how to trim border collie feathers

Dry him until damp with a clean towel. Their high energy level means these dogs are best suited for active homes where they get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation every day. When dealing with the hair between the pads, go slowly and only take tiny snips to avoid accidentally hurting him. Trim your border collie with thinning shears, if necessary. If you live in a hot climate, then your border collie may sweat excessively. They are herding dogs that always need a job! Of course, using the right cleaning products is key to making short work of matted fur and a dirty coat, so check out our top pet grooming products here.

Trims of the tail and leg feathers are purely aesthetic trims and not necessary, so it's entirely your call to have them done. Your groomer brushes your pup's tail, then scissors the feathers (not always present in a bushy-tailed collie) in a straight line. Use it liberally on your dirty dog to help make the fur more manageable. You can bathe a smooth-coat border collie quarterly or as needed, as a border collie with such a coat requires less coat maintenance. Brush Your Border Collie Regularly. You never know how the border collie has been playing in the dirt or making its way through thick foliage, so you won’t know where the debris is hiding on your dog’s body. That said, a few areas require a regular snip to keep him neat and comfortable. A border collie that has a rough coat will frequently get mats or tangles behind the ears, behind the elbows and under the tail.

Trim the feet, feathers on the legs and excess fur on the hocks if desired. A pin brush is gentle enough to prevent hair breakage, but reaches through a dog's top coat. This extra step in the cleaning process isn’t necessary if you have a short-haired border collie. Check out the Brush Buddy for your Border Collie. So, what’s the correct way to groom a border collie? Another optional area to neaten up with a regular trim is his tail. Be sure to rinse all of the shampoo out of the dog's coat to prevent irritation and dryness. Double-coated breeds such as your Lassie look-a-like should never have their coats shaved, as this can alter the way the follicles behave and regrow hair. It is important to work shampoo thoroughly into a border collie's undercoat to remove dirt and debris. Both coat types require little trimming, as part of a border collie's charm and history require that he look as natural as possible. Jane Williams began her writing career in 2000 as the writer and editor of a nationwide marketing company. Wash your border collie with a shampoo designed for dogs, being careful not to get any shampoo in your dog's eyes, ears or mouth. Trimming the hair can drastically cut down on the shedding and therefore the grooming that you have to do. You can use your hands to work in the shampoo and make sure the shampoo is covering your dog’s entire body.

Border collies are one of the most active dog breeds.

Rinse your border collie with warm or tepid water. Border collies tend to shed a lot, especially the longer haired types. Darnfar Ranch: What Is the Difference in Smooth Vs. With these cleaning tips, you’ll have your dog looking her best quickly, and it won’t be so stressful trying to detangle the fur, clean out the dirt, and smooth your dog’s coat to a silky shine. Really needed tips. Border collies are not shorthair dogs, so you have to put in extra work when you are washing and shampooing them. This trim usually runs from his belly to his rump, making the area easy to keep clean. The first is that your dog may be shedding too much. Your border collie will need regular brushing to stay clean because all that dirt and debris that builds up on her coat will make the fur matted or unsightly. Grooming your border collie can be a soothing and bonding activity for you and your canine. Your groomer brushes your pup's tail, then scissors the feathers (not always present in a bushy-tailed collie) in a straight line. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. If you really want your dog to look and smell clean, then you need to get the shampoo in as deep as you can. There will be times that your border collie has seriously matted fur. For the summer months, try brushing with a shedding blade first, which will remove loose and excess hair. You could also just trust a professional groomer to take care of this for you, if you're uncomfortable or your Lady or Lassie proves uncooperative. Her articles have appeared on various websites. Trim a small amount with thinning shears, then stand back and inspect your work to ensure you do not trim too much fur.

Made famous through the Lassie series of movies and TV shows, this fluffy-coated beauty requires much less trimming than you'd expect. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Some people find the collie's full coat too intimidating and opt to have him shaved down to a shorter cut to make grooming easier. Just cover the entire dog for good measure. There are a few reasons why you might want to trim your border collie’s coat. The next reason to trim your border collie’s hair is that you want your dog to be comfortable. If your collie becomes sick or suffers frequent diarrhea, he may need what is called a sanitary groom to help keep him clean “down there.” Have your groomer do this, as this area is obviously sensitive and delicate, meaning one slip of the clippers could result in disaster. His paws, both the top and underside, need a monthly trim to prevent the hair from growing too long and matting. It also grooms and untangles the dense undercoat. Trim a small amount with thinning shears, then stand back and inspect your work to ensure you do not trim too much fur. A slicker brush is useful on a smooth border collie because it allows you to groom harder-to-reach areas, such as behind the ears and elbows. Most pups don't have to worry about uncomfortable or unsightly, shall we say, collections in their nether-regions, but sometimes it can't be helped. The border collie is an exceptionally smart dog. Border collies are super popular, but not everyone knows how to groom them properly. Cutting the fur a bit will help to cool down your dog.

