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It's quite a lot of time in an environment where really you're not, you're not really safe anywhere. And I said 'why, why do you that Martinkus?' And it remains to be seen how the Veterans Affairs and Australian Defence Force and Return Services Leagues will support and care for those soldiers. View Ben Quilty’s artworks on artnet.

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""You learn by studying other people," says Kelly. You know, when we have a loss like that, you know, it's part of our family, it's part of our group and our team and our brotherhood. BEN QUILTY: The SOTG guys would take me out on training runs still within Tarin Kot, still within the base but into some pretty beautiful parts of the landscape around Tarin Kot. It's a living collection, it's, ah, a collection that is growing, um, with the times, with what's happening in history. I said 'I'm not ready to paint yet.

It was an all-day event. Ben Quilty’s artwork provides opportunities for students to explore the relationship between the subject matter in Quilty’s work and how the artwork is then formed. After high school, Quilty followed his interest in art and obtained a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Painting from Sydney College of the Arts at the University of Sydney, graduating in 1994. I always remembered that Margaret had this expectation and that I wanted to prove her right, that I wanted her to be seen to have made the right decision picking me. And that's what I wanted to know as an artist. He went on to receive an honorary doctorate of creative arts from the University of Western Sydney. So I wasn't too surprised; a little bit worried, but not too surprised at all. And eventually we withdrew under the protection of darkness.

The sketches are in the field, so we know that he's sitting there with these troops, making these sketches of them; sitting down doing portrait sittings in Kandahar, Tarin Kot. There's no doubt that Ben sees those, that we've had to carry those bad moments. But it's a really toxic substance and I realised when I was pretty young that I wanted to be healthy, and my worst nightmare is that I get some illness from the thing that I love doing. I can't let go of that. BEN QUILTY: When I got back to Australia and I started to try and work from the photographs that I'd taken there the photographs really to me felt quite hollow. Quilty is known for his distinctive style of oil painting and a range of topics which includes portraits (he won the Archibald Prize for his portrait of artist and friend Margaret Olley), examination of masculine culture, expression of psychological interiors, and others which show his engagement with a range of social issues, such as the death penalty, asylum seekers, and massacres of Indigenous Australians. A range of activities can be created with these concepts in mind that challenge students to think about the important milestones or moments that may have affected their lives. And more often, the amount of work that we get is worth 10 times more then what we're actually able to afford to pay these artists. LAUREN WEBSTER, CURATOR, AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL: With the artists of course, we pay them. [27] Newcastle Art Gallery Cullen 'before and after' (2006). Still, it's very difficult to explain to children why their daddy has to go away for a month. And he said 'Well, you know, if the plane crashes, I'm going to capture it Ben. Most of the soldiers I met are. ben quilty wife kylie needham. The War Memorial's Ben Quilty exhibition will tour nationally from February next year. You know they'll, (laughs) what will they think of me?'. You are that person, you take it on, and many of us take that forward. Ben Quilty found national fame when he won the 2011 Archibald Prize with a portrait of his mentor, Margaret Olley. Ben Quilty (born 1973 in Sydney) is an Australian artist and social commentator, who has won a series of painting prizes: the 2014 Prudential Eye Award, 2011 Archibald Prize and 2009 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.He has been described as one of Australia's most famous living artists.

So it was definitely a different type of artist to what I'm normally used to. It's a remarkable experience to have on your birthday. 47 Year Olds.

And I know a hell of a lot of soldiers that I've met saw him as a very sort of fatherly figure in their time within Afghanistan. He was trying something new, and as far as I know it worked. I got the kids to … AIR COMMODORE JOHN ODDIE (RET), FMR DEPUTY COMMANDER, JOINT FORCES MIDDLE EAST: To hear there was a war artist coming, I thought well how about that! Such work is in the tradition of war artists that began in World War I with artists Arthur Streeton, George Lambert and Frederick McCubbin. And I think just telling Ben about it has probably opened his eyes a little bit to some of the events that occur. At the end of the portrait sitting, he stood up and said 'you've painted me exactly how I feel. BEN QUILTY: We did everything that young men do, drugs and alcohol and complete debauchery and destruction. Before I went to Afghanistan, I guess I was anti-war. BEN QUILTY: I'd been to the passing out parade of Afghan National Army soldiers in Tarin Kot.

