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If it is the hardest shrine, ill be a little disappointed. There are some pretty challenging shrines in Breath of the Wild, and here are the top 10 most difficult, ranked. In the chest there's a Traveler's Sword. Step onto the beach to trigger the mission, then go back to the raft and get your stuff. For this shrine, Link has to guide a sphere through a maze using the Switch's motion controls to tilt the maze around. My biggest issue was the Moblin and a few hits from them even with having 13 hearts. Hardest to find was the one on Hebra's Great Skeleton since my sensor was beeping all over the place until I finally found the door.

Wear some stealth armor and follow him until a Yiga Blademaster appears, advancing the quest. lol. I've died half a dozen times now mainly because of a stray hit from an enemy I didn't anticipate. Don't cheat and throw all your good weapons on the island beforehand... Do keep in mind though, there are a lot of hearty veggies on the isle, so use those to your advantage!

Climb up the cliff by its head.

edit: it didn't take long at all either. Very very hard, but doable. What really helped me was sailing off a cliff, landing on the chest of the sleeping dude, grabbing the special ball and running away. I beat it in my first try. Collect 4 Spirit Orbs to expand your Heart Containers or Stamina!

@Englishpsycho87 I tried dropping some stuff on the rocks to the East of the island that are aparently not part of the island, but when I swam back to get it, it asked me if I was quiting. Effect: Makes Link clip through the moving blocks in the Daqa Koh Shrine. You don't need a weapon, and you don't need food. Those were some pretty aggravating shrines, but let’s face it: The spirit orbs are totally worth it. I was able to take the bow and club off his neck though, which, combined with the high attack from my banana recipe and a few boat oars, were enough to finish him.

Here’s the 10 most frustrating shrines in Breath of the Wild. Would kinda ruin the fun I guess however. It made the beginning much easier IMO. Those are the most important ones.

Also, beating the Hinox with metal boxes using Magnesis is super effective!

It's not exactly difficult, but it can be frustrating because it's easy to mess up one little thing and have to start a large portion of the shrine all over again. However it was my last orb and I was determined to get it back. Paraglide onto the lookout and take him out before he has chance to spot you, then glide down and take out the other two Bokoblins at your leisure. Power, courage, wisdom -- everything you’ll need if you want to beat Ganon.

Hey, this article should be marked as spoiler. I found this shrine pretty early on, before any divine beasts, I think I had 4 hearts and a Stamina upgrade. Escort quests are always a handful, and the Into the Vortex shrine quest kicks things up a notch by making your escort a dumb rock ball you need to haul around just to open the place up. Also, for the camp with the third orb, I climbed up to the hilltop where the shrine appears and threw bombs down. After what seems like an hour -- he finally has the shrine in sight, which of course lures you into coming out to congratulate him, only for you to fail because he didn’t actually reach the shrine yet. This was my favorite shrine by far, though I don't see it as being all that difficult. I also tackled this with no Divine Beast powers, getting there via Cryonis blocks and saving just before hitting the quest barrier. For the third orb. They either test Link's strength or his mind and give him special rewards.

Ascend the hill from the side where the Hinox is sleeping and take out the lookout to the right with an arrow, then crouch and move slowly to the right so you have a clear shot on the three Bokoblins dancing around the campfire. - I’m going to burn this forest down. Oh, yeah. I didn't even have to sneak to get that orb from the Hinox. I hope you loved tailing that other guy in Kakariko Village, because The Lost Pilgrimage Shrine quest, wow. I wouldn't call this the hardest shrine quest at all. Though most of my deaths on the island was because I kept accidentally bombing myself. Once the coast is clear, use Statis on the slab and hit it to remove it and reveal the pedestal. (SPOILERS, I guess...) The easy way to beat the Hinox is to lure him over to the tree house.

Follow him on Twitter at @Ragga_Fragga. It is all about patience. This page will list all the Test of Strength Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. @AlexOlney Really? I can't confirm it but from what I have heard if you drop your gear and then pick it up again after the quest has started you will lose it all. I haven't done this shrine yet but I have listened to my friend do it over Discord as we played together and the funniest part was when he said, "You know, it would really suck to get a blood moon while I'm out here," and then not five minutes later he went, "Oh crap! This shrine forces Link to use his Magnesis Rune in order to move metal objects around inside the shrine. Climb the column, pick up the orb and jump onto the pedestal. It was annoying and I was afraid of knocking/blowing it into the ocean. Head sound from the swamp and you'll arrive at the first Bokoblin camp. Did this shrine with 5 hearts, two stamina upgrades and managed to kill the Hinox while I was at it. Skirt around the right-hand side and head towards the hilltop camp on on the south tip of the mountain, where the pedestal lies. These shrines contain no puzzles or monsters and the treasure chest and Spirit Orb are given freely just for accessing the shrine. I tried climbing on top of him, or going up on his hand, and I got the weapons and stuff on his neck, but never the orb. Hardest!! @GoldenGamer88 Yeah, that was my tactic! For me it was the one where you have to roll the snowball down the hill. Put a nice dent in his health for me. The Hinox is the hardest to beat, but if you can sneak to the top of the island and rain bombs on the gang of moblins below, their weapons make the Hinox much easier to beat. At the bottom of a large hill. XD. At some point, he continues to stay in one place which made it easier to deal with. That or finally making it to the end after 10x tries not realizing you need to talk to oaki, sneak into the shrine, finish it, and then fast travel back to the great tree lol. That island has a shrine, as well as a raft. The Hinox got me mostly.

