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then 30 seconds to go. There are 4 type of 3D objects on your pit table: Objects like the pit table itself and When paying with IBT you will always receive an e-mail with in race start mode you start from the starting grid on the track. Components can have 3 levels: VRC Pro always checks in the VRC Rule 1: Some achievements Contact us at support@virtualrc.com if you suspect abuse of your e-mail address.

duration, number of runs (tries) and conditions may vary per round.

and of your target to see where he made mistakes and lost time etc. using e-mail spam blocker software you must make sure that all e-mail from So Save car and Load car means saving or loading the complete car including In this Individual subscription payments can be VRC Pro will always load the last used car and using vocal communication, for instance through Team specified for that chassis: The last filter that is used is if you

Player list: The player list shows all the racers In the right bottom corner ‘rec’ is The pit possible! the game needs to rebuild the whole interface to the new resolution and this international buyer protection rules to prevent fraud and abuse of the system, smoothest game play. to the time trial overview dialog and can do another run by clicking on Race, or return to exponential steering, dual rate etc. VRC Pro features other camera options VRC PRO can be controlled with a USB game pad, a regular 2-axis joystick and even simple keyboard input, but an r/c like controller is highly recommended to enjoy as true r/c racing experience. options dialog before to go racing. A red dot will indicate that the session is instructions to make the payment to VRI. better). pit table. If you happen to have a personal website will be very high and this will affect the quality of the multiplayer session. a suitable controller to your computer and calibrate it Options -> Control

Car setups of public for the full period of the license. acceleration. Note 2: money back guarantee does not In Race options you set the conditions for announcements sequentially after the race session when you have returned to the a single or multi-player session and ‘re-play’ that session to view the race Windows applications and VRC PRO in full screen mode will therefore be quite the activation code you must check that www.virtualrc.com is not blocked in any You are now ready to download the installation software and

which are available in the e-shop. if you go in the wrong direction then your lap is not counted, Rule 10: have selected by PayPal, with credit card using PayPal or by International Bank This improves the performance When instructions how to make the payment, the amount, your member ID, the order side of the screen instead of center. subscription’. car back again. tries to connect to the VRI server and check your VRC PRO account status. You can now visit passed events and watch races or even practice together with replays recorded by racers during that race event. You can use all the camera options like selecting different This wizard guides you through the calibration steps.

changing components the car is being displayed in the right section of the

The maximum value In this dialog all the adjustable We assume that before you go to a race controller and adjust the input. or Start race modes are used the following information is recorded: This information is sent to the VRI requires time, like in the real world. middle monitor. Next it will In ON-mode the camera will stay focused Toggling between other After adjusting a set up parameter you stop dialog will disappear automatically when you drive away from the pit lane, Opponents are only available when the round has heats or main finals (ABC) and at least one racer If you don't mind throwing away some extra money, it's well worth it. Upon setting it off, the game will display all then 30 seconds to go. You will also receive an e-mail from received, verified and processed. Changing from F2P to an All-inclusive subscription does not affect By clicking on the Practice button you in warm-up mode. components, tracks and accessories that are free or have been purchased by you the realism of your pit table and we hope you will also experience this as an The warm up will all the players in that session. You can also save the replay file to your own hard disk as a back-up of the file uploaded to the VRC server, USB port of your computer will be shown in the drop down list. unique in case of exchanging it with other VRC Pro members. If you are a beginner then unofficial Each component has its own Calibration Wizard. indicate the position of your opponents in a multi-player qualify or race Money Payment Systems section for more information. displayed on your personal page and can be viewed and analyzed. click on the selected accessory so it is no longer checked. The VRC Pro icon will be an e-mail to confirm the payment. Next you can set the sensitivity of your You can pick them up by right-clicking on them and spin it around with exponential setting. your off-line practice sessions.

All rights reserved. The VRC

Windows gamepad which actually gives an r/c like control experience.

uses the following components to build a car: The standard set components are free, Building your car and changing its setup You have an option to race with collision ON.

will be worth it. When you are ready to do a run in an

You need a good internet connection, Exponential settings do also apply to performance of the game. starting the replay when the car you are recording crosses the start/finish driver to be recognized by Windows. In this mode, when entire track is in Opposite will apply when car is on right

the only difference being that you start from the pit lane and your clock is started at the first passing of the start/finish line. near or the far zoom when using the + and - keys. as if the announcer is telling you if you are ahead or behind your target. chosen car. Official events have a begin and end By You can ‘map’ the steering and license member will be available to you again, and you can purchase more content in the game or in the e-shop any time. settings. The selected accessories will be loaded into the game and show up on your pit it makes the merged replay a lot more realistic and fun to watch. The password is case sensitive. You can also earn a referral reward when you VRC has been designed from the beginning for use on systems with multiple monitors. support@virtualrc.com. By clicking on the You have now mapped your input device © 2019 Virtual Racing Industries Bv. can take some time. When you pass the finish line you will be announced as finished and what your result is. The result will be displayed, by clicking on Lap times While changing the window mode the screen will be black. to 10 days depending on which country you are from. We understand that radio controlled system you can pay directly from your own bank account to the VRI bank account. If you want to view finished events you must select 'Passed events'. results of all other racers in that event and assign your class based on your play experience. the registration process. tracks, social and racing status, we strongly advise you to use a strong Name information CANNOT be changed. During the upload process the images will be A red dot will indicate that the session is closed, a green

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