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Power delivery to the engine is being done by a fourteen speed automatic and highly-refined gearbox. ingericht om de best mogelijke ervaring te bieden aan onze Vlaamse bezoekers. Powering the truck is an E-III thirteen liter six cylinders 12976 cc scania DC 13 variable geometry turbocharged engine. Vul hier uw naam en telefoonnummer in en laat Suvanto Trucks Oy u terugbellen. Rigid Chassis The durable cab and strong body chassis of this truck are strong enough to meet each and every challenge on highways and off-roads. Ce domaine a Let's have a look at the top 3 Trucks by Tata Motors and try to find out what ma... 2020 © is owned by Creative Webmedia Pvt Ltd. Milage: 348.261 km. Uw bericht wordt beveiligd verstuurd naar de adverteerder en u ontvangt een kopie per e-mail. Privacy policy Variant name: Dimensions Displacement i. Rigid Chassis Scania Onderdeel van: G-SERIES Scania G-series trucks are the prime choice for all-round performance in a broad array of applications. Usually quoted in 'CC' or 'Cubic Capacity' (1000cc = 1 Litre). Scania P410 8x4 Specifications.

Drive type: 8x4 – Engine power: 313kW – Emission standard: EURO III – Gross vehicle weight: t – Gross combination weight: t – Front suspension: Anti-Theft-Protection and unsage time, for nearly everthing on the construction site. Weekly overview of interesting news from heavy machinery industry. It is the maximum capacity of an engine by volume. By clicking the button “Understand & proceed” you additionally consent to the use of cookies that allow for personalized retargeting ads on third party websites based on your interests in accordance with our privacy policy. However, incomplete data and mistakes might occur.

Wilt u een bevestiging van uw terugbelverzoek? See detailed specifications and technical data for Scania R 420 8X4 manufactured in 2004 - 2016. The truck reaches a top-speed of hundred-kilometres per hour very easily and is quite capable of maintaining it throughout the cruise. Laat dan hier uw e-mailadres achter. Weight: 34.500 kg.

Linked In. Trucks Year: 2008. SCANIA STREAMLINE.

Scania’s G 440/480 8x4 Rigid trucks are the perfect base on which to build a reliable, rugged and durable heavy tipper or mining support vehicle G 440/480 8X4 RIGID Chassis Specification De maandprijs wordt uiteraard ook verlaagd als het slottermijn hoger is. Lees ook ons, Intern transport - industriele trucks-wagens, Intern transport - industriele onderdelen, Intern transport - industriele uitrustingen. Trucks Scania Up to 5 year run time because of rechargable battery. The Scania 4-series, is a truck model range which was introduced by Scania in 1995. It was the successor of the 3-series and it came in five engine combinations, three cabs and four chassis types. Scania R 420 8X4 specifications, Model 2004-2016 (Other machines by Scania). A hassle-free transmission and reduced fuel consumption even in the rough terrains and mines is the main advantage of this truck. Scania P420 8x4 | Containersysteem vrachtwagen kopen | Bouwjaar 2006 | Tellerstand 638.000 km | ID SVAP-BSUGMB | automatic_gearbox


Scania Technical Information Library provides the Scania organization with information, for use by importers, dealers and workshops. Het bedrag dat bij de laatste leasebetaling wordt overgemaakt. Manual gearbox 6 gears. Usually quoted in 'CC' or 'Cubic Capacity' (1000cc = 1 Litre). The Scania P410 8x4 falls under the ‘tipper’ truck category and is one of the leading products in its segment. Dit domein is speciaal été spécialement mis en place pour offrir la meilleure expérience possible à nos visiteurs Cookies Copyright © 1984-2020 LECTURA GmbH Verlag + Marketing Service Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Notice: Every data listed is verified by LECTURA Specs team experts. Rear-mounted mower - Disc without conditioner, Structural and Civil Engineering Equipment, Tower Cranes - Trolley Boom - Top-slewing, World’s Top 10 largest hydraulic excavators used in 2019, Top 10 Most Popular Mini Excavators on LECTURA Specs in 2019, World’s Top 10 biggest mining dump trucks, Hareket handles the heaviest load in the company’s history, Five ways your engine can help to maximize your uptime. Wenden Sie sich an Eetu Suvanto (+358 44 556 7887,, Arttu Santasaari (+358 407470030,, Ari Varjonen (+358 40-1912453, oder Jarno Tolvanen (+358 40-148 9400,, um weitere Informationen zu erhalten. This site gives rapid and simple access to information. Cookie opt-out WEB interface for access to recorded data incl. We personalize the website content and tailored ads based on your given interest in specific topics. Wist u dat u sinds kort ook gebruik kunt maken van wallons. Gemakkelijk en snel een financiering regelen voor uw vrachtwagen? It is the maximum capacity of an engine by volume. Tell Us Where You Live So that we reach out to you better. G 440/480 8X4 RIGID Chassis Specification.

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Contact our team with any change suggestion. Meer informatie op onze website: Scania P420 8x4. Youtube Height (3600), Length (9200), Width (2650). Make - Scania; Model - P410 XT; Chassis layout - 8x4; Cab type (as tested) - CP17 day cab Cab floor height from ground - 1,430mm; First step height - 330mm; Engine - Scania DC13, 12.7-litre; Power - 410hp at 1,900rpm; Torque - 2,150Nm at 1,000-1,300rpm; Transmission - Scania GRS905 Opticruise; Body manufacturer and type - Abba Predator Ultimate with auto tailgate; Tipping gear - Hyva It is quite capable of generating a maximum power of 410 BHP at 1900 RPM and a peak torque of 2000Nm at 1000 to1350 RPM. Scania P410 8X4 FBV ROCK Truck Specifications - Read technical specifications, features, performance and transmission of Scania P410 8X4 FBV ROCK Truck in India alarmmessages. The 4-series was succeeded by the PRT-range in Europe in …

We use cookies in order to ensure the best and most relevant web-experience on LECTURA. Offering a GVW of 31000 Kgs and a payload of 10500, the truck definitely is a great choice for the transportation of mining materials. Lectura specs Twitter Saviez-vous que vous pouvez désormais utiliser également ? Transportation Bereken hieronder gemakkelijk uw maandlasten en regel direct uw persoonlijke financieringsplan. Further information. Neem voor meer informatie contact op met Eetu Suvanto (+358 44 556 7887,, Arttu Santasaari (+358 407470030,, Ari Varjonen (+358 40-1912453, of Jarno Tolvanen (+358 40-148 9400,, Please contact Eetu Suvanto (+358 44 556 7887,, Arttu Santasaari (+358 407470030,, Ari Varjonen (+358 40-1912453, or Jarno Tolvanen (+358 40-148 9400, for more information. Get more in-depth insight with Scania R 420 8X4 specifications on LECTURA Specs. For Every Road, For Every Load - Top 3 Commercial Vehicles... Top 5 Most Used Trucks You Should Buy in India, The 5 Best Pickup Trucks in India for Personal Use. Tnl Business, Sinds 1998 - Ruim 100.000 advertenties - Wereldwijd aanbod, Copyright © 2020 B.V. Alle rechten voorbehouden, TrucksNL respecteert uw privacy.

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