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), Hi Tom, very interesting article. Love your site it’s been invaluable in my tour planning. Do you think that would require more (complicated) maintenance?

Interesting that it looks as if 26″ wheels will remain relevant. Don’t believe i’ve ridden any another frame that is as comfortable as the Thorn for long days in the saddle. getting ready for a st malo — malaga ride in the spring and am looking at the Specialized Awol: http://www.specialized.com/gb/gb/bikes/road/awol.

We all had steel frames and we all managed to continue riding. What do you think about Surly ECR?

My wife and I are looking to buy touring bikes. Great article Tom, I suspect most of us spend too much money on our bikes.

I pulled an old green Chicago Schwinn Varsity off the trash when I was in High School, fixed it up and rode it for a long time. I am concern if i will go for normal touring bike riding will be bit boring. A disc brake-equipped version is available too. If you are running Shimano gearing,chain etc make sure the jockey wheels are not a 3rd party set, if so, buy Shimano ones, they work better than others. Regarding derailleur and Rohloff gears — derailleurs have certainly stood the test of time, though newer sets with more gears may be more finicky than older versions. Tossing them around and hammering up climbs is not really part of the touring style — taking it slow and steady, especially uphill, is what allows you to reach the end of a day with a hundred k on the clock. You’re right about the saddle, but I can’t remember buying a single bike for which I didn’t replace it! I only wish I could match them  They’re great bikes, just go get it and ride.

Chances are you’ve already got your mind set on a product, which is why you’re looking for Dawes Galaxy Cromo 2017 Touring Bike | Black reviews. On paper it looks like a pretty decent European-style ‘trekking bike’ – the adjustable stem and the Magura hydraulic rim brakes remind me of some better known German and Dutch models. Cable maintenance is easier as well. I am planning a touring for next year, I was thinking to get a bicycle with a 29’‘ rim using a 28c tyre, i also plan to use mavic hubs, but i am not sure how tough a mavic hub can be on long touring distances, i guess i may not have problems as far i get some spare bearings and parts for the hubs. I’m based in HK and so unfortunately won’t be able to test-ride either of them (only a narrow window in London and they have to be ordered in advance), but if you say that the specs are identical then it makes the decision a bit easier — comes down to the aesthetics now! (2021 Edition), The Curious Truth About How Bicycle Touring Extends Your Life, 8 Simple Tricks To Stay Warmer When Camping In Winter, How To Build The Ultimate Round-The-World Expedition Touring Bike (With Pictures), There Is No Better Time To Be Planning Your Next Dream Cycling Adventure, A Massive List Of Expedition Touring Bikes For Round-The-World Rides. The Shimano chain sets used on the Galaxy and Super Galaxy have ratios of 48/36/26 and the nine speeds rear cog is 11-32, giving a low gear of 21.5”, which should get you up any gradient. hope you can help! Thank you for a great summary (and much a much broader one than mine! Is this still current? Manufactured in the far east, but sold mainly in the UK, they come equipped with rear carriers (also known as “racks”), mudguards (“fenders”), bottle cages and are fitted with a group set that, even at the lowest price point, is capable of handling any terrain.

I do also think, though, that there’s room for everyone to have their own way of approaching the situation — a new bike might be what takes someone from a dreamer to a die-hard cycle tourer — and for another person, the love that goes into a rebuild of a completely unique vintage bike may achieve the same thing.

you get an better idea about radnabels atl’s watching these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZgX6zIViBY I wonder why Rocky Mountain haven’t fitted a rack to this bike — I know people can be picky about racks, but I do think touring bikes at this level should be ready to tour off-the-peg as well. It does seem unusual that one of the most reputable high-end touring bikes would develop such a fault in the first place, however. The parts on the complete one wasn´t what i had in mind so i bought the frame and fork for 380 €. I am considering buying the Windsor Tourist, I have read a few of the CrazyGuyOnaBike website journals where the tourists used them. So, the ultimate all-round tourer *is* a 26 inch wheel frame with geometry which looks like my many-times-earmarked-for-the-skip, first generation, double-butted cro-mo mid-80s MTB that’s in the shed? Go for it or not ? Anyway, thanks for the advice, think I got a bargain. i do suffer from groin pains riding on my dawes upride racing bike within 30–45 min. Your email address will not be published.

You will (eventually) get from A to B on the rusty heap that’s been sat in the garage for the last decade. I’ve recently purchased a Cinelli Hobooleg for £1100, although I’ve only been using it for my 10 mile commute so far I’m very happy with it.

We can’t speak too highly of the Rohloff hubs.…just fantastic. Perhaps a question to be considered here is, “why are top-end touring bike (and some MTB) manufacturers using Rohloff hubs?” Presumably the perceived reliability is a part of the answer to that? The score is designed to give you a quick reference way of deciding if Dawes Galaxy Cromo 2017 Touring Bike | Black is the right product for you, or if you should keep looking elsewhere. Steve. Good to see you passing on your knowledge.

More info, ALL OF OUR STORES REMAIN OPEN DURING LOCKDOWN. Here in Bogota, these types of cargo racks (http://bogotacity.olx.com.co/biciclta-panadera-iid-578339198) are very popular and they can definately hold a bunch of weight (they usually come in black). nice bike, but limited in size. The below information relates to the 2020 Galaxy. Admittedly it is possible with them fitted the level can be pressed right onto the bars, but by that time you would be over the handle bars. It took a little time and patience but in the process I learned how to fix just about everything on the bike. The only gripe I have with it is that the original gearset doesn’t have quite a low enough first gear for the hills in Albuquerque, but when I get back to Chicago next week it should be just fine again.

When’s The Right Time To Go Cycle Touring Or Bikepacking? It has shorter chainstays than my old galaxy but still has plenty of heel clearance fitted with ortlieb classic panniers. For a trip to the south of Spain pretty much any bike will do, as long as it fits you and it can carry your luggage! Anne Mustoe’s book ‘A Bike Ride’ and her other books which followed are available from Amazon and are well worth a read by anybody with an interest in bicycle touring. I read a few blogs on crazyguyonabike.com and with off road touring the LHT(or disc version) needs welding. Overall this is the nicest bike I have ever ridden, it is adjusted to perfection and feels really well sorted definately a subtle but noticeable upgrade from the T1000, How does an older mid range tourer like the Cannondale T1000 or T2000 compare with today’s mid range tourers like the Surly LHT or Daws Super Galaxy, To be honest I would be really confident that my Cannondale could tackle a more adventurous tour than I have tried, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – that sums up any longer and more detailed response I could come up with! Thrown out! Cons: Less efficient to actually operate; inexperienced users whack their knees on them. It however takes time. I’ve asked myself many times, ‘why did I bother spending all that money in the first place?’ The BMC paid out £250 in insurance btw. Still pretty well perfect for my long but slow road trips. Thanks Tom for all your great articles. . . I am loving the Sutra. On our trip to India, one of our group bought a $100 bike off craigslist in Vancouver. Dawes Galaxy Cromo 2017 Touring Bike Quality Score – 96%. The Nomad is like a two wheeled tank, bit heavy, but can carry loads and tackle almost everything thrown at it. I haven’t included Thorn here as they’re a bit pricey for the mid-range, but I’ll do so in a future piece on higher end tourers…, No problem, really enjoyed the film on Tuesday in Leeds.

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