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The MOHS hardness of the mineral ranges from 4.5 to 6. The pure howlite gemstone is said to be good for concentration. The Turquoise Quality Index (TQI) is a measurement of the quality of the turquoise stone. But now you go out there into the market, you see a lot of high end American turquoise and the price is amazing. It helps in relieving stress and curing insomnia. Firstly, lets get a grasp on how this mineral forms. Reconstituted turquoise is a form of extreme treatment in which pulverized chips of turquoise are mixed with epoxy resins and pressed into blocks, which are then cut into gemstones. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) classifies reconstituted or reconstructed turquoise as an imitation gemstone because it typically contains little or no natural turquoise.

But I actually like the way it looks …

Love your Presentation and thought this was very informative for those who love gems and want to learn every fact they can possibly find,  'that is fact'. Howlite, in its original form, has a dense white or light gray color. There was no discussion about it at all and the too are not the same.-- Kevmin 00:27, 30 December 2008 (UTC) New user confusion? Even though a very large piece of turquoise might weigh the same as several small pieces, it is usually worth slightly more per carat. Online and offline merchants offer carved bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pendants from this substitute mineral starting at roughly $15 per piece.

This color was sought after by Kings, Queens and rulers of Empires. This price can range from $0.05 to $500 per carat, depending on the stone. Some of the stones of the Chinese Turquoise are fantastic. No two turquoise stones are alike. Howlite is also considered a memory stone. However, modern age practices have lead clever individuals to learn how to distinguish Howlite from the gems that it can copy. It also allows people to gain insights from past lives. This is the least invasive form of enhancement and stones receive (13-19) points.

For a true expert on the subject, we recommend Turquoise Unearthed: An Illustrated Guide by Joe Dan Lowry. Furthermore, professionals can hardly identify howlite made jewelries as unauthentic. The host rock is a completely different material and has its own qualities that can either increase or decrease the worth of the stone.

These people expect to get help in achieving their goals. Good examples here would be Dry Creek and Easter Blue. It aids in getting rid of critical behaviors such as selfishness.

The other benefit of using Howlite is the natural webbing or matrix that occurs in this mineral. You you help me identify some stones? It’s a complex crystal that includes borax, calcium, hydroxide, and silicon. This is a simple quality that is easy to measure and understand. Website pdf : http://image1.fmgstatic.com/pdf/The-Identification-of-Zachery-Treated-Turquoise.pdf, Mohs Hardness Scale, A rapid hardness test for field and classroom use. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And according to Pogue (1915), “the natives near Nishapur, Persia, often carry stones in their mouths before offering them for sale, and the dealers in Meshed are said to keep turquoises in moist earthenware pots, as by these means, the color of inferior specimens is temporarily improved.”, Gold, Amethyst, Turquoise Bracelets from the Tomb of Djer (c. 3000 BC).

This was very helpful! Treated Turquoise By Alison Withey December 3, 2013 Turquoise. For example, turquoise can be plastic and easily produced. This explains why howlite can easily mimic turquoise. I was trying to identify them.

That energy helps the person clears his mind allowing a bigger space to think of ingenious ideas. So where does it come from? The combination of different elements in the host rock material can change the appearance and structural integrity. The pattern is also a controversial indication of stone value. Examination of numerous samples known to be treated by this process revealed that Zachery-treated turquoise has gemological properties that are similar to those of untreated natural turquoise, and that the treatment does not involve impregnation with a polymer.” Although some Zachery-treated turquoise can occasionally exhibit a slightly unnatural color, it can also be difficult to distinguish from high-grade natural turquoise without advanced gemological testing. Howlite is scientifically known as calcium borosilicate hydroxide. In an unprocessed state, it can be very hard to judge the true value of the stone.

The TQI scoring system is a great way to get a quick estimate. Other areas of the world can offer high quality turquoise; most notably China and Iran ("Persian" Turquoise). The composition of turquoise measures the materials that make up the stone.

Additionally, it dismisses self-centeredness, encourages inner strength, and promotes meditation. Natural vs.

