true. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, The 10 Most Overpushed WWE Superstars Each Year In The '90s, The 10 Coolest Things You Can Do In WWE 2K20's Universe Mode, riddled with glitches, clunky gameplay, bad animation, 10 Old Wrestling Video Games Actually Worse Than WWE 2K20, Ranking Every WWE Video Game Of The Past Decade, From Worst To Best, WWE 2K22: 5 Features We Want Included (5 Things Need To Avoid), WWE 2K: 10 Legends Who Haven’t Been In A Game, Yet, 10 Wrestlers Who Don't Get Along With Eric Bischoff (& Why), The Young Bucks: Their 10 Best Matches, Ranked, Survivor Series: 5 Reasons The Concept Is Outdated (& 5 Reasons It's Still Relevant), Cody Rhodes & 9 Other Wrestlers Who Started Their Own Promotions, Undertaker's Last 10 Survivor Series Matches Ranked From Worst To Best, 10 Wrestlers Who Were Betrayed By Triple H, 10 Good Wrestlers Stuck With Bad Gimmicks, 10 Wrestlers Who Led Stables In Two Promotions, 10 Incredible Stories About The Iron Sheik We Can't Believe, 5 Female Wrestlers Who Were Better As A Heel Champion (& 5 Who Were Better As A Face), 10 Times Family Members Faced Off In Title Matches, 10 Best Quotes From The Undertaker, Ranked, 10 Tag Teams Who Won Titles As Both Babyfaces & Heels, Never Say Never: 10 Wrestlers Who Returned From Retirement, 10 Ways WWE Could Boost Its Tag Team Division, Shotgun Saturday Night & 9 Other Wrestling Shows You Forgot Existed.

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