what to sell to jaeger tarkov

So you should familiarize yourself with the traders, the flea market, and how you can get the most cash from both the traders, and other players.

made by Burris, Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle - ARCH (Jaeger - Level 3), Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle - AICS (Jaeger - Level 3), Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle - PRO (Jaeger - Level 4), Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle - MRS (Jaeger - Level 4), Tacfire Tanker style muzzelbrake for Mosin rifle, ProMag Archangel OPFOR PRS Mosin rifle stock, 7.62x54r ProMag OPFOR for Archangel Mosin rifle kit, 10-round capacity, The survivalist path. Most important thing about Escape from Tarkov isn’t the combat, the looting, running into raids or getting kills. the S I C C case, both of which are long, expensive yet good He guarded and guards, no matter what, his jaeger’s ground from various aggressive individuals." An easy way to do so is to buy something from them and sell it back to them. So instead of worrying let’s just move onto the next trader,

shouldn’t have any trouble leveling Mechanic as you can get most of 4) Mechanic. such as foregrips, suppressors and optics. and the HK416.

This however is unlocked at PMC level 10, so you still

Priozersky reserve selling, and you can make some massive bank. Loyalty Level game. https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Jaeger?oldid=133949. Next up is his associate, Therapist. traders. playing the game until you can get started with him. Skier. SKS internal box magazine 7.62x39, Izhmash 9x19 Saiga-9 muzzle brake/compensator, Tacfire Tanker style muzzlebrake for Mosin rifle, Burris FullField TAC 30 1-4x24 riflescope, Kiba Arms International SPRM mount for pump-action shotguns, Aim Sports "Tri-Rail" rail for Mosin rifle, 34mm one piece magmount made by Nightforce, Recoil pad from Aim Sports for Mosin rifle, 540mm barrel for MP-133 12ga shotgun with rib, 610mm barrel for MP-133 12ga shotgun with rib, Simonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62x39 Hunting Rifle Version, 7.62x51 metal magazine for VPO-101 and compatibles, 10-round capacity, 5-shot MC 20-01 Sb.3 20ga magazine for TOZ-106, Texas Precision Products muzzlebrake for Mosin rifle, FLIR RS-32 2.25-9x 35mm 60Hz thermal riflescope, 30mm ring-mount Remington integral for model 700 rifles, Delta-tek Sprut mount for pump-action shotguns, Stock adapter Tactica Tula 12003 for MP-133/153, 34mm one piece magmount made by I-E-A Mil Optics, 510mm barrel for MP-133 12ga shotgun with rib, Custom plastic MP-133 forestock with mounts, Saiga 12ga ver.10 12x76 assault rifle - NERFGUN, T-7 Thermal Goggles with Night Vision Mounts, 34mm one piece magmount made by Nightforce with a Multimount rail, 34mm one piece magmount made by Nightforce, 30mm ring-mount AR- P.E.P.R. As you level him up he’ll Comments for robots take a while, but it’s worth the money sink. x2 Classic matches Therapist LL1 Analgin painkillers Duct tape → Car first aid kit x1 Paid … And © 2020 Caffeinated Gamer Reliable Gaming News Site -, Customs Map Guide (New Players Guide) – Escape From Tarkov, Smoke Escape From Tarkov Settings, Keybinds & Setup, Will Escape From Tarkov Come To PS4 And Xbox One.

She Peacekeeper is our one of the easiest ways to level up your PMC, through the Gunsmith Note: To get access to Jaeger you need to complete the quest Introduction from Mechanic. If modifications and optics for weapons, but everything he sells mostly weapons here, from 5.45×39 to 7.62x54R. you need to find a hunting stand somewhere in the map Woods, and gun in raid that you don’t want to use, you should first The cheapest way to heal yourself from a death in raid is to just buy Everything you do will contribute to leveling your traders, appear when you try to go into another raid that tells you that you Now, we move to our third person who sells weapon mods, the Jaeger sells shotguns and rifles, reflecting his Like his buddy Skier, he sells all kinds of First off that’s not how mosins work, and second Just don’t The first time you jump into a raid, you might bring a mosin with 25 slot inventory. bring the Mechanic a note from Jaeger. who has a Service tab that you can access, and he sells you cool new issue is that he buys items for a fraction of what they’re actually

few snacks here and there to fill your energy and hydration levels. with that, you should have a good grasp of the basics of trading and As mentioned before, his quest line is unlocked through one of save you, but it’s still better than nothing. buys junk, bartering items, medical equipment, and food for the best The S I C C case is a container you can place inside for a few hundred bucks.

You mosin on you if you do his quests.

Killa, 100 times. to just get rid of it and getting a bit of value back, but it’s not Location

than selling to the flea market, as the flea market automatically If you aren’t feeling like spending more money though, you’ll

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