tarantula sling not moving

Thanks for the help, will do take your advice. Like others have said, they do that. She (I hope a she, not sure yet) is a crazy. You could accidentally harm her/him, such as by pulling off a limb. Tarantula Anatomy: What Is A Mirror Patch?

Please help!! It hasn't been cold at all or too hot and I keep water in the dish at all times. No matter how experienced you are, a tarantula molting problem is always stressful and all we can do is just try our best. If legs not curled up underneath do the steps with water depending on it's size and leave your sling to settle in in a dark warm place for about 48hrs being the best. I may be wrong but I hope your little 'un is okay and just moulting...keep up informed...! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This morning she was sitting at her water dish, not moving at all, I thought she might be low on her enclosure humidity so I just misted it with clean water. Approved. I have a spider-ling rose hair and it was moving around and active just yesterday, in fact it even ate. ", tarantula. a friend of mine had an A. versicolor that passed in a similar way to that. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Many tarantula owners find themselves in this position during their tarantula keeping journey and it’s such a hard position to be in, it’s hard to judge someone for making any type of call. the legs don't seem to be translucent with torch shine though im not sure what that would mean. Premolt? ", Thank you for such good information,we now know that our little Alex is in pre-molt. A stressed tarantula may also refuse food. 1/2. You’re not alone. Much of how you react will depend on whether or not you can see where the molt is getting stuck.

"It has been a tremendous help.

Their soft fragile exoskeleton underneath the molt is much easier to manipulate and wiggle out of the molt if it’s fresh – once it has had the chance to harden and expand, the more chances your tarantula might be stuck to the extent that you can’t get them out. Do not try to pull off the exoskeleton while your tarantula is molting. Make sure your tarantula has plenty of fresh water at all times. If it's very tiny, premoult takes a very short time, so it could be about to moult even though it ate a week ago. This sound harsh, but it may save your tarantula if they are extremely stuck. Like Liked by 1 person Usually the older the spider is, the longer it will take. It's very possible he's in premolt. Take a second to support Tarantula Heaven on Patreon! If you don’t want to use the damp paper towels, you can add a small water dish if you have room. Help! You must log in or register to reply here. Help! I came home to feed it today, but it was pressed up against the side of its heat pad and I lightly touched it with a pencil and it would barely move. Here’s a great account from a tarantula owner who had to repair his tarantula’s abdomen: I hope this was helpful, guys!

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