how to excommunicate yourself from the mormon church

Do you still have doubts about believing in God and are keeping your options open in case you want to return to the Church?

Thank you! If you want to be excommunicated, you have to go through official channels. There again, the answer is yes, but it is much more complicated.

Doctrine and Covenants. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. It seems more likely that Dehlin was excommunicated for his stance on the historicity of The Book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price, which he believes were fictions written by Joseph Smith rather than divinely-revealed doctrine. Environmental Stewardship and Conservation. I never want these people to find me again. Two, I continue because the years I kept my mouth shut were the years that I was suicidal and could not believe in God. I would not be able to accompany my children through the temple rites for the first time (a kind of rite of passage into adulthood for Mormons, as well as a spiritual experience). On a more practical level, being excommunicated would mean not being allowed to enter the temple, which is the place that most orthodox Mormons are married. I would not be able to attend the weddings of my own children, friends, or other family members. In recent years, two very prominent critics of Mormonism were excommunicated: Kate Kelly, founder of Ordain Women, and John Dehlin, of Mormon Stories podcast fame. To those who have come to hate the church, these changes may be desirable.

I tried it. That will give you huge insights into the true beliefs of the church. TIA. This appears to be the attitude of Catholic officials themselves and why they don't make excommunication easy. Catholicism encourages misogyny and anti-gay bigotry for example, both of which have caused an incredible amount of psychological, emotional, and even physical harm over the centuries. Can anyone please help me gain some knowledge on how to have my records permanently removed from the mormon church? People frequently ask me, as a vocal and public critic of the Mormon church, if I worry that I will also be excommunicated. I love solving disputes over toys. Announce yourself as a lesbian in fast and testimony meeting. Those who are excommunicated for heresies of one kind or another usually leave, but there are a handful who continue to attend church, though with many restrictions. This would be impossible, but it is also simply not my interest.

Read the Book of Mormon if you haven't. Family. Employment.

Explain that you know this means excommunication—ignorance of the penalty would get you off. There is one more basis for excommunication: So if one person does something that leads to automatic excommunication, any accomplices that were necessary to the act and who can have the penalty imposed upon them can also be excommunicated. Eternal Life. They really won't like it. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

Drugs. Politicians are sometimes threatened if they don't uphold public policies based on Catholic doctrine, but those would carry much less weight if Catholic leaders have fewer members to cite.

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