cocker spaniel puppies

Cockers are eager playmates for kids and are easily trained as companions and athletes. My wife and I grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma, where we were childhood friends and high school sweethearts and, of course, we had our Cocker Spaniels.

This breed is full of life and loves to please its owner.

They’re kindhearted and gentle, and get along with just about everyone. Thank you for visiting Mud River Cockers! You can meanwhile look forward to the company of the adorable puppies. Use of electric clippers on the back coat is not desirable. I am so pleased I found their site online. Cocker spaniel puppies for sale. If the coat is trimmed at regular intervals it will ensure smooth and lustrous coat for your dog. They were part of the Hindi soap opera Chanchan on Sony TV. That means your puppy options just got a whole lot more diverse! I reached out to Joe @ for a cocker spaniel puppy listed for sale on their website. If you are mating your dogs for the first time then you will need the help of a vet or someone who has an experience with this. Only 10% of breeders who apply get accepted. The dog family must demonstrate the skills and physical and mental abilities for which the breed was developed. Please make sure that you add a good contact number so that I can call you. They would always like to please their owners and want some work at all times. Learn from the veterinarian proper procedures to clean the Cocker’s ear canals on a regular basis, especially following a bath, in order to avoid infections.

We are located in the Ozarks of Missouri just west of Springfield MO. There are a number of acceptable, but very specific, color varieties within the Cocker breed: Black, Black with Tan Points, Parti-Color, and ASCOB (Any Solid Color Other than Black). If you have any questions feel free to contact us. This breeder demonstrate a commitment to the AKC community, dedication to their breed(s), and actively promote the sport of purebred dogs.

The coat comes in enough colors and patterns to please any taste. CH. Ch Sired Cocker Spaniel Puppies. love joe and his staff. Today, the American and English versions of the Cocker Spaniel are considered separate, but both remain top choices for dog-loving families for their endearing personality, adorable appearance, and relatively small size. Click Here to see the Puppies. Looking for a Cocker Spaniel for sale? Dewclaws on hind legs may be removed. The coat is silky, flat or slightly wavy and of a texture which permits easy care. You should check it's ears on regular basis and ensure that all dirt is removed from its ear.

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