navy seal wall of shame list

61. When a judge sentenced Stern to one year of probation in December 1996, he ordered Stern to write a letter of apology to every living recipient of the Medal of Honor.


The Navy SEALs are a special operations group associated with the Navy. Collins Michael Raymond LT Esau John Jacob COX94.

Mecale John BM281. Someone needs to haul his tail down into the old Fire Room and invite some genuine Seals issue him a BT Punch. 45. Thomas Collin Trent SOC 34. Lucas Jeffrey Alan ET1 ``Ever since then, I've had a burning hatred for the people who would steal their honor.''.

But Schantag, a former Marine, cares little about the psychological makeup of fake military heroes. 80. In fact, I have been discussing the situation with one of those close to him and she is getting crap on her FB page. ``He uses this claim for gain at our place of employment,'' wrote a co-worker. 10. Morris Stephen Leroy HT1 ``I had some students that were very, very marginal,'' Ashman said. 58. Sure enough, the fellow rolled up his sleeve and showed off the tattoo on his arm. Dry Melvin Spence LT He declined requests for an interview. Chester David A ENS

Wolfe Richard Ogden HM1 The National Navy SEAL Museum is home to the only Memorial dedicated solely to honoring Navy SEALs and Frogmen for their sacrifice and love of country. The jacket maybe real (there is no “issue” jacket for SEALs with a Trident on it), but the guy is a fake. 29. (Carp.)45. Antone Frank George SN 22. One true hero Lee, then a Marine captain, led several members of his company on a bloody and daring mission that began Aug. 8 and did not end until the next day. Miranda Denis Christian SO3 Arrowood said Ashman did not apologize and on Feb. 15, 2000, Ashman's name was added to the ``Wall of Shame,'' where it remains today. It seems that Ken Woerheide was in the Boiler Tech rating. Marcum John Wayne SOCS 78. 33. Lee, one of 149 surviving Medal of Honor recipients and the only one who lives in Hampton Roads, said he does not recall receiving a letter from Stern. Pittman Jesse Daryl SO1 The message on his answering machine identifies him as ``Captain Charles Moeller.'' 36. Protecting the Valor of those who have defended our freedom. Boston Donald Earl IC3 Fuller Sr. John Anthony GM222. Ouellette Brian Joseph BM1 85. And there are those who claim to be recipients of the Medal of Honor, the nation's most prestigious military citation. Bussell John Edward ENS11. Burkett and Glenna Whitley for their excellent book entitled.

Too many movies maybe?? 24. Rodriguez III Isaac Georgetti TM2 '', (Lists men who claim to be current or former Navy SEALS), (Gives the names of those who claim to be former prisoners of war), (Identifies those who claim to have won the Medal of Honor). Yates Lee Carlton LTJG69. The bad part is he kept being advanced,,,Recall his ass to active duty and court martial him….PN1(SW), here is a question id like to know a answer to… it he a real Vietnam VET .. did the USS Marvin Shields have a tour in the Area of Support for Vietnam?… the only thing i have found is a tour in south america but not Vietnam.. i probably over looked it.. but if they didn’t there is at least three maybe four awards that don’t add up there as well. 51. Charles A. Moeller, USN-Ret.''

The man claimed his North Vietnamese captors nailed him to a tree, then tossed him into a ditch and left him for dead. The larger version of the photo is shown below. Keith Roy Benjamin SN Dolan Patrick Raymond MOMM275. Cunningham John Randolph ATN2 Maestas Mario Gabriel IT2

Milliken Kyle Jeffrey SOCS On its ``Wall of Shame,'' CyberSEALs says Nolan claimed to be a member of Seal teams 2 and 6. In a follow-up interview, Moeller said he legally changed his name a few years ago and served in the Navy under the other name. Marshall Walter Alan SA 14. Lewis Seth Cody SO1

Ebbert Kevin Richard SO1 Johnathan Robert Mathes: Where did you find the Marvin Shields’ deployment history? 26. 3. Coates Richard J. SA 76. Keating IV Charles Humphrey SOC 86. Though temporarily blinded in his right eye by a North Vietnamese hand grenade that landed about two feet away, Lee helped rescue a Marine reconnaissance unit under withering enemy fire.


100. 58. CyberSEALs has verified that Nolan and six others are imposters and have added their names to the ``Wall of Shame.'' Melochick Melvin F. MM3 It was time for the truth to come out.

management. Fraley Eugene Thomas ADR2 41. There was suspicion that Woerheide kept up the SEAL claim but was merely careful doing it around any SEALs. For some reason, SEAL imposters almost always claim to be in Seal Team 6.

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