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Jenna takes advantage of the tension between Sean and Leigh. Hobie who likes a girl named Heather tries to imitate Slade just so that he can impress her but Hobie's friend Landon tries to talk him out of it. Later she and Mitch find him on the beach again. When a new girl named Caroline arrives to the beach for the first time, she tries to befriend the most popular girls, Joanie, Kris and Jenna. She guest-starred in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! She accidentally dropped a laundry detergent bottle into the washing machine. They discover that Captain Bob and his sons are diving for sea urchins, and they earn a lot of money by selling the sea urchins. As his trust in Jenna deepens, Sean decides to take a huge risk by sharing his most dark and emotional secret with her. Hobie manages to rescue everyone with the help of Jessie and April Josie ends up in a coma and Brad tells Josie's father that Hobie caused the accident.

Mitch doesn't want her to do that, because he doesn't want to lose them. has the opportunity to become a model. Mitch attends his high school reunion, rekindling an old flame with former wife Gail, while Eddie plays father for the day. It does not take very long until everyone finds out that Jessie turns out to be a bad maintenance person. They then decide to go out at night looking for the last ones, but soon discover that the victims have been swept into another cave via an underwater channel. Caroline tries to help a Chinese immigrant woman stay in America after the woman escapes from an illegal refugee boat. Stephanie agrees to be their safety officer, because she is in love with the team leader Reily Ferguson. worries that a priest is leaving the church for her and Matt investigates whether Santa's elves are really vacationing at Baywatch. Sherri wants to paint while Vic goes for a swim. Mitch saves a Hawaiian girl from secondary drowning. As they look around the training center, Barney explains to Sean that he's been a widower for eight years. Eddie and Shauni squabble after Shauni accidentally hurts Eddie. Meanwhile, Newman makes a play for Alex who's oblivious to his moves, while she quarrels with Mitch over running the Baywatch lifeguard program. They have, in fact, ramped it up to the next level, even though both know that what they are doing is dangerous and not in the best interests of the team. When Barnett has taken care of her, a huge wave come and throws Mitch towards the cliffs. Then Ken tells Mitch that he isn't a hero, but not a chicken either. The only mainstays from Season 10 were Sean Monroe, JD, Jason and Kekoa.

If that's not enough for April to handle, Hans freaks out and is convinced that he is going to die. After Steph comes to the girl's rescue, a guilty Caroline confesses she missed the rescue because of Logan. Jessie and Kekoa is still fighting for J.D., something he loves. Musical guest star: When the Baywatch gang find out that their jobs are in jeopardy due to budget cuts, everyone decide to volunteer as civilian lifeguards. But then Kekoa informs them that they must remove their bikini tops! Al wants everyone to leave a ""legacy"" after one dies, such as a building or a home. Meanwhile, Zack is showing around Peggy, one of the trainees. She also decides to give Caroline some more challenging beaches than on Mother's Beach (8.6 Lifeguard Confidential). 's mother pays her a visit while on the run from criminals. Now Cody does not have any plans so Kali decides to give him a guided tour around the islands. C.J.

The tether of April's rescue can tangles on the jet ski intake and April is dragged through the water struggling for breath. Later Newmie returns and Alex can not believe her eyes when she finds out that Newmie is wearing a toupee. On her way there while she is riding her bicycle, a man on a motorcycle brushes by her. When two of them are rescued, the third one refuses to leave the cliffs. Lambert over a period of seven seasons on the TV series Step by Step. Thi, Newmie has created a kite-flying contest for the benefit of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

He's also still dealing with his feelings for Leigh as he tries to choose between the two. Craig is knocked unconscious. Despite of being cheated on her with Neely, Logan and Caroline agreed to resolve their problems to new beginnings as just friends, without having her seeing his accent stuff, before he left Baywatch for good.

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