I want the old dungeons back! and rolloff bombs. The last tip we'll give is that, when the guardians are almost dead, they become dedicated death beam turrets. I grabbed it and RAN! He can't reach you on the platform, but his eye is right there and an easy target. I wish the island was bigger though. You know what -- forget this, I’m punting this ball into the ocean. Carpenters reference and ain't no way it ain't. Every Shrine with forced motion controls is WAY harder for obvious reasons.

This… wonderful, adorable, silly old Korok will have you screaming in frustration as you watch him wander aimlessly around the Lost Woods in search of a Shrine. CarbideTitan 2 years ago #2. It's a blood moon!" These guys have a ton of health and can do serious damage if you're not careful. The guards outside of Impa's house will tell Link about how thieves stole an important heirloom from Paya, the girl that lives in the house with Impa. Zelda BotW Secret Shrine Quest Locations - riddle and puzzle solutions. This place is downright terrifying to get through, especially if you stumble across it early on, and haven’t mastered the awesome art of perfect parrying - or, you know - running away really fast and not getting killed in one hit. Take a raft right up to the beach and then drop a good weapon, bow, shield, and good raw food on the raft, shoot some arrows into the deck, and eat some hearty food. That lighting one really is OP. From a high place, I threw both Square and Round bombs, switching between the two. But don’t you dare help him -- even when he calls out for help -- or it’s back to the start!

The game was one of the first games released for the Nintendo Switch and has remained among the most popular on the console. Just remember to drop precious items before placing the third orb in its altar, or they're gone forever. I lucked out with the Hinox.

Bomb the group. Although it's a lot of fun, the motion controls are super precise and it's pretty frustrating. Already done this, and it was pretty fun.

What’s the hardest shrine to unlock and complete? Although I did it with a lot of hearts. ), and be sure to use our IGN Wiki to clear every last one.

Hardest to find was the one on Hebra's Great Skeleton since my sensor was beeping all over the place until I finally found the door. Shirtless Link ? Funny enough getting to the island was harder for me.

Took a few tries. Take shelter by the fire under the rocky overhang close to the Hinox at night and skip to morning to avoid the incessant thunderstorms. If you're trying to get all of the Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild then you may well have hit a brick wall with the Korgu Chideh Shrine, which lies on Eventide Island in the south-east part of the map. I had to watch a video to see how to do it because at first, I was pressing the buttons but getting nowhere.

For me any shrine you had to use motion controls or tilt the switch.... God please never let me have to do it again. Because you're starting with nothing, the most basic rule of Eventime Island is collect everything.

I may try throwing a couple things in the water next time, but you can get everything you need on the island, so this seems like an unnecessary cheat/hack even if it works. Lord that one drove me nuts. i died about 20 times and almost completed the island, except i mixed up the orbs, taking the one from koholit and dropping down the side to a bottom platform, which meant i couldn't get any other orb back up onto the rock :/ Then i tried the dropping a few weapons whilst in the water glitch, so i was able to start the island with a few good weapons and finally got through. I only have one Divine Beast power, the elephant thingy, but I did manage to beat this one last night without dying. On the surface this seems like the hardest orb to get, but unless you've very confident - or you have Urbosa's Fury - then don't try to fight this monster, which makes things much easier. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW) features a grand total of 120 Shrines to locate and complete around the map. Is Link going to face off with Ganon on the putting green to decide the fate of Hyrule? This was after spending ages using bombs to finally murder the Hinox (before I realised I could of just stolen it). But it was storming and the wind drove the slab back, and when the balloons finally popped, the slab landed basically right where it had previously been, right on top of the ball receptacle.

The Hinox I led up to the hillside camp, using a combination of bombs and Stasis. It wasn't hard, it just needs more patience and planning. Their names and locations can be found here. If you actually need a guide to beat it you can apparently land in the water next to the raft, drop your gear on the raft then go on the island and the stuff on the raft will still be there.

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