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When a monk gives blesses people making merit, we call the monk haiporn. Other brands used in Thai nicknames include the popular Fiat (the little Italian car), or Cola (as in Coca Cola) for a boy, Pepsi (Cola’s rival), Beam (as in the American whiskey) and Seven (as in 7-11) a common girl’s nickname. The names of small animals and of food and drink are mostly female names, whereas names of leisure activities and technology are mainly male names. It sounds naughtier when it is used in the word fuktong and fukmeaw because it can mean fuck the person called ‘Tong’ and ‘Meaw’. Gob = Frog

Ami = Daughter

Thai baby names reflect the nobility, region, or the religion to which the baby belongs. Aree = Kind Oun = Fat Big things. Kraichid means close up. Sometimes these names seem a bit silly, but the person can be known by this name all through adulthood, regardless of how prestigious a level they have reached. Ped = Duck

Submitted by Daryl Stevenson . Do not feel offended if someone refers to you as kăo. Gail = Old All over the place. Pie = Bamboo Translations include gold, straight, stomach, and more. Kan = Scratch/Itch So while the PM met with world leaders on the most important issues of the world, his staff always referred to him by his nickname. Dum = Black

Chue means name’ and len means ‘play’. An English teacher I heard about who wanted to speak very slowly to be understood shouted out “Quiet” whenever the noise level got too much.

Thai people, contrary to what many people think of when they hear this word, are not constantly speaking about their slender undergarments. Porn and Tid can be either a girl's or a boy's name. Lamyai = Longan…it’s a small fruit…very tasty Some people are actually named after their gender – Chai (ชาย chaai ) “male”, Ying This is not because someone is hurt, however, but because they want something.

Others common names that raise a smile are: Terdsak – It sounds familiar to turd sack, hmm, a sack of shit. Say, food or technology….

The number of fives sent will vary, but one thing remains constant: someone is laughing. Ow means want in Thai, and Thai people ow a lot of stuff. Name Thai Province Population (2015) Bueng Kan: บึงกาฬ : Bueng Kan: 4,760 Chai Prakan: ไชยปราการ: Chiang Mai: 16,044 Mae Sai: แม่สาย: Chiang Rai: 22,778 Phimai: พิมาย: Nakhon Ratchasima: 9,878 Wiang Fang: เวียงฝาง: Chiang Mai: 7,652 References. Food, names of people, places, might make you giggle once in a while.

It may not be the most helpful of words, but it is certainly funny. So much so that it’s not uncommon to know someone for years and still not be entirely sure of their real name and surname (unless it’s on their Facebook page!).

Currently a primary school teacher. When I taught in a nursery, had some ridiculous ones. Nee = RunAway When put together with porn, the interpretation is to have a lot of something.

In informal cases, the chue len is commonly used and even used to introduce oneself to a new friend. Bang in a short tone and means cover or shelter. Ging = Branch Visitors of Thailand who hear this particular word muttered may find themselves taken aback a bit. Unfortunately, it is likely to be pronounced like cock in English.

Toy = Tiny Or the Thai lad known as (a) Prik (chili, pepper). Gwang = Deer Came here for this haha. 2020-06-16T06:03:34+07:00, Naughty Naughty – a guide to Thai words with unfortunate English meanings. The thing about Thai names and nicknames is that Thai people like them unique (hence the ridiculousness of diversity taken to the extreme as exemplified by this blog post, which is just a slice of “uniqueness” in Thai nicknames).

A popular word that is put in the names of places is Bang. So you may be called jimEEE or julEEE! Also, Thai names were based by combining monosyllables that indicated … Many may never discover the person’s formal name. Porn = Blessing Muang = Mango Luknam (baby water). However one of Thailand’s most popular and beautiful screen actresses in known as Pancake, so that gives the name a bit of credibility.

Every Thai person has a first name and a nickname aka chue len. Prick in Thai, however, means chili. Gaen = Naughty Our beautiful name Pornpiss meaning ‘full of blessings’ becomes something very different in English.

Alas, this is not the case.

Parents give their children a chue len in addition to a formal given name. I thought I misheard it when she said her name. Pom = Chubby

Phueng = Bee The reason is that in old Thai bang means ‘area by the river’, then it is followed by the name of each area. © Courtesy of Juan Antonio F. Segal/Flickr.

A popular word that is put in the names of places is Bang.

But don’t laugh too much if you know someone with this name.

A very common name for a Thai woman is Porn. Dee = Good New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

Tim = Ruby

Thong literally means metal that has a beautiful color in Thai, it mostly refers to gold. But because of the Thai spelling it is written as piss, which might make some foreigners laugh. I must say, Donald Duck has not aged gracefully.. POST A STORY.

And my mom wanted to name me after her so when I grown up, I would be pretty just like her.

Pla = Fish

Pim = Type/print Maew = Cat The funniest one is fukmee which in Thai could mean something like ‘having enough gourd’. Amm = Sister

We know of one set of parents who named their kids with the names of cars; BMW, Mercedes Benz and Jaguar. Russian Jet Carrying 233 People Crash-lands in a Cornfield – Birds... Andrew Stocks – “Interviewing a Dream Maker”, A Fresh, French Hotel Manager at the Amari Hua Hin. Nok = Bird

Chang = Elephant Also, Thai names have modified in a way that it can be pronounced and written in both Thai and English and is easy for foreigners to use the names easily. Aoi or Aoy = Sugar cane

Sai = Sand

Indian food this weekend, or perhaps a spicy Thai dish? Nut or Noot = Junior Thais call this action korporn.

