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The NAZIs and the Soviets were allowed to take the spoils of war. His execution by firing squad in Italy was the final page in the story of a horrific war crime ordered by Dostler some 21 months earlier—the murder of 15 American soldiers who had been captured behind enemy lines. A lone man refusing to do the Nazi salute, 1936, The discovery of Tutankhamun in color pictures, 1922, When women were judged by the attractiveness of their ankles, 1930-1953, Samuel Reshevsky, age 8, defeating several chess masters at once in France, 1920, Father stares at the hand and foot of his five-year-old, severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota, Belgian Congo, 1904, Adolf Hitler's eye color in a rare color photo. The execution closely adhered to War Department regulations, which provided clear and detailed instructions for carrying out the sentence. Similarly, the following are not considered spies: Soldiers and civilians, carrying out their mission openly, entrusted with the delivery of despatches intended either for their own army or for the enemy’s army. .

They were captured and upon learning of their mission, Dostler ordered their execution without trial.

It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Peter Emmerich, illustrator; in 2001 created the iconic "Mickey Salutes America" image featuring Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. He faced a possible death sentence at a military commission appointed by General Joseph T. McNarney, the Army’s commanding general in the Mediterranean Theater.

Soon after arriving in La Spezia, the captured Americans were interrogated in English by Korvettenkapitän Friedrich Klaps, commander of the small Abwehr (German military intelligence) station in La Spezia, and his assistant, Oberleutant zur See Georg Sessler. Head wounds are extremely bloody and gory. The Wehrmacht sacked him, but did not prosecute him, for his scruples. They were neither tried, nor given any hearing. Originally published in the November 2010 issue of Military History. BTW the germans raped a hell of a lot of women in every country they defeated. No one seems to remember who started that war, and when I think of how not just Jewish people but all races but German would be dead or inba camp or used for an experiment. The prosecution countered that the execution of POWs without trial was an egregious violation of the law of war, inexcusable by the “defense of superior orders.” Roche and Andress added that Dostler’s reliance on the Fuhrerbefehl as a defense was misplaced: Since the Germans had not killed the Ginny saboteurs or immediately turned them over to the Sicherheitsdienst at the time of their capture, Dostler was, in fact, disobeying Hitler’s order. The U.S. soldiers were wearing proper military uniforms and carried no civilian or enemy clothing … The Germans dumped the bodies in an unmarked mass grave. In Nazi Germany all orders ultimately flowed back to Hitler, and it was convenient to argue that individual accused had no personal responsibility in this context. This order was an implementation of Hitler’s secret Commando Order of 1942, which required the immediate execution without trial of commandos and saboteurs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dostler's body immediately after execution. Click for larger image, or. The purpose of loading a blank is so that none of the other soldiers in the squad know which one of them had the blank in their rifle. Your email address will not be published. Subsequently he commanded the 57th Infantry Division (1941–42), the 163rd Infantry Division (1942) and, after some temporary stand-ins at corps, was appointed commander of 75th Army Corps (Jan-July 1944) in Italy and then commander of the Venetian Coast (Sept-Nov 1944), when its name was reassigned to 73rd Army Corps, where he finished the war. Probably because the Hague convention requires a formal declaration of War and this is, studiously, avoided by the current stock of politicians - for a number of reasons.. M1917 Endfields were issued for firing squads after and during WWII. Original black and white photograph. [1][2] Their objective was to demolish a tunnel at Framura on the important railway line between La Spezia and Genoa.

On December 1, 1945, German General Anton Dostler was shot by the American military at Aversa, Italy, for war crimes. Unfortunately AK-47 will cycle with blank ammo!

On Dec. 1, 1945, General Anton Dostler, his head shrouded in a black hood as required by military regulations, died instantly.

For further reading, Fred L. Borch recommends: Anatomy of Perjury, by Richard Raiber, and the United Nations War Crimes Commission’s Law Reports of Trials of War Criminals. Later that day Dostler sent a telegram to the 135th (Fortress) Brigade passing on the order that the captured commando party was to be executed, in line with the Commando Order of 1942 issued by Adolf Hitler, which ordered the immediate execution without trial of all enemy commandos and saboteurs taken prisoner by the Wehrmacht in the field. His immediate superior was the commander of the 75th Army Corps—Dostler. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! We might lose and then you gentlemen might find yourselves sitting where this man is now sitting…, If we find this man guilty because of political pressure or because he lost the war and is in our power, we might as well not have won the war. And anyone who wishes they would've succeeded, can go to hell with the rest of them! is brought to you by Historynet LLC, the world's largest publisher of history magazines. If uniformed, they were entitled to prisoner of war status; if not, then a summary execution might have been (however repugnant) permissible. They asked Dostler to reconsider his order or at least stay the execution. General Dostler was following “Hitler’s Commando Order” which required the execution of all captured saboteurs. The defense of superior orders was not without merit. … also with some stories from 1945 (75 years ago) until September …. Dostler’s scenario therefore raised interesting questions of war crimes law, jurisdiction … and politics. he would have died a whole lot earlier. * Dostler was the first German general tried by an American military commission, and the first put to death for war crimes. Dostler joined the German army in 1910 and served as a junior officer during World War I. Required fields are marked *, © Copyright 2020 :: All Rights Reserved :: A WordPress joint Theme originally by WarAxe at Negative99, modified by Brian at Logjamming Contact the Headsman, Gen. Dostler readied for execution, from the U.S. National Archives. Rubbish! Part of the Daily Double: Lesser War Criminals. Others then placed the rifles at random in a holding rack, from which each member of the detail chose a weapon. The trial found General Dostler guilty of war crimes, rejecting the "superior orders" defense. Definitely. The Military Commission also rejected his plea for clemency, declaring that the mass execution of the commando party was in violation of Article 2 of the 1929 Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War, which prohibited acts of reprisals against prisoners of war. General Anton Dostler used the same excuse given by every German who committed a War Crime, "I was only following orders from my superiors"!

* A description of the attempted operation, with helpful maps, is here (pdf). Next time we let the Nazis have your country. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Their bodies were buried in a mass grave that was afterwards camouflaged. On 22 March 1944, 15 soldiers of the U.S. Army, including two officers, landed on the Italian coast about 15 kilometers north of La Spezia, 400 km (250 miles) behind the then established front, as part of Operation Ginny II. Aim. Your email address will not be published. Finally, the order stated that if Allied commandos fell into German military hands “through different channels (for example, through the police in occupied territories),” they could not be kept, even temporarily. The person who has the blank knows who fired the blank, due to the night-and-day difference in felt recoil. Many of those would never get off the ground if a “superior orders” plea could work for someone as high-ranking as a general — or if the first war crimes trial out of the gate resulted in an acquittal. The 75th Army Corps commander replied later that day: The Americans were to be shot before 7 the next morning, March 26. the Fuhrerbefeh1 which was laying in front of me listed the various categories of operations which may come under the Fuhrerbefehl. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. Those participating in the execution appreciated its historic significance; Army Signal Corps photographers and a film crew arrived to record it. Russo realized too late he had been duped. Then, with the firing party lined up some 50 feet from the post to which Dostler was secured, the officer in charge gave the command to fire.

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