BEN QUILTY: When I got off the phone, Kylie looked at me and said 'What was that about?' I think choosing Margaret to paint for the Archibald was a really natural loving gesture in many ways. I mean it is terrifically sad that we send people to war and they come home with all this trauma. You can't go back and not be that person when you leave. I definitely always loved making drawings and paintings and really it's cause mum was at different art schools doing painting and printmaking for most of my childhood. ABC NEWS REPORTER: The who's who of the art world, political leaders and fans gathered to honour one of Australia's best loved artists - including Ben Quilty who painted this year's Archibald Prize winning portrait of Margaret Olley. I'm a cameraman and I'm ready for everything.' [20][2], Examples of Quilty's work are held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (Golden Soil, Wealth for Toil (2004), acquired 2005, Fairy Bower Rorschach (2012), acquired 2012, and Self Portrait, the Executioner (2015), acquired 2015),[21] the Art Gallery of South Australia (Self portrait (as Cook ...) (2011), and Self portrait (as Cook with sunglasses) (2011)),[22] the Bendigo Art Gallery (Kuta Rorschach No 2 (2013), acquired 2014),[23] the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery (Torana (2007), and Skull Rorschach (2009))[24] the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (Van Rorschach (2005), acquired 2007),[25] the Parliament of Australia (Lead Shot Rorschach (2013)),[26] and the Queensland Art Gallery (Sergeant P, after Afghanistan (2012)).

KYLIE NEEDHAM, WIFE: He was worried about going to Afghanistan as an artist, because he said 'oh God, what are they going to think about me, you know? My birthday every year will be that commemoration service (crying). We are keen to hear your story ideas and follow-ups, as well as suggestions. JOHN MARTINKUS, WAR MEMORIAL CINEMATOGRAPHER: Ben's personality worked really well because he wasn't challenging their experiences or trying to one up himself or anything like that, quite the opposite. He says he now feels a huge respect and a huge responsibility to help them tell their own powerful stories. His task was to record and interpret the experiences of Australian service personnel who are deployed as part of Operation Slipper. [31], In 2009, he won the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Australia's most lucrative portrait prize, for a painting of Australian musician Jimmy Barnes. Really my experience had to be a lot less than many other wives whose husbands are going off to a war zone. Congratulations Ben! JOHN MARTINKUS, WAR MEMORIAL CINEMATOGRAPHER: Quite often the insurgents would shoot at the base or there'd be IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device). (laughs). Virgo Named Ben #32. I did wonder why I was the one that was going to stand out in the middle of the desert.

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BEN QUILTY: We were together for quite a lot of years but we travelled a lot before we got married. Tonight's Australian Story is about my good friend, artist Ben Quilty. BEN QUILTY: I do understand why it's hard for them to talk about it, and hard and almost impossible for them to really talk about their emotions at this point. BEN QUILTY: My process is unlike a lot of artists.

LAUREN WEBSTER, CURATOR, AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL: The War Memorial has a long history of commissioning artists and this began in the First World War.

I knew how much I didn't want him to go and how much he needed to go. And I started doing drawings of the soldiers.

A lot of the guys were on their third or fourth deployment. And then he told me that he'd just been offered the position of Official War Artist in Afghanistan (laughs) and I nearly died. In the chopper crash in 2010 I had some close friends in that crash where three died. Photograph: Art Gallery Of Nsw/PR IMAGE Cold Chisel has certainly had an influence on Quilty’s art. CAPTAIN 'S', SPECIAL OPERATIONS TASK FORCE: There's not too much more you can talk about it.

And that's why they have so much strength and power. Kandahar Air Base is a city of 35,000 people. For those who become wounded there is a commitment to 'best quality care and support and to listening and learning continuously to improve management of wounded members and their families'. The exhibition included works from his time in Afghanistan, Greece, Serbia and Lebanon and celebrated his connection to artist Margaret Olley[19] as well as including new Rorschach-based works documenting the Myall Creek massacre and an hitherto unrecorded massacre in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY lands) in South Australia, titled Irin Irinji. I wasn't always admitting the truth to myself about my life.

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