Jen = Cool/Cold Mali = Jasmine Naughty Naughty – Thai words with unfortunate English meanings. Cow shit basically.

This is a common word that you may all have heard.

I bet there are Obamas all over the world now. Gung = Prawn Green pumpkins In the Pak Klong Talad market, Bangkok.

What is a derogatory name for you may not be so in Thailand! In addition, this particular word is spoken, so it seems, quite often in Thailand.

Once you've tested the name and asked you're closest friends for their approval, you're officially ready to Thai the knot. Yui = Divine Gift The pervasive use of nicknames in this way apparently comes from the old belief that evil spirits (, (A light-skinned female of Chinese descent), (A light-skinned male of Chinese descent). The owners of these restaurants clearly saw an opportuni-thai to spread joy through their local communi-thai with their hilarious names. A big no no unless you are on good terms with the person and they understand why you might think their name is amusing. Funny Thai Words Translated to English That'll Make You Laugh.

I got bullied because of the name when I was in primary and high school, no one appreciated when someone makes fun of your name.

Sounds like cow’s pad! Just about every Thai person has a nickname by which they are known informally, given to them by their parents at birth. My village has a Giftshop but she doesn't sell anything. Sumali = Flower Waan = Sweet Nim = Gentle/Soft Choke dee – This means lucky, though the English sound doesn’t make for a great name. List RulesVote up the puns that most curry your favor. Fug is most common among boys and means winter melon. Nat = Power of Goodness Come Aboard The Thai Tanic . Tee (toowee) = Buffalo This is not a widespread belief nowadays of course, but nonetheless the use of nicknames remains widespread in Thailand. Occasionally, the chue len is a shortened version of the first name, but more often it is completely unrelated. Additionally rumor has it that the reason for the nickname is based on the superstition that using the true name of a baby will draw the attention of evil spirits, especially when it is said that the baby is cute or beautiful. In 80% of cases the chue len is a single syllable (or worn down from two syllables to one). In fact, terd means worship and sak means honour.

Language has always been a funny thing. Lek = Small Parents give their children a chue len in addition to a formal given name. Aouk in Thai means vomit in English.

‘Chue Len’ – Just For Fun!

Warning: Remember that (most) Thais respect the fact that they got their names from their parents, so to laugh at the names means degrading the parents. From monk blessings to Buddhist blessings and more, there is enough porn to go around.

Vote up the puns that most curry your favor. Have you ever heard a Thai word that can crack a smile on your face?

Chue means name’ and len means ‘play’. Muk = Pearl

Fon = Rain Kok means tap in Thai. Keow = Green Tossaporn – Similarly, the word Tossa, or correctly pronounced Todsa, means ten.

Kind of like these funny Thai restaurant name puns. When it comes to great restaurant names, true beauty is in the Thai of the beholder. Not only Thais’ names, but the places’ names as well might sound funny or dirty to foreigners. There is Bang Sue, Bang Rak, Bank Na, and many others.

Popular Thai Girl Names. Thai. Wun = Day Bun = Merit 04. of 20. Porn in Thai translates to blessings. Ting = Kitten Moo = Pork “Aouk”—Vomit. Many Thai names can become a joke as their sounds are similar to swear words in English or sexual references. Mor means doctor and chit is the name of a doctor. Neung = Eldest child in family

Thip means splendid and that makes Pornthip mean a splendid blessing. This iss confusing, but this is an important word to know for those hoping to try some of the most noteworthy of Thai dishes during their journey through the Land of Smiles.

While the dictionaries of the world define the word “prick” as a number of seemingly innocent things, many minds head straight for the gutter instead when hearing this word. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Som = Orange The first time i was in China, I realized I was sitting having a meal with Dong, Huang, and Hui Hui. Ling = Monkey Jai = Heart So, here you are, a list of naughty Thai words. Kek = Cake Ning = Quiet The nickname often sticks though, even if it no longer has any meaning. Those who love spicy things might have more than one prick, while others with a sensitive palate may not devour a single prick while visiting.

We asked for your help on Facebook in creating the best Thai restaurant names and you didn’t disappoint! Yuk = Giant, Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin.

View Profile View Forum Posts I …

Ao = Soothe Nicknames are useful because official Thai names are often long, particularly among Thais of Chinese descent, whose lengthy surnames stem from an attempt to translate Chinese names into Thai equivalents, or similarly lengthy Sanskrit-derived names. Kok in this sense means olive. Pair = Raft Pet = Diamond Come on, you can’t help but smile when you hear that Porn is going out with nong Fuck. For example, Chakkri (an actor from KhunChang KhunPhaen).

Ae = Young OK – Here Are Some Outrageous Ones (to a Western Ear). The paper was established in 2003.

Most of you know that prick is chili pepper in Thai and nothing to do with a penis.

While first names are sometimes given for religious reasons and usually contain good meaning words.

Maybe he planned on having his kid grow up to be a pilot or at least do a lot of traveling. For the most part, learning a new language is a difficult endeavor. Jit = Heart

In 80% of cases the chue len is a single syllable (or worn down from two syllables to one).

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