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mystery and thriller, Summit Entertainment, | Rating: 3/5 IMDb Instead of asking you to input ratings or to tell it what movies you like, IMDb automatically recommends similar films to the movie you search for. 2009 science fiction thriller film directed by Alex Proyas and starring Nicolas Cage. Once you rate 15 movies, it returns recommendations that, based on my testing, were quite accurate and certainly more relevant than results from Netflix. Christopher Nolan's 2010 heist movie, Inception, doesn't profile itself as a thriller or a spy movie but it includes elements of both these genres. If you don't know what to watch Friday night, look no further than this list of the top movie recommendation engines on the Web. Browse our selection of genres and decades to find hidden movie gems or rediscover old time classics. Stuck for ideas of what to watch next?

0/54 likes in common. the birth of Knowing. 2. Although not a great movie, this is nonetheless a good film, well worth your time. Mixing Spielbergian child-like wonder, disaster movie spectacle and the cod-religious silliness of M Night Shyamalan's 'Signs'. 6.

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Few movies have captured the fun, zany spirit of 1950s pulp while also managing to be so, well, good. Its atmosphere might be a bit distant, detached, and cold for some of the viewers but the times that the story portrays were tough and the screenplay doesn't bother to sugarcoat the reality. … Top 10 movie recommendation engines. But there's a big old european festival, and some early 20's kids, and that's enough to get the stew going.

However, it's still close enough to the genre to satisfy even the most demanding audience members. The series has two parts so far but a lot of the fans consider the first movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), to be better than the sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017). Argo is based on a true story that makes it slightly different from the rest of the movies on this list but it still deserves a spot here. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. The Mission: Impossible film franchise starring Tom Cruise is beloved and held in high esteem. |, March 27, 2009 . It's easy to use, but it's not the best way to get movie recommendations. Discuss: Top 10 movie recommendation engines. The impressively grim finale ensures that Knowing ultimately ends on a decidedly memorable note... A damned entertaining movie despite the fact that it stars Nicholas Cage. Escape Artists, April 3, 2009 |, September 13, 2020

The Negotiator. It might not have the fight scenes of the Mission: Impossible franchise but that's more than made up for by its nailbiting tension. But the site goes well beyond a simple results page. Go into the film with an open mind, and you might enjoy it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to or Follow kevin blake @blakeyatwork. Director Alex Proyas, who has experience in the Sci Fi genre, helms the project, and through his lens, he captures a good atmosphere that is engaging, but does lack in terms of unrealized potential. 3. |, March 27, 2009 Matt Damon may have started out by writing comedies but he later proved that he has a much richer acting range. If you have any questions regarding this website then please get in touch with us by visiting our contact page and filling in the form. Although not a great movie, this film definitely doesn't deserve the negativity it has received. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Join our community of taste explorers to save your discoveries, But what it lacks in beauty, it makes up for with a great recommendation engine that evaluates your tastes based on ratings to films you've seen before. Sign up here. | Rating: 2/5 The newest movie is no different and showcases that, like Tom Cruise, Damon has many … Walmart's Black Friday sale is happening now. If you really like "The Godfather," Taste Kid fills you in on what kind of bands you'll like to listen to, books you'll want to read, and "other stuff" that's related to that film.

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