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Failing grades are D, E, and F, with Q given for failing to meet mandatory course requirements (this notation may differ between universities). Read more, AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND. Some colleges and universities will also accept ACT scores. See, Standardised test scores: Scores may be required to assess your academic ability (eg SAT [Scholastic Aptitude Test] or ACT [American College Test]. GPA = sum of (grade value x points value) ÷ sum of (total sum of points) Starting January 2021, this study programme is for international students in NZ GPA calculations are made only on those subjects that are considered “core” subjects in the US, usually mathematics, English, natural/physical science, and social science.

Simply enter in your subjects then we will help calculate your ranking score. Calculate your NCEA points and see if you qualify for University Entrance. You will need to check with each educational institution to determine what subjects can be counted toward a GPA score for each institution. Clubs and activities, AUT has more than 60 research centres and institutes delivering leading research. To calculate SGPA enter the credits and the grades for the current semester into the This Semester section.

Students can request a copy of their NZROA to be sent to NCAA by emailing their request to with the following information: For more information see the New Zealand Record of Achievement page. For information about international registration:, The ACT is another standardised test that is widely used for college and university admissions in the US. Please see below for information on how an Entry Score is calculated. The NCEA Entry Score Calculator is currently undergoing maintenance.

This is indicative only. A C is equivalent to 50% or slightly above. If a GPA conversion is requested, the provider may recommend an agency that can calculate a GPA conversion for you. For more information, call the NCAA Eligibility Center’s international academic certification staff at 001-317-917-6222. This site uses cookies. Since community colleges usually have rolling admissions or periodic application deadlines throughout the year, the timeline for applying is more flexible than for a four-year college or university. Students wishing to enrol in US universities and colleges may be required to obtain Grade Point Average conversion of NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3. Returning to study: information for adult students, International House (English language school), When you arrive at AUT (international students), Research institutes, centres and networks, Update your details (stay up to date with alumni news), Insight magazine: for AUT alumni and friends, Research and development services (commercial research), Take part in employer events and promote your business on campus, Employ a student or graduate: find AUT talent for your business, Use AUT's research facilities and equipment, University Entrance (UE) for bachelor's degrees, Australian school students planning to study at AUT, Portfolio guidelines for art and design, and architecture, Cross-credit your experience: recognition of prior learning, Student feedback: Compliments, feedback & complaints. ), Educational credentials: This is typically your NCEA results, and transcripts from years 9 and 10. High School GPA Calculator Our easy-to-use high school GPA calculator will help you calculate your GPA in just minutes. NZQA has worked closely with the NCAA and EducationUSA to support New Zealand students and families through the NCAA scholarship application process. Not all US providers require a GPA conversion of NCEA results. You can change your cookie settings in your web browser at any time.

Make sure you report your GPA to the nearest three decimal places (eg 7.500).

After graduating from a community college, some students transfer to a university or liberal arts college for two to three years to complete a Bachelor's degree, while others enter the workforce. This includes certificates, diplomas or final leaving exams. For NCAA eligibility requirements, students should check the most current guidelines available on the NCAA Eligibility Center website, including advice on the core course requirements, as the number of core courses achieved is expected to affect the GPA score.

NZQA can provide you a copy of your, NCEA results: These can be sent directly to the university by NZQA on request. This international GPA calculator is intended to help you calculate the United States Grade Point Average (GPA) based on grades or points from almost any country in the world. NCAA recommends that applicants send their school transcripts to the Eligibility Centre well in advance of the completion of their secondary schooling so that there is sufficient time for them to review and clarify any areas where further information may be required to meet their requirements. Many community colleges also offer remedial education, GEDs[2], high school degrees, technical degrees and certificates, and a limited number of 4-year degrees. For more information:, [2] General Education Development test, [3] Test of English as a Foreign Language, Developing qualifications at Levels 1-6 on the NZQF, Field Māori programme development support, Mātauranga Māori qualifications and assessment standards, NZQA's quality assurance system for tertiary education organisations, Submitting results and awarding qualifications and micro-credentials, The Education (Pastoral Care of Domestic Tertiary Students) Interim Code of Practice 2019, The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice, Offshore use of qualifications and programmes, Information regarding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), Specific country requirements for the recognition of NCEA, Ordering result documents, Studying Overseas,,,, Accessibility page with list of access keys, Online application form: (including personal information, education history, etc. Whether your goal is to earn a scholarship, get into a prestigious college, or ensure you will graduate, when it comes to figuring out your high school GPA, we’ve got you covered.

This explanation can be included with the school transcript. NCEA is generally accepted by colleges and universities in the United States as part of their admissions requirement.

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