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My face hurt after smiling so much reading the Wedding Date. The story switches between the two main narrators, Alexa, a powerful lawyer now working for the mayor of Berkeley, and Drew, a powerful pediatrician, who spontaneously meet in a broken elevator (Shonda — produce this as a movie!

For the most part, this was compulsively readable but I felt this maybe dragged on a little too long in the middle. She’s a lawyer/chief of staff in the Berkeley mayor’s office and he’s a pediatric surgeon in LA. You can bet that Guillory’s second book, The Proposal, is already on my To-Read list. But Drew???????????????????? I'm about to give up on it. ROMANCE Alexa Monroe is a great heroine—smart, funny, and full of the anxieties women know intimately. There are, naturally, a million roadblocks between their first kiss and their happily-ever-after—how can American political royalty and actual British royalty ever be together? I do apologise for mistakes which you found on it. Hate to say it, but this book disappointed me so, so much. But after a few photo ops with Henry, Alex starts to realize that the passionate anger he feels toward him might be a cover for regular old passion. | Retrieve credentials. How can she save the endangered puffin sanctuary? Author: Jasmine Guillory web/@twitter/@instagram/facebook. After the wedding, they find themselves racking up the frequent flier miles as they make a go of dating long distance.

GENERAL ROMANCE Contemporary-A-Thon challenge #6: read a diverse contemporary -COMPLETE! Alexa Monroe is a great heroine—smart, funny, and full of the anxieties women know intimately. Mount Polbearne stories will delight—and new fans will find an easy, charming entry into the saga—as Polly, Huckle, and Neil (the puffin) return for the Christmas season. This snazzy book encapsulates a romcom that I kept imagining as a movie in my head (make this into a movie!

The Wedding Date, the debut novel from Jasmine Guillory, delighted me from start to finish! And the guy's a doctor! Alexa and Drew meet in an unconventional way. ROMANCE, by November is the time for aspiring writers to get serious about writing that book! And in a spur of the moment decision, Drew asks her to be his date to his ex’s wedding the next day. Another great book to read near Valentine's Day! The Wedding Date. ‧ One of the best books I’ve. Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry The Wedding Date is out January 30. Although the story’s premise might be a fantasy—it takes place in a world in which a divorced-mom Texan Democrat won the 2016 election—the emotions are all real. Just based on that, I’d pay to see this story on the big screen! Format: Paperback. Publication Date: 30 January 2018 by Berkley Books. This novel doesn't break ANY new romance ground, does it?

It’s the rom-com we’ve needed for awhile. The Wedding Date’s build is classic rom-com.

My rating makes me really sad because I had very high hopes for this novel. I love the way larra jean in touch with her... Blog Archive. The writing is stilted and awful. My face hurt after smiling so much reading the Wedding Date.

Alexa is a lawyer-turned–chief of staff for the mayor of Berkeley. Very adorable and sexy romance! Drew is a pediatric surgeon from LA in town for his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. They text, they travel, they eat, they have sex -a lot. wkwkwk. ‧ (May 4, 2017). In the book, Alexa has a thing for coffee and pink frosted doughnuts with sprinkles, so to celebrate the release, I made baked double chocolate donuts with strawberry glaze (the real stuff!). ( Log Out /  Fans of Colgan's (The Café by the Sea, 2017, etc.) bri is a twenty-something living in chicago. ( Log Out /  Jenny Colgan We’re glad you found a book that interests you! Magazine Subscribers (How to Find Your Reader Number). Alexa and Drew meet cute and get stuck temporarily in a hotel elevator in San Francisco.

September 19, 2020 ... it is actually a romance movie which i liked the most especially on the first session. DailyWaffle is lifestyle blog focused on food and books, or as we like to say, books and bites. Being stuck together leads to them going to a wedding together. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The characters are flat and have no chemistry. Welcome back. Instead of making uncomfortable chit-chat while waiting to be saved, they hit it off fantastically. RELEASE DATE: Feb. 6, 2018. But there's something about Drew Nichols that's too hard to resist. Categories: Romance ensues. When the two get stuck in an elevator in a San Francisco hotel, they unexpectedly hit it off, and Drew convinces Alexa to be his plus-one at the wedding, leading to a whole fake-relationship scheme.

After knowing each other for only a short time, he asks if she’d want to be his pretend girlfriend. It’s free and takes less than 10 seconds! (Side note, go add Thirst Aid Kit to your podcast catcher now.). As they face ups and downs, ultimately they must decide if they want to try to make a real relationship work. Alex and Henry must decide if they’ll risk their futures, their families, and their careers to take a chance on happiness. I loved that this got right into things and began with the wedding and then let us watch how things unfolded after the fake date. And how will Kerensa ever survive Reuben’s wrath if the baby turns out not to be his but some 6-foot-4 Brazilian man’s? | How can she know when her own father abandoned her before she was even born? Sweet little romantic novel. I had expected something MUCH better from a Roxanne Gay recommendation. The book is also unexpectedly raunchy, since Alexa and Drew’s connection starts as a purely physical one and they only later develop deeper feelings. She agrees because it’s only a couple days, and then he’ll fly back to LA while she stays in Bay Area. What follows are the twists and turns of trying to figure out the beginnings of situationship (not agreed to being a relationship at the beginning, but kinda spurred on by a random situation) and the anxieties that can play into entering an undefined repeated encounter with someone that you’re desperate for more of. She never asked him straight up what they were throughout the course of the novel, and in fairness to her, he never brought it up either, but in that moment he spelled it out for her plain and simple and it was so childish of her to run away from him.

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