tate reeves press conference today

They fit under the governor’s criteria for additional measures, which includes more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents over two weeks or more than 200 total cases over two weeks. Now, we know that some animals, and obviously it’s been demonstrated that certain cats can become infected, and so our recommendation for individuals who are infected with COVID-19 is to allow other family members to take care of that pet or to have some distancing from that pet, if you’re the primary caregiver.

She goes to PT three times a week because she has Erb’s palsy, and she has been doing great. Which originally we were thinking probably was April 21 or 22 which is now being estimated to be April, 17,18 19 somewhere in that range. The districts, thus far, have been, But last week, Reeves suggested he could delay the reopenings with a statewide mandate after reading the districts’ plans — which he’s been doing. People who have the virus are scared of what the impact is going to be to them. We have to allow for life to go on in the meantime. So the more that we are able to protect ourselves from infection. Do we know how many of those people who have died did not have insurance? Governor Reeves: (39:04) Reeves, I am a second grade teacher, a public school advocate and a mom,”, “The reopening of schools in this environment is a major challenge. Daily COVID-19 cases are rising in all but three states. What we must do is look for innovative ways to reach what we all believe is the right outcome.

That has to be the focus.”. The president of the Mississippi Association of Educators, the state’s teachers union, addressed a video to Reeves on Monday morning, pointedly asking him to delay the start of school until early September. Governor, are you worried about people, for lack of a better description, becoming stir-crazy? No. Kayleigh Brown is turning four today, happy birthday, Kayleigh.

Alexis [Kitrell 00:36:52], 16 years old from Mize, Mississippi.

Copyright 2020 WTOK. We were over 21,000 test in Mississippi yesterday. ZJ, we are praying for you. Brad Whittington is a hard-working first responder. It is critically important that you do everything you can to take care of yourself. Gov. Learn about careers at Cox Media Group. The individuals who are elderly in our population.

Adam Ganucheau, as Mississippi Today's editor-in-chief, oversees the newsroom and works with the editorial team to fulfill our mission of producing high-quality journalism in the public interest. Dr. Byers: (14:54) Is there anything, or is it too early to know, is there anything that can change resource wise perhaps in places like the Delta?

And so, we’ve got a lot to prepare for in addition to COVID-19. Dr. Byers: (06:09) Abigail Jenkins is turning 13. But, at some point, if that patient, over a period of three days or five days or seven days, however long it takes, once they get through the worst of it and there in the recovery phase, it may be that we then can push that patient back out to that hospital that, A, is probably closer to where they live, closer to where their family is, and so that’s going to be the first mode of surge is utilizing the system that we already have in place. (WTOK) - Mississippi Gov. Happy birthday, Anthony White, Cooper Allgood. Happy birthday, Cody. Britt Baker is turning 15 today. All of whom by the way, are working diligently to do more tests and we are as well. Tate Reeves will announce additional measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 at a 2:30 p.m. news conference Monday. That’s exactly what we need to be doing. Speaker 12: (27:51) The services that you offer. Governor Reeves: (27:27)

I’m sorry, Brock [Lawsh 00:38:21] from Lexington likes cartoons. Parker Ryan from Wesson, and Ben Ton enjoys writing and creating comments. Lee, happy birthday. Governor Reeves: (36:03)

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