maypole pit disaster

[4], King Edward VII sent a telegram expressing his sympathy towards those who suffered as a result of the disaster. / For a considerable time after the explosion, clouds of smoke rose over the shaft and in the immediate vicinity of the engine house and it was not until this had been cleared somewhat that an idea could be obtained as to what had occurred. IT WAS five o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday 18 August 1908 when an explosion ripped the heart out of the Cannel mine, Number One pit, at the Maypole Colliery, Abram, near Wigan, killing seventy-six men. The explosion happened in the area known as the Four Feet mine. A memorial to the men who died was erected in the churchyard. Pathetic scenes were witnessed when some of the women learned that their husbands and sons were down the ill-fated shaft and in peril of their lives. [4], Many of the victims of the disaster were buried at St John the Evangelist's Church, Abram. The three survivors were: Edward Farrell, W M Doran, and Richard Fairhurst. Joe Mullarkey In a very short time, the streets leading to the colliery were alive with people hurrying to the scene of the explosion, and amongst them were the relatives of the men working down the mine. Took place on Tuesday evening at a few minutes after 5.00pm, at No 1, Cannell Mine, of the MAYPOLE PIT, belonging to PEARSON and KNOWLES Coal and Iron Co. Ltd, on the outskirts of Wigan at Abram. [1] Most of the men below ground at the time were shot-firers and maintenance workers.

Those old Observers, their yellow pages crumbling to dust at the edges, tell in total detail the complete story of the Maypole Colliery Disaster. John Lumsdon: Eamonn Connor Commemoration of Maypole Pit Disaster We are hoping to become involved in a commemorative event being planned for August 2008. The coroner concluded that the cause of death had been an explosion of firedamp and coal dust ignited by permitted explosives. [a] Colliery manager Arthur Rushton reported that when some distance away he heard a rumble and saw a cloud of dust rising from the pit shaft. Postcard honouring the 76 men who lost their lives in the disaster. The head gear was largely destroyed and the fan house, which provided ventilation, was badly damaged. News of the appalling loss of life was banner headlines in national newspapers which told how men with breathing apparatus had come from Yorkshire to assist. Yet, there had been distinct warnings by government agencies about the underground gas and one train of thought was that the shot firers, instead of using a number of small charges to bring down the coal had used one large charge instead. He was related to the late John Sloyan and also to the Harrington’s, Bones, Ruanes, Mulligans and Gallagher families. It was a disaster that shook the Lancashire coalfield, a tragedy unprecedented in the Wigan area. Right: - Maypole Memorial, Abram Parish Churchyard. Its organised by a local heritage group here who are interested in making contact with a group in Wigan to commemerate the centenary of the disaster in 1908. Accidental death verdicts were recorded on all 76 victims. The entire parish shared the grief of the bereaved. Seven bodies were recovered quickly, but it was not until November of the following year, that most of the remaining victims were brought to the surface. If any copyright of anyone else's material is unintentionally breached, please email me. Alarming rumours, which, unfortunately, were later proved to be correct, immediately gained currency and anxious relatives instinctively paid a visit to the lamp office in order to ascertain whether those they were seeking were engaged in the mine. Disaster . Robbed children of fathers. The local heritage group here would be interested in doing something, many of those who died came from this area. Recently my Aunt was presented with a plaque from the Mayor of Wigan who was visiting Co. Mayo to plant a tree in remembrance of all those who lost their lives. | (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Taken from the 'Window on Wigan' book with kind permission of the author Geoffrey Shryhane, who also writes Wigan World for the Wigan Observer. They need to be scanned at 200dpi. Patrick Sloyan, also listed as having lost his life in that terrible tragedy, was from Kilgarriff, Charlestown. The last body was not recovered until 1917, nine years after a disaster still talked about by local miners. The deaths altered lives for hundreds of Wigan people and some of the first detailed reports were carried in the Wigan Observer just four days after Hell happened in No 1 Pit at the Maypole. It was a disaster that shook the Lancashire coalfield, a tragedy unprecedented in the Wigan area. The last body was not recovered until 1917, nine years after a disaster still talked about by local miners.

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