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I'd suggest removing the word from your headline. Rajshri’s headline is a fantastic example of how you can set yourself apart from the competition. I have experience with basic IT solutions, many years in Administrative support, customer/client relations and customer service. Probably you can go with: "Languages Grad | Seeking Diverse Roles | ". This person also does a great job of recognizing their brand authority by including the New York Post in their headline.

You never know when a potential hiring manager may not agree with your political/religious/sports stance, so don't put it out there. Not everything needs to be groundbreakingly unique, imo. I was thinking, "Communications Graduate | Music Marketing| Passion for creating engaging content that resonates with audiences globally." Google "how to write a great LinkedIn headline." 4 Account I do this in my profile, and it’s what drives the majority of my inbound coaching leads and traffic to my site. But I'm in engineering, and you might want to tweak the presentation. It’s no fun when people just tell you what to do and not how to do it.

LinkedIn Headline Examples for Students or Recent Graduates. I've worked about a year a half in the music industry, mostly interning while in college. 2 Director. I've been looking for a job or internship for what is now six months and still haven't found anything, that's why I'm trying to keep my possibilities open with any recruiter of any field that might want to hire me. Before we jump into the meat of things, I want to highlight some mistakes that I see a LOT of people making on LinkedIn. I would try to work that in here, “Omni-Channel Marketing Lead at Facebook…” for example.

Or, let’s say you were laid off as a graphic designer and you want to transition into a Paid Marketing Manager position: LinkedIn Headline Example: Unemployed Marketing Manager, Digital Marketer | PPC, SEM, Facebook Ads | Google Ads & Analytics Certified | I Help Companies Scale Their Lead Gen With Low CPAs. very helpful and insightful website. Awesome! Those are going to help Rajshri show up in more searches and get in front of more recruiters! Hey all, What can I put on my LinkedIn headline if I don’t know what I want to do for a job but I want to learn more new skills? Could I message you once I come up with a few versions and get your expertise? I’m currently an economics major and I have no idea what I want to do in life.

I’m glad it was helpful! I truly appreciate it and definitely agree with your recommendations. I’m super happy to hear it helped you out — there are plenty more on the site here. Go to Career Services (virtually) and take advantage of every single strengths finder and career path resource they offer.

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