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It was directed by Jay Oliva, who worked as a storyboard artist on Man of Steel, Under the Red Hood, Year One and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 watch: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 online free | Watch a movie online through best free 1080p HD videos on your desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac Pro and more. Now an old foe wants a reunion and the government wants The Man of Steel to put a stop to Batman. But, the Joker has decided to stop this, and fights against Batman in a deadly duel. The sudden revelation of a superpowered alien under Soviet control causes panic in the United States, shifting the ... See full summary ». Peter Weller with the subtlety of his nuanced vocal performance oozes a quiet resolute firmness that barely seems to waver.Returning momentarily to the themes of duality, there's the welcome if tried and tested addition of a new Robin; this time given the then more fresh spin of being a high spirited (are they anything else?) It does draw out some scenes longer. Joined by Carrie Kelly, a teenage female Robin, Batman takes to the streets to end the threat of the mutant gangs that have overrun the city. It's vocal performances are for the most part exemplary and it's animation inspired, as it strikingly captures the dark, brooding aesthetic of Gotham City. Batman has not been seen for ten years. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. The Batman has returned after a 10-year absence. And after facing off against his two greatest enemies, the Joker and Two-Face, for the final time, Batman finds himself in mortal combat with his former ally, Superman, in a battle that only one of them will survive. When the girl comes to the attention of Darkseid, the evil overlord of Apokolips, events take a decidedly dangerous turn. Batman discovers a mysterious teen-aged girl with super-human powers and a connection to Superman. All in all this is fundamentally an absorbing and richly composite tale that although not officially canon; would make for supplementary addition to the Batman saga. After a 10 year absence, the Dark Knight has returned to Gotham to fight the Mutant threat. Batman learns he has a violent, unruly pre-teen son, secretly raised by the terrorist group the League of Assassins. One's on his way out as the other one is finding himself drawn right back in.

Bruce Wayne is missing.

Abner A new breed of criminal ravages Gotham City, forcing 55-year-old Bruce Wayne back into the cape and cowl. (Video 2013). Batman Dark Knight Returns Part 1. As Batman hunts for the escaped Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime attacks the Gordon family to prove a diabolical point mirroring his own fall into madness. A wealthy playboy and a Chicago cop both return to Gotham City where their lives will intersect in unexpected ways. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns I said with my review on the first part that it's hard to really capture what made the comic work so well with a cartoon made nearly 30 years later after countless imitations and knockoffs. After defeating the mutants, he has taken control of a gang loyal to him in order to make Gotham a safer place. It is ten years after an aging Batman has retired, and Gotham City has sunk deeper into decadence and lawlessness. However, given Bruce Wayne's previous reluctance and the impetus behind his retirement, one wonders if his readiness to accept young Miss Kelly to be is latest sidekick is a means to push foward the plot. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 - The Batman has returned after a 10-year absence. A new breed of criminal ravages Gotham City, forcing 55-year-old Bruce Wayne back into the cape and cowl. My one reservation with Emerson's portrayal is while he vocally has a chilling resonance; the iconic laugh just lacks the high pitched maniacal oomph that Mark Hamill definitively rendered. Rated PG-13 for sequences of action violence and some suggestive content, DC Universe Animated Movies: "Pre-New 52" Chronological Watch Order, The Real Top 35 Hollywood Blockbusters of All Time - Inflation Adjusted, What if They Kept the Fake Working Title?

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Alfred covers for him while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City in his stead. 9ypb1pw1e.

The very man who's formidable talent brought forth such renowned works as; Sin City and Watchmen to name but two, he seemingly had no involvement in any advisory or technical capacity. Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Hd Online Movie, Watch online - full movie hd Steadfast in her convictions in regards to the law; she has a contradictory code of ethics to her predecessor who she never the less has a underlining respect for him as he does for her. A version was released on October 8, 2013 entitled 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Deluxe Edition'. All movies available are from third party streaming services. The Gotham authorities want to arrest him. Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Hd Online Movie. does not host any files on its server.

Also, as with the first part, I have problems with the animation not being stylized enough and the voices of Batman and others not being handled by Kevin Conroy and company. This version combines both parts into a single 148 minute movie. In the 1950s, the Soviet Union reveals its newest asset to be Superman. An old foe wants a reunion. Now an old foe wants a reunion and the government wants The Man of Steel to put a stop to Batman. Batman v Superman: The Dark Knight Returns Trailer (FanMade) Trailer Tv.

Ariel Winter, David Selby, Dee Bradley Baker, Frank Welker, Grey DeLisle, Your email address will not be published. Second part of the animated adaptation of Frank Miller's classic comic book miniseries, The Dark Knight Returns. Carrie Kelley Mydownloadplace just acts as a search engine & fetch movie streaming source.

The ultimate battle of two ideologies; who are diametrically opposed add another layer to the depth and complexity of the overall narrative.The Dark Knight Returns however, as I have hitherto affirmed is not a perfect movie, as neither was the graphic novel. HSG Film Review: Batman The Dark Knight Returns (Part 2) Yuforeno. (voice), Robin / A good version of Lex Luthor from a parallel Earth comes to the Justice League's dimension for help to fight their evil counterparts. As with the first part, it's pretty faithful to the comics. The incorporation of his therapist; the naively idealistic Dr. Bartholomew Wolper (an ever reliable Michael McKean) also adds something to the overarching narrative. however it cuts out the newscast part from the opening scene of Part 2. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. Whatever problems I have with this animated film, I do think it's far better than that disjointed glum mess. Add the first question. Search for "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2" on, Title:

romanwarrior2. This FAQ is empty. (voice). Batman / Subsequently, old wounds reopen and old, once buried memories come into the light. The Gotham authorities want to arrest him. Batman has stopped the reign of terror that The Mutants had cast upon his city. As Batman fights the Joker, the Man of Steel prepares for his greatest fight. As Batman fights the Joker, the Man of Steel prepares for his greatest fight. It feels like expedience being a rationale for forgoing some semblance of plausibility. In short; it's required viewing for any Batman aficionado. The Flash finds himself in a war torn alternate timeline and teams up with alternate versions of his fellow heroes to return home and restore the timeline. Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. When threads from Batman's past begin to unravel, the race is on for him to crack Hush's deadly game. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 movie full movie 123. Looking for some great streaming picks? Directed by Jay Oliva. Truth, Justice and the American way have become glorified buzzwords to enshroud politically dubious intentions. All the same her addition makes for a wonderful story arc.Commencing with the second half, and with his presence being teasingly hinted at within the first; there is the inexorable inclusion of the once camply referred to; Clown prince of crime; The Joker who's vocals are brought to life by Michael Emerson of TV's; Lost and Person of Interest fame. Derivative it may be be but it still has the desired effect. What if baby Kal-El's rocket landed, not in Kansas, but in the Soviet Union? 2:43. The Feds want the Man of Tomorrow to put a stop to him. Batman has not been seen for ten years. And a new player, Batwoman, investigates Batman's disappearance. The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? When Lex Luthor gets elected US President, he uses the threat of an oncoming kryptonite meteor striking Earth as a rationale to frame Superman. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The Flash finds himself in a war torn alternate timeline and teams up with alternate versions of his fellow heroes to return home and restore the timeline. But, does he still have what it takes to fight crime in a new era? His presence undeniably runs the risk of feeling contrived but this was Frank Miller's story we are talking about here and his figurative resurrection from a comatose state is beautifully realized. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Now, when his city needs him most, the Dark Knight returns in a blaze of glory.

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