gamefowl farms in louisiana

Kerry Robinson Gamefowl Farms in Mississippi He’s a Mississippi breeder and another student of Jumper with an impressive record of successes in Mexico and Philippines. Looking for the Best Gamefowl Farms in Texas?

Bacon Warhorse Reviews. Specializing in Old breeds and Bloodlines - Red Quil, Birchen Pumpkins, Mugs, Claret, Albany, McLanahan, Leipers, … We carry good ol’ bloodlines in all shapes and colors. Heartsurgeon Game Farm is located in the heart of Cajun country-South-West Louisiana.Our fowl are winning today,in major competition.We are a family operation.Not a real big farm,but,we breed quality-not quantity. We pride ourselves in raising high quality gamefowl and fine bloodlines. We have T-shirts and Vinyl decals for sale!

It was a very dark day in the gamefowl world. Emanuel Massa Another Louisiana breeder, successful

Heartsurgeon Game Farm is located in the heart of Cajun country-South-West Louisiana.Our fowl are winning today,in major competition.We are a family operation.Not a real …

Starting from our tribe in the Philippines to our family in Hawaii, we work hard in breeding to keeping our heritage alive; the “manoc”,”tade” and “bulangan” from our tribe are not forgotten.

The Massa Fowl are time tested and have proven to be of … . You never have too much of these things. He Johnnie was respected world-wide for his expertise in breeding some of the strongest, unsurpassed gamefowl in the industry. Huki Pau Gamefowl Farm is family owned and operated. Our birds are for show, sheer beauty, and breed enhancement only - NOT INTENDED FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES. Johnnie Jumper passed away on November 2, 2011. We have hitches, cords, swivels, and stakes.

Here are the current birds for sale in our yard. People have asked us – “What is the secret for raising the best gamefowl?”, The answer: “We all work together to get the job done – Huki Pau”.

We have a 36 acre farm located in Northeast Texas.
Home; Blog; Photos; Members; Contact Info; For Sale! Check out our Collections page to see our Old-family Broodfowl Bloodlines. All rights reserved ©2018 NOT FOR ILLEGAL USE. ALL FOWL ARE SOLD FOR BREEDING & SHOWING PURPOSES ONLY.

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