Natural stones that feel limited in the true color expression and may have a grainy clarity (6-7). South West Turquoise Mines materials from famous mines such as Big nugget, Howbay,Stormy mountain were selling well, and so many natural stones were offered for sale with net price tags for $80 to $100 and vendors would not discount. It answered the difference for me regarding stabilised and natural turquoise for me. Natural stones that seem dull and feel chalky are most likely under 5 on the hardness scale and receive (10). Howlite improves patience. If dyes are introduced in the stabilization process, the treatment is generally frowned upon and the gemstones often look artificial. Turquoise Price = Weight (Carat) X Turquoise Quality Price/Carat Index (TQI).

Thus, it is good for individuals who have an overactive mind and are short tempered.

If your Turquoise is dyed this test may damage the stone. Turquoise is a gemstone for the heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye chakra. For a gemstone, it is relatively soft and porous. Brittle natural stones that are usually cloudy or stone that has been poorly stabilized receive (10) Stones that have been professionally stabilized are not allowed to receive more than (15) points even if they have a high hardness.

It receives (2-5) points depending on the quality. Sign up to get the latest on our artists, new arrivals, educational content, and more …, The best customer service in the business. Related categories Salt and Pepper Diamonds, Salt and Pepper Diamond Pairs and Salt and Pepper Diamond Parcels. Different mines produce varying quantities of turquoise; within one mine we can find different grades, colors, and patterns.

Sky high. Professional stabilizing techniques such as the Zachery process are very acceptable. Each indicator has a list of characteristics and a point value marked below. That is the price. It must first be processed so that the stone can be displayed at its finest. I appreciate the visual you provided making distinctions of origin clearly identifiable – Thank You! The original definition of 'Turquenite', as used in lapidary and mineral trade since the 1970s is as an artificially-coloured blue variety of Howlite or Magnesite dyed to resemble Turquoise and sold as a … I also purchased natural Kingman turquoise from Thunderbird Supply in Gallop. The price of Turquoise is often associated with it's rarity. In nature it would be very difficult to find a bunch of Turquoise beads that have exactly the same color. A stone that has undergone treatment to improve its natural state is considered enhanced. Turquoise lore revolves around its startling tendency to change color. There is usually a slight deviation depending on the person scoring the TQI. It does have its benefits.

Simply use deductive reasoning. Thanks for the info.

Stones or can be made into cabochons by a machine (3) or can be hand cut and shaped cabs (4). A piece smaller than ¼” at its widest point receives (1) points; between ¼” and 1” (2) points, 1” to 2” (3), 2” to 4” (4). It may be hard to get an exact number because of the subjectiveness of these qualities.

The composition of turquoise measures the materials that make up the stone.

McClure, Shane. Since this webbing is basically impossible to manufacture it is easier to use an existing mineral that has the same properties. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Turquoise is a zodiac stone for Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. Below is a side by side picture of white Howlite (this is how it looks naturally), natural Turquoise and dyed Howlite. Fine-quality natural turquoise is usually medium robin’s egg or sky blue. The turquoise color is one of the more controversial indications of stone value. This of course made this particular color of Turquoise extremely expensive and hard to find. This has led to an increased use of non-American turquoise by Native American artists. Sparse matrix with no apparent pattern (4-5) points. Physical structure makes up 55 points: Hardness (20), Enhancement (20), Composition (10), and Cut (5). The resulting stone’s physical properties are key indicators that help determine the value of the stone. This causes this scale to fluctuate from year to year based on the mine’s production and distribution of the turquoise.

Very informative; answered my exact question and much more! It helps a person improves his or her dexterity skills. Turquenite is a typical gemstone that can treat teeth and bones. Turquoise Howlite is a great stone to reduce anxiety, tensions, stress and anger, it is gentle, soothing and calms the energy around you. It stimulates the mind making it hungry for ideas. Finally, stones can be sculpted by an artist (5). If your nail gets caught on where the Turquoise meets the webbing, then this is a good indication of natural Turquoise. There are many factors in play that determine a stone’s price, some are subjective and others tend to change over time. It is not suitable for carving (usually) as the dye does not often penetrate deep into the stone. The Lander Blue mine in Nevada (now closed) is widely considered to have produced the most expensive turquoise per carat. Click the. The less available the stone, the more valuable it is. Appearance is a matter of personal taste; the color and matrix will vary drastically between different mines.

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