kodiak canvas tent 10x10

I set up the tent just in time for rain and sure enough its water proof. This model also has an awning with poles and additional guy lines. YouTube has a plethora of videos from our hunting customers who were caught in severe snowstorms and other weather.

It turned a storm into an adventure as some point out that other hunters on the mountains had to abandon camp for local motels.

Diameter 5.5 in.Capacity: 6-person.Ceiling Material: 10 oz Hydra-shieldTM canvas.Wall Material: 8.5 oz Hydra-ShieldTM canvas.Floor Material: 16 oz vinyl.

We hosed it down to season it and were impressed with how dry the inside was despite the water load on the outside.

Gear loft gets in the way if you're tall. Source: bought it new You stake down all the loops, and then assemble the poles.

There are several videos online that show it being done, and it really can be done in a few minutes unless you really have to pound in the stakes. I’ve tested it out with the hose on full blast and had no issues, and I have been in some quick but intense Rocky Mountain rain storms with no leaks. I have a 6-1/2 foot wood pole—just push it up in the mid area and rain won't puddle. Jessica,

Quick and easy, one-person, setup. Durable, watertight, and breathable. Weather Resistance: When a dust storm is over, open all the doors and windows. Source: bought it used 2) Easy to set up. Please be sure to include your zip code and we will try to beat the price.

We wanted a large-ish, quality tent that was easy to set up.

We are that confident you will love this product! Before ordering please make sure you ship it to a location where you can personally sign for it.

Picked it up on a Monday, seasoned on Tuesday and was camping Thursday.

If something is damaged or defective we will get it replaced at no cost.

Kodiak Canvas Tent Basic 6051 10x10 Features and Specs: Features. Not sure what made you do that, but you just washed the waterproofing off your canvas. If you are interested in picking it up locally contact our customer service for a special discounted pickup quote at 866-308-5484 or email us at. Diameter 5.5 in.Capacity: 6-person.Ceiling Material: 10 oz Hydra-shieldTM canvas.Wall Material: 8.5 oz Hydra-ShieldTM canvas.Floor Material: 16 oz vinyl. my fault. Polyester reinforced, seamless.

This item is available for local pickup in Salt Lake City, Utah. View All Outerwear, Clothing, and Accessories », Top 25 The Kodiak tent is sewing by China, but quality control was very well.

Mine was the only tent still up. I have to say this tent performed much better than I thought.

My original plan was to get a popup camper for my motorcycle but that was going to be way to expensive so I opted for a good tent. I bought this tent in 2009 and it's gone to Burning Man every year since. Note that the gear loft is in sling mode. Highly recommended!

Very durable canvas with good heavy-duty zippers, Hot in desert environments without a shade structure. 10 x 10 Flex-Bow VX Tent, Model 6011 I think the only things that would kill this tent would be mold or fire or a bear trying to find snacks. It's a good flex bow pole system, and the design is so simple.

I ceased to use the first tent after having purchased this tent. It looks well made and seems like it will last a long time. We had a great camping experience and look forward to many more.

The Bad: On night 3 of a 7 night camp (our 2nd time using the tent), we experienced a rain storm.

I’m 5'10" and feel like I’m in my house.

I've had no leaks in the tent. This is because it does not feel happy even if it camps any place other than this tent.

It is well made and it went up easily and surprisingly fast. Mike Bilbo However, this tent let a 4-hour thunderstorm go past without leaking.

It was easily fixed with Gorilla tape and hasn't leaked since. For those considering one of these tents, here are the pluses. We had a slight hiccup with our shipping but it was turned around so quickly once realized and not at our expense. Retail Price: $619.99. All materials are durable and the seems were secure. 4.

The only issue I’ve noticed is with the awning. It was very handy. It is not bad to purchase a good products at a low price. Please note that if selecting the vestibule attachment accessory, you will want to review the vestibule listing for information concerning adding the grommets required to attach the vestibule to the awning. We ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, and other international locations. I took my tent out last year. Your … Regarding the leaks--Yikes, with the vinegar.

Once you set it up a couple of times, it is easy.

or review a different product, Elliott W

For that reason, it is a good idea to remove such sharp objects before pitching your tent. so i had to do my best to lay the footprint and then stretch the tent to be fully taut.

That may be true if they are sleeping on the floor. We were hoping for torrential downpours, so that we could see how well it stood up, but that didn't happen, however other reviewers had that experience with great results.

Call for more details. This is a replacement tent body for the 10x10 Flex-bow tent model 6013 or 6011. June 22, 2018 Can't imagine ever using anything else now. But if you use cots, it's only good for two or three people and a small table in the middle. It did take a little muscle to get the second side up, but I like the tent fabric tight. he had bought one at cabelas, but after i took a tour - I was instantly hooked.

Fairly easy to set up. Even though we got the basic ones, I still love all the features that come with it - the two side pockets are ample and hole a lot of stuff - the window and door ties are perfect.

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