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The gas station the guys stop at on the way home to crash the car is actually located in Buellton, only about a mile from their hotel. Miles leaves his mother's house before she wakes up the next morning in order to avoid this meeting. A film adaptation of Rex Pickett's 2004 novel of the same name, Sideways follows two men in their forties, Miles Raymond (Paul Giamatti), a depressed teacher and unsuccessful writer, and Jack Cole (Thomas Haden Church), a past-his-prime actor, who take a week-long road trip to Santa Barbara County wine country to celebrate Jack's upcoming wedding. Jack and Miles go to a winery that Miles immediately calls mediocre. Crazy Credits Actor Thomas Haden Church, laughing about the line, has commented how funny it was that Jack felt that libraries were the "the hallmark of publishing success.".

Following the wedding ceremony, Miles runs into his ex-wife Victoria and meets her new husband. Stephanie was waiting for Jack in the motel parking lot, where she greeted him with a motorcycle helmet to the nose when he finally arrived. and Miles tells Jack "I am not drinking any fucking merlot!" Miles and Jack are drinking at the Hitching Post. The sequence of digits he presses ends with one of the keys on near the top of the keypad; the pound ("#") key is on the bottom row.

Jack is in Los Angeles at the home of Christine's parents waiting for Miles to pick him up. Jack flirts with Cammi in a scene that takes place in a restaurant on the drive back. Jack is uttering some very strong innuendos, so it is easy to see why Hendricks is upset by this. They were visiting the Frass Canyon Winery, a tourist trap, where Miles had commented that the wine "tastes like the back of an LA schoolbus.".

In the next scene you see Miles in the car observing Jack who knocks on the door. Also, even though it isn't mentioned in the movie, Jack's last name is Cole. What poet does Miles accidentally quote when describing his own life? He also compares himself to "a thumbprint on the window of a skyscraper". | The wallet scene. to the quiz link under the stated answer and then click "Report error" at the bottom of that page. Victoria tells Miles that she is pregnant. Fox Searchlight owns the rights to the characters, but Payne's lack of interest makes the film a non-starter for Fox. Se7en. Miles says that he teaches middle school, yet the scene of him in his classroom shows students clearly older than middle school. When the pourer refuses, Miles then proceeds to make an idiot of himself by drinking from the spit bucket. SEE HOW IT WORKS ) Earn 125 POINTS when you purchase a General Admission or 3D movie ticket. The BBQ waitress and her husband are having sex when Miles sneaks into their bedroom to grab Jack's wallet. ", exclaimed which character? The Web's Largest Resource for Famous Quotes & Sayings. After leaving Miles's mother's house, Miles and Jack stop for breakfast. Jack had to promise Miles that he would not be forced to drink any Merlot. SCENE members earn a FREE movie for every 10 they see at Cineplex Theatres.

What is the name of Miles and Jack's motel? Bart was once the Comissioner for Major League Baseball. Jack and Stephanie really hit it off and spend the night together, while Maya and Miles talk about wine. [23], 2004 American comedy-drama film by Alexander Payne, This article is about the film. To explain his broken nose to his fiancée, Jack intentionally damages Miles' Saab 900 convertible, giving the appearance they had been in an accident.

SCENE is an entertainment rewards program brought to you by Scotiabank and Cineplex Entertainment. Upon arrival, they meet Stephanie, who hits Jack in the face with her motorcycle helmet, screaming about his impending wedding and his supposed love for her.

| The script also has plenty of four-letter words. The Windmill is located centrally so they can drive north and visit wineries as they travel back south. Jack also wants to be sure to find someone for Miles. On their own, both wines are well less than stellar. [citation needed]. Stephanie is the wine pourer at one of the wineries that Jack and Miles visit.

Miles' sentiment is shared by many wine lovers around the world - even those from central California. "You said you loved me! When the two guys first meet Stephanie, in one shot, we see her in the process of half-filling Miles' wine glass. Also, a student is shown reading aloud from John Knowles' novel "A Separate Peace" towards the end of the film. Miles decides at the last minute not to go to the reception. Which very practical character made the following comment?

Jack wants … When Miles and Jack visit the Hitching Post for the first time, Gary the Bartender pours them each a glass, then says he's leaving the bottle as he sets it on the bar near the two glasses.

Movies. Stephanie had just found out from Maya that Jack was getting married the next Saturday. Frass Canyon is where Miles calls his book editor, and learns that his novel will not be getting published by the only publishing house that has shown any interest. Plus, earn 10 points for every dollar you spend watching movies online on the Cineplex Store. The remake shifts the setting of the film to Napa Valley. Miles and Maya connect through their mutual interest in wine.

Maya is going for a Master's degree in what subject? ", was whose fiery exclamation? The next day, after spending time with her in town, Miles lets it slip that Jack is to be married. This character exists only in the movie and never appeared on the actual show. Miles told him that since the story was semi-autobiographical, it could be considered partially non-fiction. He informs every girl he sees about this when he flirts with them. One day he receives a voicemail from Maya, who says she enjoyed his manuscript and invites him to visit. Miles considers the winery Frass Canyon to be a joke. Miles is in therapy and on anti-depressants, but usually uses wine to help get by.

Gary is a heavyset Samoan man and he and his business partners make their own wine. The musical will have a book by Rex Pickett and the score by Anthony Leigh Adams. Jack would like to do those things as well, but is more interested in having as much sex as he can before he leaves his bachelor days behind.

The goof item below may give away important plot points. [15] Sandra Oh went on to star in the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy, for which she won two Screen Actors Guild Awards and one Golden Globe Award. Jack discovers that Miles thinks their trip will consist of golfing, good food and visiting wineries. As they are walking back to the motel, Jack tells Miles that Maya did not have a wedding ring on at the bar, implying that she is single as he suspected. Related quizzes can be found here: Sideways Quizzes There are 38 questions on this topic. Miles reveals this fact to Maya, after he accidentally reveals that Jack is getting married. [19], A play adapted by author Rex Pickett from the Sideways novel was produced at multiple theaters in the United States and the United Kingdom, including at the La Jolla Playhouse.

Connections If you find [22], Pickett wrote a sequel to his novel, Vertical, in 2011, following Miles and Jack on a road trip to Oregon with Miles' mother. Directed by Alexander Payne.

"[14] A surprise hit, Sideways became popular in Hollywood, the US, and internationally. Miles unwraps the bunch of money he finds in his mother's drawer.In the next shot it is clear that the currencies he is holding were never wrapped. an error, click through Jack senses that Maya is interested in Miles, who believes she is married.

Miles' friend Jack is an actor. Miles was introducing Jack to the world of oenophilia by showing him how to taste wine properly, although Jack had forgotten to throw out his gum first. It is a snapshot of a teenaged Paul and his real-life father Bart Giamatti. In the next shot, Jack and Maya have switched places (there is a deleted scene that would explain why). – 1:13, This page was last edited on 27 October 2020, at 19:13.

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