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The gang gets sucked into a kindle and go through different books.

Chester stays behind and tries to stall the masked man, holding his father's prized bat, but the masked man easily dispatches him and zaps him with a laser, freezing Chester in stasis. There were shorts that aired on Oh Yeah Cartoons, those are the ones that had Cosmo's old voice. I do Let's Plays 'n stuff: Meanwhile, Timmy desperately needs to use the bathroom after drinking too much lemonade. Chester and A.J., who have grown into buff muscular rebels, are racing through the ruins of Dimmsdale on a hover board while a mysterious masked man chases them.

Mr. Turner's boss comes by with a "Cleanest House" award (The same moment where his boss was about to give Mr. Turner the cleanest office award before he gave it to Dinkleberg due to his office being trashed by Timmy earlier) and sees the place even more trashed, so he tosses the award to Dinkleberg instead and leaves. Before it can get them both, Cosmo manages to poof Timmy back to a kid, but he goes too far and turns Timmy back into a baby. Gene Grillo, Butch Hartman, and Steve Marmel, Paul Claerhout, Jason Dorf, Rod Douglas, Dan Nosella, Having had enough of Timmy constantly taking advantage of them and treating them like slaves, Chester, A.J., Sanjay, and Elmer break off their friendship with him and form the "Anti-Timmy Force Four" to prevent Timmy from going any further. The scene where the Dimmy is shown is featured on three of the TV Cubes. Timmy getting in trouble with his parents after ruining their jobs. Timmy accidentally fires the rocket launcher he brought back from television, blowing the roof off and destroying and the upper floor of his house with the roof landing on the masked man standing on a tree, knocking him unconscious. The gang find themselves in an old western film. Mr. and Mrs. Turner came back to the room with ammo and are about to take Timmy's TV out of his room and use the rocket launcher with ammo to fire at Dinkleberg's house, but they discovered the note and realized that their son had ran away as they become devastated about this, but Mr. Turner also realizes that his son would spell Dinkleberg after misspelling Forever in the "Goodbye Foreveur" note. In the TV Universe, the masked man is chasing Timmy through the TV channels, when he crashes into the wrong channel cube and ends up in a children's cartoon called "Paula Poundcake", (a parody of Strawberry Shortcake). about Vicky, and whether she is really evil after A.J. hesitates, but Chester is about to spill everything to Mr. and Mrs. Turner. Still inside the Space Spectre cartoon, Timmy and his fairies are about to be captured by the masked man, who has tracked them down.

Timmy's parents want him to stay at Flappy Bob's Learnatorium while they go to meet the President for his "State of the beach address". Timmy and his fairies in the world of Walnuts. However, Timmy contradicts her visually by the characters he watches on TV as they've stayed the same age even after a couple of years. : The gang try to get a award in any way possible. : The Musical" on June 10, 2005. The show goes back and shows what happened in Bikini Bottom. ?THAT WAS OUR PAINTING! however, a Few Hidden Cameras secretly appear on both A.J. Mr. and Mrs. Turner told Timmy to not watch Maho Mushi anymore and watch an educational program, like "Dictator Week" (a parody of World War II history) on the Biographical Channel, (a parody of the History Channel), but Timmy refuses. SpongeBob and the Gang get sucked into a zombie movie! Timmy removes the Bo Peep costume and is now angry about his parents not believing anything he says about Vicky again and punishing him for all the things that he did not do as he becomes fed up with this. When Wanda disguises Cosmo as Timmy to fool Vicky, the transformation takes a while to complete and he retains his green pupils and voice. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Wanda explains that the length godparents spend with their godchildren depends on how much their godchild believes in them, but they'll eventually have to leave when Timmy becomes an adult. The gang gets sucked into different TV adverts. SpongeBob and friends find themselves in the middle of a pony acopylypse.

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