colloidal silver dog cancer

I also put some in the cat’s water bowl each day, and the dog’s too.

Colloidal silver can be used on your dog’s cuts, wounds, bites, sunburns, abrasions, hives, and other minor skin irritations. This sounds more like an abcess, not a tumor. However, before buying, ensure that the bottle says that it’s safe to use on dogs.

Information conveyed herein is from sources deemed to be accurate and reliable, but no guarantee can be made in regards to the accuracy and reliability thereof. And here’s what another happy customer wrote to say about the tremendous savings she’s achieved by no longer having to purchase her colloidal silver through health food stores: “We make a quart of colloidal silver at least once a week with the Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from the Silver Edge. Dosages are in 5 to 10 ppm concentration colloidal silver and can be administered in your pet’s food or water to bring them to optimum health and keep them there. Therefore, nothing stated in this Ezine should be construed as prescriptive in nature, nor is any part of this Ezine meant to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. It should not be used as a preventative, as it kills any and all microorganisms on the skin. Using a spray treatment of colloidal silver is not only simple, but effective.

Colloidal silver is 100% safe to use on your dog. In an article titled Colloidal Silver for the Healthiest Pets Ever, journalist and long-time colloidal silver advocate, Angela Kaelin, offers the following dosage information for dogs and cats, based on anecdotal accounts: This is just a general guideline. It should be used whenever your dog is experiencing skin care issues. It pays for itself after your very first batch or two — your total cost to make your first one-quart batch is about 36 cents, compared to the $240 you’d pay at a health food store if you bought an equivalent amount (i.e., eight of those little 4-ounce bottles they normally sell for $30 apiece)! It is made by submerging tiny particles of silver into a solution. in scientific tests though, colloidal silver was not ab When my pets are doing well, I still give them colloidal silver daily, but in dosage amounts closer to what’s recommended in the above two charts. I'm not qualified to give you an answer on this and neither is anyone on YA. You may need to protect your pets in the summer just as you would protect your children. These recommendations are for dogs, but in my personal experience with pets and colloidal silver, this same dosage chart could easily apply to cats, as well, since it goes by body weight, which is the appropriate way to determine a colloidal silver dosage.

Therefore we cannot and do not offer medical advice. Some dogs can suffer sunburn on their ears or noses, as there is less hair or skin there. But with a brand new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge, you can make your own safe, pure, high-quality micro-particle colloidal silver for about 36 cents a quart! I generally consider these dosage recommendations to be general guidelines one can start with, watching the pet closely to see if the dosage is working, and increasing the dosage gradually and incrementally if it’s not working.

P.O. For example, a case of generalized argyria after ingestion of colloidal silver solution has been reported in 2009 (Ref.).

The new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator is now the world’s #1 best-selling colloidal silver generator.

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. **Results may vary. Do you know of any other health product that literally pays for itself the very first few times you use it? For example, we’ve had our Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver unit for nearly five years now.

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