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Keep gloves and a shovel or some type of tool near your coop to keep you safe if you need emergency snake removal. Most of them contain high amounts of sulfur to keep snakes away. First, eliminate all attractions to the chicken coop. Once the snakes follow the mice in and find chicken eggs, they will continue to return. Another option to building a raised floor is to add a coop apron. It is a looser black netting than hardware cloth. Signs you may have a snake in the chicken coop: Snakes don’t like being out in the open so they are less likely to wander out of other bushes and grass into an open area where they are vulnerable.

You can also take steps to keep snakes out of your yard as well. The eastern rat snake is also a non-poisonous snake. ¼ inch hardware cloth is small enough to prevent snakes from getting in. You get complacent about collecting eggs, it’s a routine process. Duran International, Inc is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. If you don’t want to make a floor for your coop, another good option is to make a coop apron. Jan 17, 2010 617 7 166 Wittmann, AZ. All snakes bite and strike faster than humans can move. Connect it to the bottom outside of your chicken coop by staple or screws. Snakes usually don’t find a chicken coop because of the eggs, although they aren’t opposed to eating vulnerable chicken eggs. Snakes aren’t able to digest an adult chicken but will kill it in an attempt to eat it or as a means to access the chickens. While most snakes that enter chicken coops are not poisonous, you should positively identify the snake before you attempt to capture. Lemongrass and marigold are both plants that snakes don’t like. [1] After the chicken dies, it can be served in a pan for 98 Chinese yuan. Only about 5% of wild snakes are poisonous. The specifics of how you can accomplish this will vary, depending on your specific circumstances. The length of the adult black rat snakes recorded is 105-183 centimeters. Repair all gaps or rotten wood.

The fencing should sit flush to the ground. Snakes will follow rodent burrows into your chicken coop. They find it because they are hiding in grass and bushes and happen upon it. ). Minnow traps, also called funnel traps, are ideal as a safe means of trapping snakes. There are poultry bloggers who tell stories of hearing an alarmed guinea hen and running out to the coop to find it had been invaded by a snake. But, there are several flaws with this idea. If you have not spotted a snake, more clues are needed. Instead, this name is applied to several different kinds of reptiles that are nonvenomous and tend to feast on eggs, rats, and small birds. You can cover the fencing with dirt, wood chips, or gravel to hid it. [1] Health authorities in Guangdong have already told restaurants to stop serving the dish. Look for regurgitated eggshells.

Put an egg in the trap and secure it with a clip. I know we have them. If that’s the case, simply follow the tips we laid out above to keep the snakes out of the coop. Along with referring to this group of snakes as chicken snakes, there are several other common names applied to the group, including rat snakes, corn snakes, and pine snakes. Snakes will wiggle their way through the nice entry provided by the rodents. Ok I have a post going about a huge swollen foot and everything so far has been about infection and I am running with that to treat this hen but the possibility that this could be snake has been raised by family and husband so I need more info. Rodents: Mice, Rats, Voles, Squirrels etc, Best Motion Activated Sprinklers and Lights. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. They are vital to a healthy ecosystem and they do help to control many other pests around your yard. If it is served with both the chicken and the snake, it costs 118 yuan. So be aware that the aggression of the guinea fowl can go both directions. Seal up holes and set traps where your chickens won’t reach them. If one of your hens has a wet head, then a snake has attempted to swallow her. If you have bushes that come up to your coop or fence line, cut them back or remove them. If you have already had a snake invasion, if you don’t take measures to snake-proof your coop, the offenders will return. Get your rodent population under control. This makes it hard for snakes to access your chickens. You can also take steps to keep, Keep a wide area around the coop cleaned up of debris, wood piles, compost and other “hideouts” for snakes, Trim back bushes and keep lawn or weeds mowed short so that snakes are in the open if they venture to the coop, Cut back branches and other overhanging items that snakes can climb up and drop into the coop from above, Clean Up The Rodent Population To Stop Attracting Snakes To Your Coop, Put away chicken feed at night when mice run most rampant, Regularly Collect Chicken Eggs To Protect Them From Snakes, Raising the floor of your coop prevents burrowing animals to gain access to the coop, A coop apron prevents other animals from digging into the coop. You could also feed your chickens out where they free range during the day, but that doesn’t train them to come in at night. If you find the dried-up remains of snakeskin in your coop, you can be sure the owner is not far off. I just assumed my hens would be up safe on their roosts. They do prefer to scare the snake away and aren’t afraid of it. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. It makes the snakes more likely to be caught and eaten before they ever get to the coop. Lastly, make sure you cover up all holes and gaps to make sure snakes can’t get in. A strong chicken may require several bites. Snakes can usually tell that a golf ball isn’t food, A snake that eats a golf ball will die a painful death, Can I Trap Or Kill Snakes Eating My Chickens, There are many types of snake traps. You can safely transport them to a new location without having to pick them up. We had a snake biting our girls, and I lost two of them before we found him. Both types of feeders are designed to restrict access to rodents and minimize spills.

If you do find a snake in your coop, do not attempt to pick up the snake if you are not properly prepared. Your chickens are stressed out and there is one or two with a wet head. Inside your chicken coop, but outside the chicken house, plant vegetation that repels snakes. Bed bugs will die at all stages of development in heat ranges of 117 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check every corner of your coop thoroughly and use the hardware cloth to cover any holes, vents, and windows. Since guinea fowl also eat rodents, while they are bullies, they may be worth the aggravation if they keep away predators. In several tests, 30% of chickens who consumed mothballs died or were severely ill. Others, who didn’t die, transferred the poison into their eggs. It has been found that these are the largest snakes available in Canada. This snake is also adept at scaling tall walls including brick walls on the sides of commercial buildings. Design by The Hen's Loft, The Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed | Ultimate Guide, Can You Hatch A Store Bought Egg? They were often found near livestock and in particular around chickens because they love to eat chicken eggs. You may be tempted to kill the snakes eating your chickens or you may kill them in a fit of anger, but in the long term, it is better to keep snakes away from the coop and let them help you in the yard and bushes. I moved to the country a few years ago. Additional plants include garlic and onions because of their pungent odors. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Snakes don’t dig holes, to burrow, but they will comfortably access a mouse burrow or a weasel hole. Few things are as frightening as a snake in the chicken coop. People, Northern pine snake (Pituophis m.melanoleucus). If you decide to try a commercial product to keep snakes away, make sure you take other steps to secure your coop. Here is a YouTube video that provides advice on Controlling Snakes in Your Chicken Coop. Make sure that the floor and walls are sealed without gaps or other access points. If you notice you have fewer eggs than normal, this is not enough of an indication that you have a snake intruder. But, if you cover the chicken wire with hardware cloth, and bury it or make a coop apron, that will keep snakes out.

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