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* The Greatest Lions XV Ever by Jonathan Davies and Alun Wyn Bevan is published by Gomer Press. He wove, he probed, he varied his angles of running and was always in position to counter attack from deep in tandem with his full-back.”, “Jerry restored fans’ faith in the aesthetic and artistic qualities of the game. Jonathan Davies (n. en 1962) Ir a la navegación Ir a la búsqueda. Everything he did was instinctive and this made him a very difficult player to read.”, “Mike Gibson was the complete footballer, ‘phenomenal’ according to The New Zealand Rugby Annual. “The reason I am doing this 2.6 challenge for NHS Velindre Trust is because I lost my father to cancer when I was young, he was very young, 40,” he said in a video on Twitter. The 2.6 challenge is encouraging the public to get active for charity and has seen a number of people put their own spin on it, from running 2.6 miles to cycling 26 miles. Davies announced he would begin the challenge on April 20, a special date for him as it was exactly 35 years to the day since he made his Wales debut in the 24-15 win over England in Cardiff. And the former fly-half certainly appears to have been pouring his own blood, sweat and tears into it, with a photograph uploaded after day four of the challenge showing him to be, understandably, utterly exhausted.

Fue convocado a los Dragones rojos por primera vez en abril de 1985 para enfrentar al XV de la Rosa y disputó su último partido en marzo de 1997 ante el mismo rival. Holley, who is on only his third day, also posted a video on Friday pleading people to give to the cause. Welsh rugby legend turned pundit Jonathan ‘Jiffy’ Davies is just one of the many people battling back to raise money for charity during these times. “I’m sure we have all had friends and close family, like myself, suffer cancer. (h("stalePageView"),r("STALE PAGE VIEW")):(h("cachedPageView"),r("MOULDY PAGE VIEW")))}})})}function v(e){return encodeURIComponent(e||"")}function m(){var e=arguments.length>0&&void 0!==arguments[0]?arguments[0]:"",t=arguments[1],n=document.querySelector("link[rel=manifest]");if(n){var r=t||n.href;return new Promise(function(t,n){":"+e).then(function(e){e.match(r).then(function(n){n?t(n):fetch(r).then(function(n){e.put(r,n.clone()),t(n.clone())})})}).catch(function(e){return n(e)})}).then(function(e){return e.json().then(function(e){return e})})}}n.default=function(e,t,n){var a=function(){};if("serviceWorker"in navigator){try{e=JSON.parse(e)}catch(t){e=e||{}}if(!e.debug)try{e.debug=new URLSearchParams("pwaDebug")}catch(e){}(0,u.default)(window.indexedDB,e,n);var s="/service-worker.js?v=01fd49493baf470aba47f2ea08be0ecb";e.debug&&(s+="&pwaDebug="+e.debug,a=function(e){window.console.log("[TM PWA] "+e)}),e.cacheFirst&&(s+="&cacheFirst=true"),e.offlineSupport&&(s+="&offlineSupport=true"),t&&(s=s+"&pushDisplayService="+t+"&vap="+v(n.vapidKey)+"&a="+v(n.appKey)+"&t="+v(n.token)+"&i="+v());var f=void 0;if(e.scope&&(f={scope:e.scope}),window.sessionStorage.setItem("swUrl",s),navigator.serviceWorker.register(s,f).then(function(){a("Service worker registered successfully");var e="n !function (n, t, c, e, u) { n function r(n) { try { f = n(u) } catch (n) { return h = n, void i(p, n) } i(s, f) } n function i(n, t) { for (var c = 0; c < n.length; c++)d(n[c], t); } n function o(n, t) { return n && (f ? ... Davies, known as Jiffy to … “Unfortunately, my wife passed away, but Velindre were amazing. View the profiles of people named Jonathan Jiffy Davies. “My wife was diagnosed with cancer when she was 34. “In attack, JPR was to be seen either working in tandem with his wing three-quarters or terrifying defensive lines. But, on Friday, he released a short video to explain just why this Trust means so much to him. In an interview, Brian O’Driscoll paid a sincere tribute to one of Irish rugby’s greatest ever players: ‘At times when Irish rugby wasn’t successful, he was always the shining light.”, Subscribe to receive the latest rugby news direct to your inbox. Jonathan Davies (Carmarthenshire, 24 de octubre de 1962) es un ex–jugador británico de rugby y rugby League que se desempeñaba como apertura. En total jugó 32 partidos y marcó 82 puntos.[1]​. We are the leading rugby union news and content network delivering you the latest news, views and all the moves in Rugby Union. Charities have been hit hard in recent months, with a ban having been placed on social gatherings, and the country essentially in lockdown, which has led to a number of fundraising events having to be cancelled.

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Two other famous faces in the Welsh rugby community, Wales’ leading try scorer Shane Williams and former Ospreys coach Sean Holley, have also gone every step of the way with Davies, who has five days, and 130 miles, left to cycle.

68.6k Followers, 550 Following, 93 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Jonathan Davies (@jonfoxdavies) The controversial Welsh rugby ‘pundit’ Jonathan Davies who called an MP a “knob”, and whose broadcast style has been criticised by a fan for ‘ruining‘ the game was condemned on social media during the Six Nations game against Italy for being “shite”, “biased”,“annoying”, and “irritating”, The Eye can reveal. Jonathan Davies takes your calls on the 2020 Six Nations. If you would like to donate to Velindre then you can do so by clicking here. The initiative is headed up by the Save the UK’s Charities scheme, which aims to raise money for charities which will have lost income from mass participation events, such as the Cardiff Bay 10k, the London Marathon and many others. “Good luck with your challenge, but please donate if possible. As such, the 57-year-old has taken it upon himself to cycle a marathon – 26 miles – every day for 10 days to raise money for Velindre.

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