5e necromancer build

[…]. This lets the basic Animate Dead spell.

So, thanks to this ability, you get the effect of 2 level 3 Animate Deads at once. Get the Necromancy spells that you can’t be without, and just consider any ones you find in spellbooks on your journey a slightly cheap blessing. They are easily the strongest undead that cannot repeat the saving throw.

We're looking to resurrect stories of how you've done things as a necromancer.

Talk to your GM to see if something like that would work… And maybe make sure the Druid is a safe distance away. A dark elf, with access to faerie fire and being naturally charismatic may also be interesting grave friends. In a pinch, you could also use your friends as “batteries” and heal from them.

What is definitely useful is Vedalken Dispassion, allowing you advantage on any mental saving throw. Thousands of adventurer's agree that we have the best. You could hop through planes and the universe, and that one Wraith you tried to command is still immune. Getting hit at all still puts you in rough shape, and the necrotic damage that normally comes with max HP damage is gonna still take a chunk outta you. Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to copy a Necromancy spell into your spellbook is halved. Use 3rd, 4th, and 5th level spell slots to animate/maintain these bones as well as others. You’ll be shocked to see how effective your zombie army is when they are both tankier, deal more damage, and get one extra body on each cast! Whenever you create an undead using a necromancy spell, it has additional benefits: The health scaling is a bit rough, but 20 health at level 20 is not ineffective. For example, if you have an on-level Wight encounter, having your max HP be reduced can end you instantly, with the right combination of crits and poor saves. This ability is pretty awesome! And, when you create undead with better spells, they’ll be even more effective on the battlefield. This’ll be split into two parts. The bonus to damage is the real meat of the ability! Learn more with our Kensei Monk 5E Guide. At level 20, your undead abominations gain a +6 bonus to damage, which is insanely high. Check out Helga's. Most GMs won’t let you have the creature sit still and beat it to death, but… You might get away with it. The total number of creatures is 1 + (2x[Spell Level-3]). Now… We have a bit of a problem. Wights make zombies under their control, which adds to your army. Advantage would be bad enough, but at high enough int, you get monsters that get advantage and roll that advantage hourly. We’ve talked about how your friends can help carry supplies, right?

At 2nd level, you gain the ability to … If you’re wanting to summon an undead horde, then this is. Barbarian like some help? This sadly doesn’t work on Cantrips, since they’re spell level 0. On the bright side, if you want to cheese this, you don’t.

You also get even better proficiency in some Intelligence and Wisdom skills, adding 1d4 to rolls with your chosen ability. This is also one of the few abilities that literally just says “you can’t use this feature on it again.” That’s actually hilarious. Would raise dead again! You’ll actually need to learn some good damaging options if you want to use this heal. Now… Problems. And if you kill them then you get more healing! This is pretty great!

A great spell for this is Evard’s Black Tentacles, as the damage is done to a creature at the start of it’s turn.

And almost anything can be undead if a Wizard’s insane enough! The creature adds your proficiency bonus to its weapon damage rolls. This will also let you theoretically have one weak-willed (but strong-muscled) Undead be your permanent bodyguard.

I would suggest considering the Summon Undead Spirit spell (if your GM allows you to explore UA content! Perhaps, like most assume, the Wizard is desperate for power and wants unintelligent muscle – or, I suppose, bones. You’re probably not too happy that this ability doesn’t offer a replacement for if you already had Animate Dead. spells that can kill people are valid here; learn Fireball and Lightning Bolt, and you’ll steal heal for 6. Making undead friendly is actually really good, since they have really high CR monsters. share. This ability is a little weak. The creature’s hit point maximum is increased by an amount equal to your wizard level. That’s value! Negative Energy Flood can kill a creature. Mechanically, the Necromancy school is a defensive wizard subclass with some summoning buffs and utility. This is a great ability, but to make the most of it you’ll want to focus on ending things every turn, instead of all at once.

And hey, you even get proficiencies! Your army of darkness can also throw nets and incapacitate the enemy, which can be problematic. For you at least. They are great tactics to have your cold friends try to knock foes to the ground or give em a big ol hug. They surely won’t survive the onslaught of arrows, spells and steel for long without additional protection. It’s so rare that these don’t have a “long rest” limitation that just having a flat “no” is weird. Then consider the path of the Necromancer! I fully understand. Thanks to the second half of this ability, that’s well worth it. Advantage would be bad enough, but at high enough int, you get monsters that get advantage and roll that advantage hourly.

Sentry’s Rest is good flavor, and informs you if your Undead are hassled. Here is how you can make the most of your friends. Constructed Resilience and Integrated Protection boosts your survivability by a lot. They gain advantage, so use bestow curse if you have it. Learn both options with our Produce Flame 5E Guide. Your email address will not be published. You have spent so much time dealing with undead and the forces that animate them that you have become inured to some of their worst effects. During combat isn’t the time. Chain mail?

More interesting is the “hitpoint Maximum cannot be reduced.” This is one of the rarer effects in the game, but it can occasionally be terrifying.

Don’t like the enemy holding a piece of terrain, or other control related thing? 10/10. I’m going to assume a wizard from the next paragraph on, but you can also be a cleric, bard, paladin or warlock. The Wisdom’s nice for resisting mental spells, but isn’t too useful otherwise. But, trust me..

And, of course, Create Undead is a solid option later on. As an action, you can choose one undead that you can see within 60 feet of you. Assuming standard array your final ability scores should look like this: Choose a mummy lord. Remember, once dead you’re not bothered by poison, so any spells or things that involve poison won’t harm them. So when we pick a race we want something that helps us against magic or long range attacks. You can buy a bag of rats and summon a Flaming Sphere, killing one creature per round to regenerate for 1 minute. Remember, your friends can HELP others. Your actual level 2 ability is actually quite nice. But, waiting one level for a free spell learned is pretty solid for you.

The abilities aren’t exactly extreme, but you can get some mileage from the small amount of healing and undead army that you’ll summon. This ability is great, but it just has the problem of Necromancy being more of a debuff/summoning school.

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