Brush your border collie's coat with a pin brush. This convenience comes at a cost, as cutting your pooch too short can drastically alter how his coat grows back later and remove crucial summer insulation against the heat. Kimberly DeCosta is an accomplished equestrian and entrepreneur. Then brush with the slicker brush. Brush your border collie's thicker areas of fur using a slicker brush. Most of them tend to have long hair, which means they can survive comfortably in cold climates. Trimming your dog’s hair also helps with matting and hygiene issues. Brush all the tangles out and use a pair of scissors to carefully snip the hair short.

They love to play in the dirt, search for food and chase and herd small animals. She has written for numerous equestrian publications and authored marketing packages for large companies and sports teams. With his rugged good looks and devotion to his family, the rough-coated collie strikes a pose as the quintessential family dog. His coat may grow back patchy, offering an uneven, mangy look., Visit Entirely Pets Contact Us Returns About Us, Four Tips When It Comes to Grooming a Border Collie,,, 10 Tips to Practice Healthy Hygiene With Your Pets, 7 Amazing Ideas to Celebrate National Pet Week 2020,, To brush your border collie, you want to use.

Trim the feet, feathers on the legs and excess fur on the hocks if desired. Border collies are one of the most active dog breeds. Inspect your border collie's teeth and nails when you groom him. If you're keeping your Lassie wannabe in a show standard cut, his paws and pads are pretty much the only thing that need regular scissor action. You can start off with the spray before you get to any of the other cleaning steps to ensure that the rest of the cleaning process goes much smoother. A well-groomed dog is going to be happier and healthier, because grooming gets rid of excess fur, clears away dirt and debris that could contain bacteria, and helps your pet to smell and look nicer. He is built for activity, from his keen eye to his natural weather resistant coat. The breed standard allows the border collie to have a neat but not excessively trimmed coat.

When your dog’s fur is a big, matted mess, then detangling spray is your best friend. These super-intelligent dogs have an extraordinary amount of energy and endurance to last them all day out in the fields. Williams briefly attended college for a degree in administration before embarking on her writing career. Apply a conditioner if your border collie has dry skin or hair breakage, and rinse thoroughly. You’ll have to work the dog shampoo down into the undercoat. A slicker brush works well for the winter months, when your border collie is not heavily shedding. Long hours of rolling in the dirt or running through the woods can leave your dog with a coat that isn’t very clean, and you may need to use some specialized tools to get the dog’s coat looking good again. While your collie relies on you for frequent brushing, he doesn't need any intensive trimming to keep his coat looking good.

They love … Hire a professional groomer to trim the dog's nails, if necessary. Brush your dog's coat completelyfrom head to tail before attempting to groom them. Grooming also allows you as a pet parent to spot health problems before they become serious, from lumps, bumps, and injuries, to pesky parasites like fleas and ticks. Trims of the tail and leg feathers are purely aesthetic trims and not necessary, so it's entirely your call to have them done. The breed standard allows the border collie to have a neat but not excessively trimmed coat.

The border collie, originating in an ever-changing climate between Scotland and England, can have either a rough, wiry top coat or a smooth, soft top coat. If your dog is always needing a bath because her fur looks a mess, then trimming that fur can help with the problem. Your dog is getting too hot if she always has her tongue hanging out and is needing her water refilled several times throughout the day. If you put this kind of dog in a hot climate, though, that long fur can be a pain. The collie breed standard calls for feathering to remain untouched to the bottom of the pasterns on the forelegs, and for the hind legs to be smooth below the hocks. Personally love border collies and own one as well. Giving a Dog a Sanitary Trim. Rough Coats in Border Collies. A rough-coated border collie requires no more than one bath every 8 weeks, or as needed. Trim your border collie with thinning shears, if necessary. That means they are going to get pretty dirty. So, if you want your border collie to look her best, follow these four grooming tips. Rough-coated border collies have a thick undercoat protected by long hair at the surface. That lower layer of fur will be a great hiding place for dirt and other particles that your dog picks up in her adventures. Sometimes the hair on his hocks especially becomes a bit of a tangled mess, needing a clip from a groomer to smooth them out and neaten them up, for show dogs and pets alike.

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