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2 is just what you may be looking for.Loaded with hundreds of lofi samples that sound like they came out straight from an old record, this collection is the perfect addition to your arsenal if you’re looking to create timeless melodies for your beats. The chord progressions are slow and melancholic and played on dark pianos or jazzy guitars. For example, you can hear both the kick drum and the vinyl crackle in the kick one-shots but they don’t seem to blend as one. Alex Lavoie works as a Marketing Strategist at LANDR by day and moonlights as a drummer for folk-rock outfit The Painters. We used the drum one-shots to create the drum groove by dropping the WAV files into Ableton’s Drum Rack.

The drum loops seemed to be a little lacking so we chopped them up as well. Every … Free Sound Packs 808 Drum Kit. If you would ask me what would be my desert island picks, this one would probably be one I wouldn’t want to go without. We also used one of the hi hat samples to create a short reverse riser to use during transitions. Our production team spent multiple days analyzing the most popular songs of communities such as Chilled Cow, Chillhop Music and many more. This Lofi … A little bit of panning and some quick tuning to match the loop and we are good to go. To make this library top-notch we took Ibanez AF75 hollow body electric guitar, Vox AC15CH limited edition guitar amp head, Orange PPC212OB guitar cabinet and recorded guitar sound with three ways: JHS PulpNPeel V4 DI pedal, AKG C414 condenser microphone, Shure SM58 dynamic microphone. Our most versatile lofi hip hop sample pack library yet.This bundle includes five sample packs, but all for the price of one!If you’re really considering taking your lofi samples & beat game to the next level, think no further. document.write('<'+'div id="placement_291816_'+plc291816+'">');

Each of the guitar loops have a bluesy, slightly jazzy feel to them. All Lo-Fi samples are royalty free. 808 Trill from 5DOLLAKITS is an expertly designed collection of trap-inspired hi-hats, snares, kicks, bass, claps, and one-shots. To help you find the best bass for your beats here’s the five best 808 sample packs. / 41.56MB, 808 Drum Kit (Free Download) - SoundPacks.com, 808 Percussion (Claves, Congas, Toms, Cowbells, Maracas, Sticks). This pack has all the hi-hat, kick, and snare cuts you will ever need.

Turn back to the old school with our free Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Drum Kit! 202k members in the Drumkits community. Eventually, we got stunning collection of lofi guitar loops, chord progressions & guitar melodies recorded in 7 different tempos and more than 10 different keys. We purposely chopped the top frequencies off to give them a lower quality sound that makes Lofi beats/music unique.

We cut out some low end to make room for the new bassline and added some sidechaining to pump the volume a little bit.

The 808 Bass Samples pack features a collection of high quality 808 samples. All of the samples below are in WAV format and work with any DAW like Ableton of Fruity Loops. Apollo Sound has launched its sample pack LoFi Hip-Hop Guitar, a collection of super chill and melodic lofi guitar sounds performed by gifted chillhop producer and professional session guitar player Michael Melkumian.

The kick we used hits hard and the snare pairs with a clap nicely on the 2 and 4. This free pack from FLPSDE was a much welcomed find on our search for free lofi sample packs. Like Vol. There are some song sounds which quickly become old-fashioned while others are always alive.

This allows you to chop up your own chord progressions using the sounds from these loops. Thanks! All of these sounds were processed through the FX chains that we used on the album so they already will fit well into a Lofi Mix. One of the things this kit lacks is a good open hat sound, we chose one that sounds more like a scrape. There are some song sounds which quickly become old-fashioned while others are always alive. We used this drum pack to create a heavy sounding drum loop for our demo track. A little bit of Snare 3 was also added to give the snare a bit more strength. 52 votes, 22 comments. It’s not a surprise, as their audience enjoys it and it doesn’t matter whether it is old school or new modern music. TOY SHOP FOLEY SAMPLE PACK [FREE DOWNLOAD]. Lo-Fi 808 Vol 1 also comes with loops and construction kits, so you can put your best beat together quick and easy. A heavily employed technique to create amazing lofi samples is to layer your tracks with real life recordings of any kind.Ocean waves, fire crackles, city sounds, rain, river streams… the possibilities are pretty much limitless. If you are an Ableton user you can simply drag and drop the pre-loaded drum kit into you session. Our only gripe with this pack is that the samples are not normalized or trimmed neatly. Alonso Sound — Revealed packs & sounds for Serum, Spire, Massive, Sylenth1 and lots more. To make it even better we slowed the loop down, and ran it through our tape deck for some extra analog flavour. Although the sample pool is good, the quality is lacking in the samples. Lofi Jazz Keys Sample Pack; 808 Drum Kit; 92elm Sample Pack; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; YouTube; SoundCloud; Sound Packs; Preset Packs; Submit; Search for: Home Free Sound Packs 808 Drum Kit. Some packs even offer bonus effects and cool sounds you can use in your music. Many thanks to Shannon McDowell, Medway Studios, Synthmob, ThaLoops, Richard Hasiba, Jeremy Cox Mastering, blortblort, craftsman concrete, Triple Spiral Audio, Flintpope, Wolfgang Gaube, Joss Mars, Sound Author, Producer Spot, 100 Akres, GY155, Dave Gruska, Sounds2Inspire, Nick “Carl” Johnson, René Steuns, Quinton Jones,  Tonedeff, ModeAudio, Jonathan Litten, and Dritschler Media for supporting Rekkerd!

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