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However, Gwynn was still reeling from Clark's criticism over his conditioning and being selfish, and he wanted to continue playing. The couple was married to each other in 1981. Tony Gwynn’s wife Alicia, son Tony Jr and daughter Anisha Nicole survive him. [178] He initially thought that home runs were "boring", and he concentrated on his craft of making contact. Days before his death in June 2014, he was given a one-year contract extension although he had been on a leave of absence since March while recovering from cancer treatment. He batted .372 for his eighth batting title, second only to Ty Cobb (12). Gwynn is a graduate of Poway High School (2003). [36][200] "Tony taught me more about hitting than I ever taught him", said Merv Rettenmund, his hitting coach for nine years with the Padres.

[86] McKeon praised Gwynn, saying, "He's one of the most unselfish players I've ever managed. [29][193] When he entered the majors, Gwynn was not a very good right fielder nor an accurate thrower. [2][3][4] He grew up with older brother Charles Jr., who played college baseball and became a teacher, and younger brother Chris, who also became an MLB player. [13], Gwynn's physical appearance belied his athleticism. [77], Gwynn was solid on defense, and won five Gold Gloves in a six-year span. Besides, he is a graduate of Texas Christian University (TCU). [44] His 15-game hitting streak was the longest on the team that season. [76] He tied Pedro Guerrero for the highest average with runners in scoring position (.371). [34] Gwynn saw the ball better than any of his peers,[29] identifying the type of pitch as the ball left the pitchers hand. "[204] After the death of his father in 1993, Gwynn followed his father's advice and became more outspoken and more of a team leader.[1]. His 218 hits also led the league. "[86] Clark continued to criticize him, which Gwynn attributed to jealousy. Both were elected almost unanimously in their first year of eligibility. [43], Gwynn reinjured his wrist playing winter ball in Puerto Rico and started 1983 on the DL. Easily". They both won multiple batting titles—Gwynn's eight to Boggs's five—and each won four straight to join Cobb, Hornsby, and Carew as the only players to do so. [18] He also went unselected in the 1977 MLB draft, which Gwynn attributed to his limited playing time. [207] Gwynn had no financial stake in the group,[208][247] and Tull withdrew his bid in June. Apart from that, Tony was married to his beautiful wife Alicia Gwynn until his death in 2014 and the duo was blessed with two children. He was overweight at 205 pounds (93 kg), and Vezie wanted him to get in shape for the next basketball season. [42][140], In 1998, Gwynn batted .321 and helped the Padres win a franchise-record 98 games and their second pennant. Though no longer the base stealer or defensive player he was early in his career, he continued to excel as a hitter. The service was attended by 23,229 fans, who heard tributes to Gwynn from baseball and civic leaders, and from Gwynn's family. [22][157], Gwynn was an aggressive hitter who was able to expand his hitting zone and frequently hit bad balls that were out of the strike zone. [42][96], Gwynn and Clark said they could continue to play together, but Clark signed with the Boston Red Sox as a free agent in the offseason. [125] He hit .423 over 28 games in the second half, and heated up to .475 though 10 games in August, when the season ended prematurely on August 11 due to the baseball strike. [135][151][152] He was limited to playing just 36 of the Padres' first 71 games, and he started only 26 games in right field. [29] Gwynn later invested in close to $100,000 in video equipment that he shared with his teammates.

[201] The San Diego Union-Tribune placed Gwynn No. ", lists his average in scoring position as .371, not .382 as in. [39][110][111] After the All-Star Game, he hit just .243. It seems that the late player had a clear past record and was committed to a single woman until he died. [47] Gwynn hit .263 (5-for-19) in the World Series,[57] and flew out to Tigers left fielder Larry Herndon for the final out of the fall classic. Tony Gwynn was voted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007, shown here with his wife Alicia Gwynn at a news conference at Petco Park in San Diego, California.

[258], On May 9, 2017, a memorial statue in his honor was unveiled at Lake Poway. The final was played before over 10,000 fans at the Long Beach Arena, where Gwynn scored 10 points in the 69–50 victory over Buena of Ventura. [50][61][62] Without an adequate replacement for Wiggins batting leadoff, his RBIs fell to 46. [249] Gwynn's brother, Chris, was also a major league outfielder. [116], After the season, Gwynn's father, Charles, died young at the age of 57 from heart problems. [149] He played his entire career for San Diego, a rarity for his generation in an era of free agency. In '89, when he was going for a batting title, he was giving himself up to move runners along."

He might have gone 7–for–7 if not for an excellent play at first base by Will Clark. [4] In 2005, Gwynn released her first album, 19, on her mother's recording label, Base Hit Records. [51], In the playoffs, the Padres won the first NL pennant in its team history, defeating the Cubs in the National League Championship Series (NLCS) before losing the World Series to the Detroit Tigers. He led the Northwest League with a .331 batting average and added 12 homers and 17 stolen bases in just 42 games for Walla Walla, San Diego's Class A minor league affiliate, earning him most valuable player (MVP) honors for the league in 1981. He was third highest-earning player only behind Boston pitcher Roger Clemens, with an annual income of $5.4 million and Oakland's outfielder Jose Canseco with a yearly salary of $4.7 million. [167] Gwynn lamented not having met Williams earlier and possibly adjusting his hitting approach sooner. [123] He studied pitchers, watching them in the bullpen and on television or video, to learn their tendencies on every count. [165] Although his arm was not particularly strong, he learned to use his body to build momentum into his throws. [123] Relatively healthy in 1994,[118] Gwynn batted .394, his career-high and the highest in the National League since Bill Terry hit .401 in 1930. [114] "I've never been a home run guy, never been a big RBI guy, but from that point to the end of my career, I was much better at it", said Gwynn. [239] As the Aztecs' coach, Gwynn oversaw the development of future major leaguers such as Justin Masterson and Stephen Strasburg, the No. [100] He later regretted saying he wanted to avoid his teammates in general instead of being more specific which ones he was referring to. [95], Stung by the criticism, Gwynn was miserable the rest of the season and became withdrawn and distrustful among his teammates. George Brett of the Kansas City Royals and Robin Yount of the Milwaukee Brewers were the last to achieve the milestone for one team in 1992.


Gwynn hit 119 points higher with runners on base (.382) than with the bases empty (.263), the largest differential in the NL that season. [169] He rarely recognized the rotation of the ball, and did not look to the pitcher's arm speed for clues. [22][36] He finished the season in Class AA with Amarillo for 23 games while batting .462. He also was named a first-team all-WAC outfielder. Later, he experienced a loss of taste for food during radiation therapy for his cancer, and while being limited to a liquid diet, he lost 80 pounds (36 kg), all of which he regained after he resumed eating solid foods. [201] Gwynn prospered during the steroid era of baseball.

I’m a contact hitter and not a home-run hitter ... I’m not going to try to be something I’m not. Gwynn was born in Los Angeles, California, to Charles and Vendella Gwynn. [255] Later that year, he underwent eight weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. [162][166][167] His philosophy was to "see the ball and react". He was limited to pinch-hitting duties and started only one game after mid-July due to a torn meniscus in the right knee. [121] On August 4 against the Giants, Gwynn had the only six-hit game of his career. [20][72] Even on the occasions that he began an interview tight-lipped, he almost inevitably opened up and offered abundant material.

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