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From the Wave Beam door, go left, down and right on the bottom hallway to reach the tank. Scan the area and you’ll see there are two items hidden to the right — there’s a long path with break-away blocks that drop Samus into a long pit. Use this power whenever it recharges in new areas to scout out hidden item locations. Energy Tank #4: In the section of Area 3 with the super-hot room, the winding path eventually leads to an Alpha Metroid battle and a puzzle with the Grapple Beam under lava. Energy Tank #3 Location: Area 2 Required Abilities: Morph Ball and Wave Beam. There is a total of 16 Energy Parts to explore. This is the long shaft room directly beneath the Scan Pulse Chozo ruin. Energy Tank #6 Location: Area 4 Required Abilities: Morph Ball and Screw Attack. More Metroid: Samus Returns guides on Gameranx: Energy Tanks are upgrades that increase Samus’s Energy by 100 for every tank you collect. This Energy Tank is located in the top room in Area 5, beneath the large Aeion Orb.
This Energy Tank is located in a room to the top-right in Area 6, near to another Metroid encounter as well as a Missile Tank. This Energy Tank is located in the upper, central level in Area 4 near where you face another Metroid, and three rooms west from where you unlock your next suit upgrade. Energy Tank #10 Location: Area 8 Required Abilities: Screw Attack and Spider Ball. There is one Energy Tank to recover in each area, rewarding players that retrieve them with the chance to increase their energy gauge by 99 points.

That will quickly prove invaluable as you descend ever deeper below the planet’s surface, facing ever more hazardous conditions and the aggressive enemies that wander them. Each extra Energy Tank discovered grants Samus an additional 100 units of life energy. Considering the heavy firefights Samus will find herself in, each and every Energy Tank is vital to your survival. For clarity, that’s the one that requires three DNA strands to power. These can be easy to miss, so use our guide and walkthrough to help you find them all. When moving from the right save point / health station to the left through the lower passage, you can remove a grapple stopper to make a shortcut. Energy Tank #7: In the Chozo Temple area of Area 5, drop down through the rooftop in the giant open exterior zone to drop through the floor into a passage with red spikes. Energy Tank #1: In the room to the right of the first Metroid boss encounter. You can spot it below a door, which you can reach by using a Bomb on the left wall and making your way around.

Each tank increases Samus Aran’s total health by 100 points.
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This Energy Tank is located in a room to the top-right in Area 6, near to another Metroid encounter as well as a Missile Tank. As featured on Metacritic, OpenCritic and NewsNow. An Energy Tank(エネルギータンク,Enerugī Tanku? Collecting these tanks will increase her maximum energy capacity by 100 points, and top off her energy to boot. Energy Tanks are, pretty much, the most valuable upgrades you can find in Metroid: Samus Returns. Can you provide the answers for fellow gamers questions, + Add Your Cheats and Codes / Ask a question.

x8) Agon Wastes - Mining Plaza: Use the Echo Visor to locate 3 Sonic Emitters and shoot them to line up the locks and focus a beam on some rock covering an Energy Tank - use the Screw Attack to reach it. As has long been the case with games in the series, there is a clear way that you can improve your odds in Metroid: Samus Returns.

Check out our complete collection of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes cheats.

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